Walking Still

Walking Still Lyrics by Ryan Lenser and Music by Ali Gilmore © 2009


She’s walking on the fence line

She thinks one chance and one chance only

Is all she’ll get

And until now, she’s had no luck

No true romance

Every date ends early in the night

No love, it ends alone


He finished school a while ago

A degree in law consumed his time

Large new home, great new job, successful life

One thing’s missing though, he wants a wife

Now, he swears he would trade all that he has done

For just one chance…at love

Just one chance…two different lives

Separate circumstance, one shared goal

Perhaps they’ll meet somewhere down the road…


Now, the months have passed….days gone bye

No chance meeting yet, but there’s still time

Until then, it’s the same story line

She’s still walking, tryin to figure it out

He’s still working, winning the case

Perhaps they’ll meet by fate

Somewhere down the way

Perhaps they’ll meet and we’ll never know


Two pieces of the puzzle

Were never in the box

I’m sure they’ll meet

I hope they will

I’m sure they’ll meet

I know they will

Until then…until then…until then…

She’ll be walking still…