AGM Music Exchange Between Ali Gilmore and Jeff Diamond

AGM Music Exchange Between Ali Gilmore and Jeff DiamondIt finally happened.  Weeks had passed since we originally planned to do it, so I was beginning to think that I was slipping back into my routine of 3 parts wishful thinking, 1 part procrastinate until everyone else forgets about it.  I’ll have these brave moments of action followed by heels digging in when it comes time to follow through and yesterday was no different.  M had asked if it was going to happen, because if so, then she’ll get out of work a little early to make it there in time.  I txtd JD to find out if he’d be there, since he wasn’t the week before when I was all primed and ready (or so I thought).

Sign ups are at 6:30 and it starts at 7. I txtd him at 1ish and by 6 there was no news, so I told M it was unlikely.  Besides…it was really cold outside, like that damp kind of cold the marine layer brings in and the HS/FJ open mic is outdoors…at 6:30, I stepped outside my front door in my flip flops, leapt back inside and reached for the phone to confirm with M that I was definitely NOT venturing out in this  horrible weather. What was moments before “cold” had now become “life threatening” (of course). Everyone knows I struggle to play as it is.  Add a chill in the air and my voice’ll be shaking, my throat will tighten up, I’ll be missing notes all over the place and blah blah fkng blah~

Just as I approached my phone, it buzzed.  There, at 6:32 was the monosyllabic txt of “Yes”.  A man of few words and never one to give you too much of a heads up, that’s JD.  Fk.  Now I have to go.  I responded in kind, bundled up like an Eskimo and headed out the door.  I only live down the road, so I was there in plenty of time to get a good spot, a shared table with Don, one of the regulars.

Had my sushi, sake and green tea all lined up and soaked in all the music coming from the stage.  Some I knew like the back of my hand and I tend to sing along, while some were brand new.  I love the mix this place seems to draw.  One girl sang a song that reminded me of James Taylor’s How Sweet it is (to be loved by you), only with a clever twist by replacing the word loved with judged.  Another was new and stumbled (like we all do), but the crowd encouraged her to pick up where she dropped and she did.  I always admire those that take a deep breath and see it through.  Her song reminded me of the meaning behind my song, No.  We all have so many parallels between us that you’d think all our songs would drone on like cheap copies, but they don’t.  Not even when we’re playing someone else’s. We inject the things about us that are unique into it; our souls, our vision and our perspective.

I have no idea what JD envisioned when he wrote this song.  I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same as what I did when I played it, and vice versa.  It’s all pretty cool when you think of it.

I am sure that I want to try this exchange out again.  I have no idea who with, but I am game to find out…

PS – He apologized for “butchering” my song. He didn’t.  It may not be what he intended (thus the rush from the seat), but after listening to it a couple times, I really like it. Keep that under your hat though, will ye.  I’d prefer to keep him thinking he owes me one 😉