Weekend Update and Hopping Back on the Horse…

Yes, I did it~

I finally got back on the horse and played an open mic :-).  Carrie’s neighborhood is far from mine but, it was worth the drive.  It’s a really cool cafe with a really cool vibe.  I don’t think the customers were there for open mic though.  Many of em talked their way through it but, I did get a couple people come up to our table after to pay their respects which was cool.  One was this young guy who played and sang folk songs with his dad.  Most of em were old favorites of mine so I quietly sang along to em all.  He complimented me on my music and said it wasn’t familiar to him, who’s songs were they?  To which I proudly said “mine” and then he asked the titles so I tried to give em but, I had to look to Carrie and Michele for the answers (chemo brain = brainlessness).  He said he was studying engineering which I thought was really cool and encouraged him to plow ahead.  It’s a relief to have skills that can pay the rent while you persue your passion believe you me.   Mine are getting pretty damn rusty but, its like a bike…once you get back on it, it all comes back to you.  What else…I played Baby, Boomerang and Dorian Gray.  Felt good to get the new one out there.  My voice was in good form and though I flubbed a cpl times on the guitar I barely missed a beat.  When I was done Carrie mentioned the grey haired guitarist who’d asked me if I wanted to go after the first guy (who was really good by the way, great look, plays guitar really really well and unique voice)…anyway…she said something about him not being impressed with anyone and that last time she was at open mic he went last and played like ten songs.  Some played 4 or 5…I stuck to 3.  I just think ppl get tired if you do more and most open mics only give you three (I think to give everyone a chance to perform before the audience’s attention starts to fade…we are such a short attention span society).  This one allows cover songs (most don’t).  So, next time I’ll do either the Pogues ‘Rainy night in Soho’ or Modern English’s ‘Melt with you’.  I’ve never played either on stage before so it’ll be good with me.  Oh right…so true to her word, he got up and played song after song after song without singing and looked pretty smug as if to say “that’s not playing guitar…now this…this is playing guitar”.  Fkn purists.  They cling to the fact they’re better at something than most and think that camoflages their flaws when it really just makes them glaringly apparent.  We politely watched and clapped and stuck around because Boy Engineer promised to play one of his originals “Ninja Cats” but, we could tell by the 6th song this one wasn’t going anywhere and I was getting tired so I smiled at the boy wonder and said “next month” to which he nodded yes and we quietly got up in the middle of smuggy’s 7th song and  headed toward the front door.  I was sober but, when I get tired it’s like being drunk or high…you’re not quite with it so it was kind of like “did I dream this” when as I headed toward the door a blond woman was suddenly standing in front of me and said something like “that was really good, I really liked it” to which I said thanks and maybe that I’d be back and then I was out the door hugging goodbye to my friends.  All in all it was a good experience.  I don’t know which is more unnerving…a crowd that talks through your music or a silently attentive group.  I’ll probably always be unnerved by either.  The point is to get up there regardless.  Michele and Carrie both commented that this time instead of rambling into the mic I got right to the music (after saying hello and my name and where I’m from of course and how cool their neighborhood is…I remember the lesson to acknowledge they’re out there”).  I think…when I can turn a chatty room into an attentive group then I will have made it to the level I’m hoping for and will give myself big ole pat on the back :).

Looks like it’ll be a while longer before I get back on that bike…saw Dr. H on Monday and the good news is I’m done with this 6 month round of chemo on Friday, March 11th (Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay) and the not so great news is that he wants me to go directly into the 3 months of maintenence chemo (Boooooooooooooooooo).  I’m getting  a PET scan at the end of March so he said we can discuss the possibility of  a break inbetween then but, it doesn’t look likely.  My sister thinks the bright side is  I’ll be done before summer’s out.  I laughed because she’s thinking Seattle (where we grew up, mostly in its suburbs) and lived for summer (the 2 months out of the year we get blissful weather) where I’m a San Diegan now and it’s summer 10 months of the year here.  Still, I need to think of the bright side and say better to get it done and over with and even with that timing I would be able to record the CD before my birthday in September and that would be a great milestone and then maybe…go to that little island off Cancun for my birthday…see…this is how my brain works…I need to be glum for a bit while I process unexpected (out of my control) change in plans and then I find a way to make them turn out better than the original.  Thinking on it…if I could just get a long enough break to get the strength up to even walk that 5k (in early April) I was telling you about…that, would go a long way in my need for a mental break.  Note to self…work on your powers of persuasion (Catholic guilting) to convince Dr. H. of this compromise…

