MY HUMAN CASE: CANCER, an original program by Yalda Media, featuring Ali Gilmore.
My Human Case: Cancer


March 9, 2014 – U-T San Diego – Oceanside songwriter has stared down cancer twice

November 23, 2013 – Art Salon LIVE – Ali Gilmore, cancer brought her back to self (Podcast)

November 22, 2013 – – Seattleite beats stagefright once cancer twice, vows neither will stop her dream

September, 2013 – U-T San Diego – Community News: Event benefits local women with cancer

June 16, 2013 – U-T San Diego – Tri-City Foundation Hosts Fashion Benefit

March 3, 2013 – The Coast News – Author tells story of beating cancer ‘to a pulp’

January 8, 2013 – Abscondo – Chasing Dreams and Fighting Cancer with Ali Gilmore (podcast episode)

September 10, 2012 – U-T San Diego – Cancer survivor calls on humor, hope to encourage others

May 24, 2012 – – Soccer Community Turns its Weapons – Axe, Pen, Boots and Gloves on Cancer


May 2, 2013 – Author of Inspiring Cancer Survival Guide Steps Out From Behind Her Book and Onto the Stage to Help Raise Funds for Life-Saving Mammography Machine at Local Hospital

March 21, 2013 – Author and Stage IV Cancer Survivor Reaches Out to Her Readers and Into Her Past to Discover The Art of Eating Right

March 12, 2013 – Ali Gilmore, Author of the Uplifting and Humorous Cancer Survival Guide, The C Card and Me, Tackles the Top 10 Excuses People Make for Not Getting a Colonoscopy

March 1, 2013- If Ali Gilmore, Author of The C Card and Me, Had Waited Until the ACA’s Recommended Age of 50 to Get Her Colonoscopy, She Wouldn’t Be Alive Now to Tell This Story

February 6, 2013 – Author of the Uplifting Cancer Survival Guide, The C Card and Me, Fins it Forward to Swim with Sharks

January 18, 2013 – Author of the Uplifting Cancer Survival Guide, The C Card and Me, Gives Her Book Away to Millions

January 2, 2013 –Author of the Uplifting Cancer Survival Guide, The C Card and Me, Opens Online Shop with Inspiring Gifts for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers

January 02, 2013 — Ali Gilmore, stage IV colon cancer survivor and author of the uplifting and humorous cancer survival guide “The C Card and Me – How I beat stage IV cancer to a pulp)”, launches an online shop of “Show No Fear Gear”; gifts infused with her unique sense of humor and perspective to inspire cancer patients, survivors and caregivers worldwide.

December 13, 2012 – Author of the Uplifting and Humorous Cancer Survival Story, The C Card and Me, Picks up a Nikon and Photographs David Beckham’s Final Match

December 4, 2012 – Ali Gilmore Joins Forces with Cancer Angels of San Diego

November 9, 2012 – Ali Gilmore Reveals Top 12 List of Gifts this Year for Cancer Fighters, Survivors and Caregivers

November 15, 2012 – Ali Gilmore Launches Book on How She Beat Stage IV Cancer (To a Pulp).

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