Uncommon Ground

uncommon ground lyrics

Written for my sister Shannon and dedicated to all sisters.


Uncommon Ground Lyrics and Music by Ali Gilmore © 2010


You were the bright one and

I was the clown

You were even keel while

I bounced all around

You were the princess and

I was the pea

You thought ahead while

I went on a spree and


 We seemed worlds apart

Right from the start


You were exotic where

I was plain

I searched for sunlight while

You hiked in the rain

You were designer

When I was tees n jeans

Neither of us knows quite

what it means of


How we could be so different

And yet from the same tree

But, we both love Brussel sprouts

 soy lattes, facing doubts

and what brings us both great joy

is the thought of being kissed by James McAvoy and


Maybe we’re not so different

If we’d look we might’ve found

Maybe we’re meant to meet on

Uncommon ground

Uncommon ground…Uncommon ground

I’ll meet you there….anywhere

…that’s uncommon ground