Musicians That Will Make The CD Magic – Russell Ramo

russell (moppet) ramo, ali gilmoreAh, my heart has a special place for this guy.  I found him shortly after I moved to Pacific Beach at the beginning of 2010 I think it was…I found the local music shop and went in to get some strings for my guitar.  Was chatting with Alan, the guy behind the counter, saying how my beloved guitar teacher John Shipe had moved away and I was reticent to try anyone new.  He boasted about the shop’s resident instructor so well that by the time I left the shop I was convinced it was worth a shot.  When I arrived there was this strapping 6 foot-something with a giant mop of hair, deep eyes and pearly white smile.  Radiant soul just beaming from him.  I kid you not.

The picture you see here was taken the day that Russell introduced the Ukelele to me and to my song “If He Were Mine”.  I loved it so much that I bought it that day.  That’s Kala I’m holding there, the Uke I refer to in so many of my stories and the one that my friend Natalie hand painted for me.  Such great memories~

My first guitar teacher, John, helped to draw out the Americana song writer in me, then Russell’s rhythm and blues/rock persuasion gave my songs a little kick in the butt.  From him, I learned Travis Picking  to pick up the prussell ramo, ali gilmoreace of some songs and the Ukelele to lighten the tone of others.  How I was so lucky to find just the right teachers at just the right timing is beyond me, but there you have it and after having Russell in the studio with us and reconnecting to one of the great sources of my success made me wish I could fly John down to be part of the CD as well.   After all, this CD isn’t just about recording my music.  It’s a testament to those who inspire it.  Since that’s not in the cards though, John Shipe and Oregon are top of my list for locations to travel and record a single.  More on that later.  For now I’ll leave you with my lovely attempt at capturing some moments in the studio with the infamous Russell Ramo (who by the way, is currently playing in band called The Routine in San Diego and touring up the coast, so if you’re anywhere near, you should go.  I saw them play the other night and they are awesome~).

6 songs down.  4 more to go.  Going back into the studio with Justin and Jim to work on two more tonite…