Music and Lyrics by Ali Gilmore
© 2009

No one more surprised than me

To see you at my door

I admit I nearly picked my

Jaw up off the floor

I nearly forgot about back then

Then my hand went up

As I remember when

Oh, no I won’t

Let you back in

It’s just a game to you

And one you just can’t win

Oh, no you don’t

Get to be my friend

You had your chances

And you blew em all

That’s the end

So just you turn and walk away

like you did a thousand times before today

And I didn’t realize till now

Just how much it weighed me down

To give my heart to someone

Who is here, but can’t be found

I wish you well

I mean no harm

But if you come around again

I swear I’ll break your arm

You see, I’ve found something new

A life free of fractured people much like you

Well, there’s not much left to say

Except I hope you learn

To love yourself one day

For this I’d pray,  I’d pray, I’ll pray

That you live to see the day

Ali Gilmore - Boomerang