The C Card and Me – How I beat stage IV cancer (to a pulp)

In January of 2012, Ali finished her third and final round of chemo, completing the intensive treatment plan and confirming her remission for stage IV colon cancer.  While she was recharging her batteries she started writing…

At first, it was a list of handy items for a fellow patient who was just starting out, but when she discovered a dear friend’s mother had been diagnosed with late stage cancer, Ali feverishly wrote as much insider info as she could, to put their minds at ease and smooth the road ahead for them.  The C Card and Me is the name of the book and though it was written with newly diagnosed and their loved ones in mind, it seems to have a growing audience of readers looking to face their fears and learn to enjoy life more in the here and now regardless of the obstacles they face.

“This book is a must for anyone dealing with cancer, as well as loved ones going on the healing journey with them. As a physician, I can say that it is a clear and realistic portrayal of the trials and tribulations of going through the current health care system and is the ideal “patient advocate” in written form. She gives balanced advice from her own personal experience and in her unique and uplifting voice. Ali is a gem and her book is too. I loved it” – Dr. Sheila Patel, MD

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Cancer survival guideThe C Card and Me 2 – How I beat stage IV cancer (again and again)

It wasn’t until years after she published her first cancer survival guide, that Ali realized the story wasn’t finished and there was more to say.

The C Card and Me left off with Ali waving to her readers from the entry point to the Road to Recovery with well wishes and hopes of meeting them along the way. What she hadn’t anticipated was just how bumpy that road would be or the continued fight ahead to return to remission.

Ali read through The C Card and Me again and knew a second edition was in order.  “I didn’t want readers thinking I was skipping along merrily ever after. I was feeling pretty pollyanna at the beginning of that first (of four) remission, so the all importance of remaining vigilant and mentally preparing to have to fight again wasn’t addressed in the first book and I knew it really needed to be.”

So Ali sat back down and wrote updates to the stories in the chapters that remained, invited an expert in mental health to be a guest writer on coping skills and added a chapter with insights, tips and tricks she learned for keeping the spirits (and white blood cell count) up while bouncing in and out of remission.  This time, with the Ali character on the cover reflecting her own emotional growth during the process and return to her natural blonde (not so dark and brooding) self as well as an reflective increase in (boughts with) cancer conquered.

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