Music and Lyrics by Ali Gilmore & Steve Clare  © 2009

Everyone who’s anyone loves David

Not a soul who’s not in love with him

Be it David, Ned or Me

The Supremes or Fun Boy Three

Our hearts are over flowing to the brim

It’s David that the ladies all will pine for

And maybe some other folk as well

His curly hair, his heart

They’re all aiming cupid’s dart

Everyone who knows him thinks he’s swell

The girls he left behind in county Gallway

Think their love for him is very true

There’s Limerick and Derry and all the sheep Kerry

Even Ian Paisley too

His accent makes the SoCal girls go crazy

They can’t resist his curly locks and eyes

His silky, silky voice is a joy to girls and boys

And also to an awful lot of Bi’s

Their hearts go bing bang bong when he’s singing

Wild Rover or the Fields of Athenry

And to show that I’m not wrong

This verse will end this song

To make sure you Irish bastards can’t reply

Cuz everyone who’s anyone love’s David

Everyone who’s anyone at all…