Weekend Update and the story of how I was on a boat with a Parachute…

Actually 5 but, that’s coming up…evil mastermind that I am, I’m coordinating with KPRI (the radio station that hosts all those amazing concerts I like to call “Class in Session”) to cross promote with the company I now work for all the while scheming…that the concert we eventually sponsor will be mine alllllll mine… muhahahah ;).  Actually it’s more like happenstance.  They’re perfect for us and they also just happen to be the radio station who offers the frequent listener concerts that I so want to be the headliner for one day.  We shall see…In the meantime I’m a happy attendee of them and taking every opportunity I can to make them my classroom.

Step back for a sec…so, the voice is starting to come back but, when one thing goes right another thing goes…WTF?  Serg and Anne had their baby on Sunday and I’m so psyched to go meet little Sailor Bailey the next morning when I wake up to find my left eye is all red on the inside oh lord…is that Pink eye?  I think back to everything I touched in the last 24 hours and a flash comes back…the neighbors are moving out…their cat likes to hang out on my patio an curl up on my blanket out there under the umbrella.  I don’t mind so much and it runs off when it sees me so its a fun game.  This time it is standing smack in the middle of the top of the steps and insisting on being acknowledged…it knows this is the last day we’ll be playing this game…so I reached down and petted the little guy for a minute and bid him a fond farewell and nice live(s).  No worries right?  Except I’m highly allergic to pet dander.  Especially cats.  So, I must’ve touched the corner of my eye before washing my hands (which I know better to do that right after but noooo not this time).  Now, people look at me like they’re afraid to shake hands or even be in breathing distance.  I explain “No…it isn’t the kind that’s contagious…look it up…when caused by pet dander its not contagious but, it doesn’t dissuade them from giving that look of trepidation.

Now…does that stop me from going to the boat concert?  Nope.  My poor friend Diane had to be my sidekick.  Between that and the creaky knees that won’t bend enough to sit on the ground I was looking and feeling like a right git.  Like many of the concerts I go to, I don’t know the band but, just had a good feeling about em (which usually pays off).  The response in RSVP’s was so big that they had to get a bigger boat~  Pretty impressive…we got there in good time and headed to the wine/food bar.  I was telling Diane how much I was looking forward to the cheese pack they have (it is awesome…a plastic picnic style thing with 6 different kinds of cheese, 2 different kinds of premium crackers (no saltines in this pack – though I do love em…they gotten me through many a flu and a few hangovers 😉 and a small bunch of grapes.  That, and a glass of chardonnay and we’re picnicking at an outdoor, floating concert…ahhhh I was picturing it and salivating when the guy in front of us turns back and says (after taking a step back from my ugly eye) “Well, not this time because they’re out of em”.  Diane was like “oh, that’s a shame alright” and I was like (pressing my luck with the universe) “Oh no, we’ll get the cheese plate”.  He thinks I’m a nutter.  I don’t care.  I decide to go with the crazy optimism. and Just as he’s paying for his drinks a guy goes behind the bar with a box and low and behold guess what was in it?  Yup…he looks back at me like “What do you know…”  I smiled and said “I told you we were getting the cheese platter” and smiled all knowingly.   It’s funny in the moment but, I can see him telling the story of the time he met a psychic…a cheesy psychic…;)

So, we get our stuff and head up to the top deck and I keep looking at the stage and thinking…something’s missing…aha…no drum kit is set up…this band has a drummer right?  Hrmmm.  The boat takes off from the pier and heads out onto the bay and we oooh and awe at the sights around us when a man goes up on stage and announces “Parachute” to the stage.  The 5 young lads pop up on stage (3 of em wearing captain’s hats) and they tell how they got them as souvenirs from the captain and decided to wear them tonite and then they break into song and WOW.  Diane and I looked at each other and were quite proud of ourselves for catching this moment.  This kid wasn’t that homogeneous sound we’ve been going on about.  He’s got a voice and the lyrics we could follow,  Ghost in particular and I liked how he took something intense and put a lighthearted flip to it (kind of like Morresy back in the day).  As good as he was, it wasn’t great until his guitarist came in with the harmonies.  That’s when the music resonated right off the chest bone.  Gd I love it when that happens~  One of the most interesting moments was when he tells us that they went skydiving that day and as he described it I was nodding and saying “No kidding….I know I know…Yeah, exactly~”.  He looked at me out of the corner of his eye at one point and I’m sure he thought “Okay lady…who’s telling the story here”. LOL.  But, it inspired me.  So, when the concert was over I b-lined for the merchandise table and got one of their shirts and had each one sign it in minutes and showed Diane my achievement when she showed me her CD purchase and asked “could you…” “Of course I can (for I am a human bulldozer)”.  and I muscled my way back in and had them sign it.  I avoided eye contact but, the first guy did see me and you could tell he was like “Don’t touch my pen”.

