If He Were Mine
Music and Lyrics by Ali Gilmore
© 2009

He’s Tall, I’m short

He’s thinks, while I report

Every little thing that’s on my mind

And that’s a lot

He’s dark, I’m light

He broods while I’ll fight

To hold out for a love that’s right, that’s right

So why would I ever think

we could stand the test of time

If he were mine

He holds me close

Then says “don’t get too attached”

Words and actions are sorely are mismatched

Well fuck that

Oh, why do I think that the sun would always shine

If he were mine

If he were mine we’d live in a house upon the hill

And play checkers with our dogs Matzah and Phil…

So I’ll sit and wait, for the pill to take

The one I slipped into his Gatorade

Oh fine, it’s alright

It’ll only improve his sight

And melt the walls he’s

built around his tender heart

So why do I think that we could stand the test of time

And why am I so sure life would be oh so fine

If he were mine

The sun would shine…all of the time

If he were mine

Ali Gilmore - Boomerang