holiday song, dear santa

Ali Gilmore - Dear SantaDear Santa
Music and Lyrics by Ali Gilmore
© 2010

Dear Santa,

Sorry it’s been so long

But I’m all grown up now

And they told me you were long gone

Maybe I’m just grasping at straws here

Oh but Santa dear, it’s been such a crappy year

And I just can’t seem to find my Christmas cheer

Stars are twinkling and Carolers singing

And I just want to hate them all

Gotta leave here soon and pick out presents

For people I don’t like much, at the mall

Please if you’re there just give me a sign

I’m so in need of a fresh start

Give me a reason to ring in the season

And rekindle joy in my heart

After a long day of hustle and bustle

I nestled myself in my bed

Visions of sales signs and belligerent drunks

Dancing around in my head

I awoke to a sound, got up looked around

And found a note by under the tree…

Dear little one,

 I have been here all along

I gave you the gift of song

And then I brought you all these friends who’d sing along


Remember my girl you are special in this world

Never lose your gaze or your spark

Hold on to your hopes and you will always carry joy in your heart


Christmas is here and it’s the time of year

When you can be a kid again

Now get out my dear

And go spread some cheer

And keep it with you all year round

 Love Santa

Love Santa


cut back on the cigs and the beer