So, what did I learn in class that day?  A strong reminder that partnering is needed (an even stronger reminder the next night – Thursday but, that’s a story for the next blog) that harmonies can make or break a song and that it makes a huge difference when band members are connected (which these guys were).  The tee shirt I gave to my new boss to remind her of my gratitude for getting me to jump out of a plane and the next night a CD for my other boss but, again…that’s another story…

My sister arrives late tomorrow night so I’m off to spend what little time I have (trust me I’ll need every hour of it) tidying up the cottage and making it guest ready. She’s coming here to make good on a promise she made last September when I had my surgery…to come back when I was up for it and hike Torrey Pines together…followed by sushi…followed by open mic at Hensley’s (we like to pack as much as possible into our holidays).  If I get it all done in time I’ll try to write/post the story of this Thursday’s open mic and see if I can figure out how to get the video of Parachute off my phone and onto this blog for u all to see…until then…thanks as always for listening~


Weekend Update and the Giant Leap…

I know I know…I’m doing a crap job of documenting these days.  Hopefully the dust is starting to settle and I can get back to some semblance of a routine.  So, what’s been throwing me off track?  Well, you know medical leave came to a close on August 1st and I was in a bit of a panic to find a job that would pay the bills (and hopefully then some) when out of the blue my friend tells me her personal trainer was opening up a place just a few blocks from where I live and would I be willing to come in as a consultant and help them get setup (biz and IT management is my thang) and I was glad to.  You’ll never guess who she is…OK, remember when I first told you I was going to the gym to help sweat out the chemicals and this super tough chica gave me the orientation and offered personal training but, then I chickened out and went with the mr. nice guy Nordic trainer?  Well, she’s that toughy~  Small world indeed I must say.

So in the past couple weeks I’ve been working around the clock trying to get them all setup and getting to know her and her b/f slash biz partner and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a given work week ever.  Guess what else…they’re both cancer survivors.  What are the odds?  We’ve gotten on so well that they’ve asked me to stay on as their Director of Operations…Today was my first day.  Their Mantra is “Inspire – Challenge – Motivate” and they live by that on a daily basis.  It’s so odd how it all happened when I think of it and you know how they say “You can’t always get what you want but, if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need”.  Well, my voice went out over a week ago (the day after Hensley’s open mic) so I’ve not been able to sing, let alone talk.  Instead I’ve been at this studio working away when I suddenly find myself on one of those stationary SPIN type bikes and huffing and puffing away or in a TRX class (look it up, very cool) and our M-F daily meetings consist of a power walk along the beach followed by coffee talk in our lounge that overlooks the beach front.  Every day, I’m recognizing myself more and more in the mirror and the chemo pudge is slowly but, surely being replaced by the familiar curves and shapes which is doing wonders for my state of mind.

What does this mean regarding the music?  Well, get this…they made it clear that they don’t want me to give up any of my personal passions (music, photography, etc) and understand that they are a startup and can’t provide full time pay (but, its enough to cover the bills and once they’re up and running there’ll be time to get back on the hot pursuit of CD II).  So, somehow I think the laryngitis was no fluke and it forced me to focus on 2 important things (income and shedding the chemo weight).  Another interesting aspect is the “Challenge” part.  The ole “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger” mentality that these two have.  Conquering fears in one area can help you to put other fears in perspective..segue to Giant Leap part.  One of our class attendees challenged us to go Skydiving with her…something I remember promising myself over a decade ago but, chickened out.  For some reason I didn’t seem to flinch at the thought this time around.  I think I figured I stared down death once before and won, what’s another round?  Besides…once again I’d be in capable hands meaning I’d be jumping tandem and not just on my fuzzy brained own.

It was some place in Southeast San Diego area and we three drove there together bouncing business ideas off eachother along the way.  There were about 10 in the group and I think the plane only seats 14 peeps so we had to split up.  Looking back at the pictures everyone seemed quite jovial in the beginning and some were semi catatonic when it came the point of climbing into that tiny planelette.  I still had some effect of the NyQuil I took the night before so I was a bit dozy and was more stressed at the thought of not being able to drop to my creaky knees when the time came but, it came and I did hold onto the side of the window for a second until my instructor (who was strapped on tight to me like in a vacuum seal kind of way) barked at me to “Hold on to your Harness!…Head Back!” to which the crew who jumped after me laughingly reported I shouted “YES SIR!” like a little marine just before we dropped out of the plane like a gum wrapper off the side of a building.  I just kept saying “he knows what he’s doing and he’s hot…he knows what he’s doing and he’s hot” and that seemed to calm me.  The only scary part I think was the realization of the force of wind and that I probably should’ve taken my hoop earrings out.  That and when they pull the shoot you skyrocket seemingly endlessly upward and then, there’s a sudden calm and quiet and you are just floating through the air slowly drifting down.  When it was over he shook my hand and turned my dazed body toward the shack where they put the harnesses on us.

