Musicians that Will Make the CD Magic – Paul Castellanos

I may be humble, but I can honestly say that I do like my songs and I believe they’re good enough to record, but I also know and believe fully that when combined with certain talents, these songs will rise from likability to something far more meaningful, memorable and ready to promote to music supervisors (who will hopefully place them in TV and Film).

Some of the musicians I’ve envisioned are confirmed for the recordings by means of “contributing” their time and talent while others are still on the wish list, because either:

  • they live live far off and can’t afford the travel costs
  • this is their livelihood and they literally can’t afford not to get paid
  • they don’t know me from Adam, so once I find a way to contact them, I need to convince them this project is worth their time.

For those who have already invested or are considering investing in the CD, here’s an inside look into what your money would be going towards:

Paul CastellanosPaul Castellanos (wish list)

Paul is one in the middle. Being a musician is his livelihood.  I met Paul years back when he was playing fiddle for the San Diego based Irish band “Behon Law”, headed by local pub owner and lifelong musician Ned Giblin of Galway.  In his 30 year career Paul has played for more bands than we can count, including; The Chieftains, The Young Dubliners, Highland Way, The Clay Colton Band and one that recently changed their name to “The Mean Fiddler” after Paul’s truest talent.  This guy is a savant, no doubt.  Put any instrument in front of him and he can play it like he was born for it.  It’s uncanny to witness.  With all his talent, you’d expect him to be unapproachable, yet Paul is probably one of the friendliest, most endearing people I’ve ever met.

In a given night, Paul will play fiddle / mandolin / banjo/ bass and most anything with strings, but it was the night at one of our gatherings this summer, when he sat and played my great uncle’s fiddle that got to me the most.  To hear that thing that had been sitting dormant under my father’s bed for over 20 years, come back to life…  Even Paul surprisingly said that it seemed to “warm up” and sound better the more he played it.

With all that and over 30 years of experience, it’s easy to see how hiring Paul to play on the CD would be a brilliant investment.  For me personally, to have him play my great uncle’s fiddle on the CD would be the greatest homage I could pay to my Pop for entrusting me with this piece of family history and to my great uncles who were all musicians in their own right.  I am the apple and they are my tree.

If you’d like to see Paul make it into the studio with us, please show your support by going  to: now and placing your order for CD II, then pass this story on to your friends and encourage them to become part of this very cool experience.

For all you do, thank you~


PS – Little known and recently discovered factoid for you soap opera fans…Paul isn’t the only talent in his family.  His brother John played Attorney John Silva on The Young & The Restless 😉

PSS – Here’s an old clip from June, 2012, of the first time I played the song “See You Around.”  Written just 3 days before our friends Ned and Brenda’s going away event, my voice still a bit weak from chemo, knees shaking from stage fright and holding back the tears/emotion at saying goodbye to dear friends.  Ned Giblin (wish list), Len Crowley (confirmed), Brad Rehn (confirmed) and Paul all joined in, so naturally following me on every disjointed twist and turn, even though this was the first they were hearing it.  John Dawson’s (wish list) son Justin even joined us on stage with his air guitar 🙂