24 lyrics

24 Lyrics and Music by Ali Gilmore © 2010


24 is knocking at my door

But, I’m too tired to get up

Off the floor

Still he stands there

And knocks some more

While I sit frozen

Can’t quite reach the door


So, I crawl to the window

To take a look and see

24 is smiling back at me

While I wonder

Just what he sees in me


I slide the window open

And drop the key

And he smiles again so gently


24 unlocks the door

And slowly comes to me

Pulls me up to him

And holds me tight

And everything feels alright


We sit and pass the time away

Until the night becomes the day

And it’s time for 24 to go his way


If I could bend space and time

I’d make 24 mine, all mine

It’s not quite like a Russian play

24 makes feel this way

Like I can live to love another day


I know I still have more

since 24  came knocking on my door

I have so much more

since 24  came knocking on my door

since 24…