I still can’t quite believe I did it.  If it weren’t for the photos and the certificate I’d still be scratching my head wondering if it were a dream.  What I got from it and how it ties into my music project…?  Well, it certainly helped to put the stage fright into perspective.  I wonder how I’ll feel the next time I do go on stage.  When that’ll be?  I dunno yet.  Got a follow up appt with Dr. H on Wednesday so hopefully he’ll have a cure for this sinus/chest/voice thing.  My new workmates are looking forward to coming to an open mic and I want to give em my best.  Hopefully next week?

And when you’re reading this I hope it inspires you in some way to dig through that closet of dreams…dust one off and try it on for size.  Cuz as far as we know…we only live once~

Either way I’ll keep you posted and again sorry for the delay but, if you notice the time stamp on this…I got up at 3am to write this so if that’s not dedication then I don’t know what is~

proof positive


Weekend(s) Update and the Change in Course…

There is so much on my mind these days that I have no idea where to start so I’m just going to put the headphones on, plug in the Pandora and type away (Toad the Wet Sprocket).  Going back to my previous update…we were all set to visit Tim Foley but, I got a msg from my SD friend in that area who reminded me that it was ComiCon week which meant chaos and mayhem and absolute impossible parking downtown where he was playing.  So, we opted to postpone and besides…he wouldn’t even notice we hadn’t shown.  Or so we said to ourselves until the next day, sitting at my PC and a facebook msg pops up on my screen “Hey, I thought you were coming out last night”…woops.  So, I explained and he (in Tim Foley fashion) shared his perception of it which was less of a pain and chaos and much more of an adventure I missed out on.  Damn Tim and his Wonka outlook on all things.  Now, I didn’t just feel bad for not showing but, even worse for missing out on a great time~  Ack.   I’ll know better next time which will hopefully be next Thursday Tim just so you know (pause – switch to fb and msg Scott how he should join me there next week).

Sunday was the last night for open mic at the old Gibs.  This is the one that my friend JD (Jeff Diamond) has run for years.  He got another gig for Wednesday night at the Irish Pub in Escondido BTW but, a lot of history with the Old Gibs and so had to go.  Did.  M showed up but was tiiiired from a long week and only would stay for one (which ironically turned into 2 after the charming doorman came and paid us a visit…or two…or three…which is good because he’s a good soul and it’s good to see that wide eyed grin resurface on that kickurass Staten Island mug of hers).  Unfortunately for me I was the 15th musician to show and JD is not one to give cutsies (noble but, annoying to the lazy and forgetful) so, long after the charm worn off and most of the townfolk (including M) were home and counting sheep I was called up to the stage.  It was all good.  I was too tired to be nervous by then so I belted out two songs from the heart and then JD came up, borrowed the Martin (my guitar just loves being played by someone who knows what the hell they’re doing) and closed out the night on a great note.   I’m sure his wife looks at us sideways sometimes at how we ogle over him yet without lascivious intent.  It’s just so refreshing to meet a guy who could have so much handed to him on a silver platter if he’d just drop his moral compass but, he has that thing super-glued to him and that my friends is a person worthy of school girl ogling.

So, what’s got me so busy that I don’t seem to have time to keep up with my committed weekly blogging?  Well, it’s hard to put into words and I’m in the midst of it, watching the layers peel back to reveal more and more of something unexpected and yet seemingly ideal (Crowded House).  So, I guess I want the full story before I share it.  All I can tell you right now is that day by day my belief in interconnectedness and that if you ask the Universe and believe in the possibilities a wealth of opportunities will come your way.  More importantly, if you don’t see what you want…ask yourself if what’s in front of you is possibly what you need in order to get what you want.  The moment I decided that day to start my New Year’s resolution early and stop making excuses for why I couldn’t ever play guitar and said “I just wanna give it a try and see where it goes”…one by one…the things in my life that weren’t working for me seemed to fall away to be replaced by things and people that do fit well and not just for me but, that I have something to contribute to their hopes as well.  It’s pretty amazing when I think on it.  But, I don’t want to think too much right now.  I just want to sit here and keep watching the layers unfold…

If someone tells you they don’t like you….does that mean you’re not likable?  Or that this person doesn’t see you for who you are?

If someone tells you they don’t trust you…does that mean you’re not trustworthy?  Or that this person has troubles with trust?

If someone tells you you aren’t good at what you do…does that mean you’re not good at what you do?  Or that this person doesn’t want you to succeed?

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves clearly…sometimes we need someone who’ll hold up an honest but, kind mirror to us.  Sometimes…success and happiness in life has far more to do with the company you keep.  That you need them in place before you can be able to stretch high enough to reach for what you want…

I’m gonna write a special blog on it soon.  Hopefully, in the next 30 days…

In the meantime I gotta get back to the best seat in the house before I miss anything~

Monday, I’ll be back at Hensley’s open mic and will write about the next day to make up for being late this time~

Till then, wishing you all the best of what you need/want and thanks as always for following along on this amazing ride.



one of my favs from the turtle shoot