An Ode to Those Who Said I Should and I Could…

The winter holidays are approaching again and this is the time of year where I get all sentimental and reflective on this life and how I fit into it.

I think about which one I’ll pick to go home, Thanksgiving or Christmas and it’s always a struggle.  Since my mom passed, my sister has taken up the Thanksgiving tradition in a grande way that makes you want to just hop in the car and drive till you get there.  On the other hand, since I’m in California and most all of them are around Seattle, I’ve missed several years of being the host for our family’s annual Christmas Eve dinner and if you know me, you know I loooove to cook for everyone.  I love the scents (though I want to say smells  with the vision of the dogs racing through the kitchen), the sights, the sounds and the slapping someone’s hand away from the stove.  All while sipping a glass of fine wine and soaking in the sounds of whatever music I’ve set to culinize by.

Tis the season where we are reminded to be especially thankful.  That, I am.  Every birthday, every Thanksgiving, every Christmas I get to be a part of is my homage to all of you who said I should and I could fight and win to live another day.

So, when you know you’ve been given the extraordinary gift of a life extension, it gives you pause to think on how to spend it.

Today, I’m thinking back on how I’ve spent my second lease so far…

In 2012, I published a swimming in the medeterraneanbook (thanks to many of you) that is helping a lot of people become less afraid of cancer and better prepared to face it, then I checked a BIG wish off my list by exploring the infamous Amalfi coast of Italy and swimming in the Mediterranean.  A trip I’d dreamed of and planned out for years, then canceled time and again over one excuse or another, but last year I was determined to make my birthday a 180 from the one in 2010 and just made it happen.  Instead of sitting in a doctor’s office hearing “technically it’s stage IV”, I was listening to our charmingly accented boat guide, Alessio, saying “no no, no sharks here.  Every a thing is happy.  More champagne?”

Isn’t it amazing what can happen when you put yourself into determination mode…?

In 2013, I made the lyrics of my song “See You Around” come to life by flying to Ireland to visit good friends who had moved back there the year before.  Ok, so the part about them fixing me up with some bloke and us getting married in their little hotel on the glen didn’t quite come to fruition (yet) and I wouldn’t say that I was looking and feeling “really well”, more like, “not bad, considering”, but hey.  I made it to two countries in two years that I’ve always dreamt of seeing and I even got to play a session in a pub and met two (quite) adorable guys/musicians.  I may not have met my Dingle Bay SheepMr. Right, but I did get a serious wink and a nod from this guy 😉

There are so many good memories attached to those experiences, that I could go on for pages upon pages, but that’s not where I’m meant to go today.

As a great writer recently reminded me, “When you try to cram too many facts into a single story you run the risk that none of them stands out. . .I liken it to a gemstone ring — if you have a sparkling, solitary ruby everyone seems to notice it. If you have several, no one notices anything but a clump of rubies.”

Something about her analogy really stuck with me, so much so that I looked up the meaning of Rubies…According to the mystics, “The uplifting and vital nature of the Ruby is an encouragement to live fully and embrace the joy of life that is missing in many people’s lives. Ruby allows the fire of passion and love to advance.”

Holy crap, how apropos is that~

So, what will my “Ruby” be for 2014?  How will I pay homage to all of those who said I should and could…and to the powers that be, that allowed me yet another year to experience this life?  This time I’m going to pay attention and acknowledge the ones who said “you could, you should record a CD.”  Not because it’s outrageous or all that unique a dream (like the one to go to Isla Mujeres and swim with the whale sharks), but because of what it symbolizes;  hope interrupted, then reclaimed.

So, there you have it.  My “ode to”  will start with a crowd-sourcing campaign; 40 days and 40 ways to make a music CD happen.  It runs from November 14th through Christmas Eve (where I will be home and cooking for my family).

Each day for 40 days I will post on the aligilmoremusic facebook page, one uniquely distinctive way that pooling those voices (inside and outside our heads) together will result in a full length music CD.  Some will ignite a spark in you while others will be an inspiration to someone else, but combined, they will show how our “all for one and one for all” spirit can lead to our greatest achievements.

If you haven’t already, please LIKE the aligilmoremusic facebook page, so you can be in the know on the voting polls, prize drawings and our progress.

Join me on this incredible thing (I don’t even know what to call it, but I’m psyched) now by going to: and pre-ordering your copy of the limited edition CD.

It’s going to be quite memorable and may even inspire some of you to dust off one of your dreams and set in motion…

Ali Gilmore Music CD campaign