Oh and yes, the sofa/bed arrived on Monday :-))   Laaaaate and I was tired and irritated (and slightly buzzed because I thought I’d pass the time during the 4 hour window they’d arrive by enjoying a mimosa (or 2)…they didn’t arrive until the 6th hour…) and so I unboxed everything on patio in the dark and dragged (don’t worry I put cardboard down between the box and the entry) the parts in and slowly put them together (except the arms…couldn’t figure out that one on my own) and then Michele came by just after (her timing is always impecable that way) so I solicited her help in getting the arms attached which we floundered until she stood upright and said “I just don’t care”.  I smiled and agreed I didn’t either so we headed to the kitchen, put a nice snack plate together, refreshed my mimosa and started a movie.  Now, here’s where my bff comes into play even though she wasn’t physically there…for some reason I was all pscyhed to get this white couch/sleeper instead.  I think I was a sucker for the name “boca raton” which took me mentally to some tropical escape…white anything with me is a disaster though because I’m clumsy and tend to spill stuff all the time…so instead of saying that she said “ohhh chocolate…what a rich color…that would look  beautiful in your place” and I loooooove chocolate (ok, mostly dark chocolate but, I love it) so, I ordered the chocolate sofa/ottoman.  Less than an hour of having it in place, I decide to pull the chaise part farther from the wall because it was squishing the curtain and of course I couldn’t relax and watch the movie until that was sorted so no bother pausing the movie, I got this in a jiff…I pulled it from the wall just fine but forgot about the ever increasing backside (big ole butt) which went out as I reached down to tug on the sofa and “clink” goes the sound of my wine glass as it hits the edge of the serving tray filled with hummus and toasted bread slices for the dipping into hummus…I nearly cried but, she kept reminding me it was no big deal…just tip the hummus container over the sink to drain out the grapefruit/champagne and the bread, well…we’ll just toss it and use crackers instead.  Did all that and then notice the whole middle of the ottoman was drenched so wiped that down with a towel and she said “good thing you got the chocolate one instead”…aha….lightbulb…this was a reminder that I had made a good choice (thanks to a BFF who knows me better than I do).  That I’m going to spill and make messes and I picked the right furntiure to suit my ehm…personal quirks.  With that, I chilled out, sat back and returned to the movie (which was ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnussus’ and pretty cool.  If you like Monty Python or the Adventures of Baron Von Munchausen you’ll like this) where we argued about whether Johnny Depp is in it and that Heath Ledger may sort of look like him but, he’s no Johnny Depp and yes…later I had my smug moment but I won’t spoil the film for you.  Part way through I said “I miss him” and she agreed…it was odd to watch Heath, larger than life on the screen and realizing he’s no longer among the living.  He made a serious impact in some great films and in this one there’s a line about the likes of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean and how they lived short lives but, they are imortalized.  How ironic that this was Heath’s character who points this out.  With the threat I faced this year it really hit home.  I think that’s why I’m so anxious to record this CD and was so dissapointed when he said another 3 months.  There’s  just a part of me that wants to get this done while I’m young enough and out there so that there’s a better part of me that’s importalized and will remain for my family now and future to remember/know me by.  Sorry, that sounds melancholy.  I don’t mean it to.  To me, it’s uplifting.  Something to really look forward to…

My next open mic is scheduled for next Monday but, I didn’t think about it being the Monday after chemo and I don’t usually feel up to anything until Tuesday so I’m moving it to the following Monday when I know I’ll be up for it.  Daniel (my old and fav neighbor) is up for a jam session so hopefully I’ll get him up here in time for next week’s blog.  If not, I’ll come up with something to fill in the music goal chart (ha, like I have a chart…more like giant post its with musical ramblings on em).

See...I wasn't kidding and that's only 1/3rd of em~

This weekend is another birthday in the group (we have soooo many) and each one is celebrated differently.  The last one was sushi night…this one is snacks and board games.  I like that they’re all very different and really reflect the personality of each of us.  We may be an amoeba like group at times but, we are still very unique individuals and ever evolving…

Ah, nap time.  This is the long day and I’m getting sleepy…

Until next week, thanks as always for listening and following along.  It really helps fuel the fire 🙂

The Horse - AKA Open Mic at The Kensington Grill

PS: There’s been a big increase in webiste/blog visits from: Czech Republic, Germany, China and Russia lately…I just wanted to tell you I noticed and a special thanks-  for following my story, It means alot~
PSS: This program wouldn’t recognize the characters in some of your languages so I had to turn them into an image in Photoshop before saving which turns em into ????.  This, I do, for you (and to appease my obnoxiously ADD brain ;).

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Weekend Update and the Laying in Wait…

This was a weekend after chemo so most of it was spent at home, in bed watching movie after movie after tv show after tv show and snackin on sour patch kids to scrape out the chemical taste that lingers).  Another side effect is that it tightens the vocal chords so singing isn’t really an option unless I want to see people putting their hands to their ears.  It only lasts 3 or 4 days which is cool.  Same as the sensivity to cold food/bev/air.

I did pick up martin and worked on the songs sans voice and worked on a couple cover songs.  Serg n Anne came by to take the giant green chair/ottoman away (to be replaced with smaller furniture to suit the place).  No more lounging for me~  I now use one of those big blue exercise balls as a chair (lol yeah…I’m just lazy enough to call that exercise).  Sunday, my favorite nurse and her husband came by to pick up the bed (to replaced with couch/bed).  Their first time at the cottage and the first thing the husband says when he walks in is “is this it??”.  Always cracks me up.  No matter how many times I tell people how tiny my place is they, well…I guess seeing IS believing…anyway…I have the new furniture picked out (and ordered…it arrives Monday “between 2 and 6pm”  Yaaaaaaaay) and have envisioned many times people sitting there, musical instruments in hands and some cool little jam sessions…can hardly wait 🙂

Michele and I are comitted to at least walking the local annual 5k in April.  I used to run it way back in my running days.  It’s a beautiful route and at the end you get a banana and direct access to the beer garden.  What’s not to like?  🙂

On the music front I’ve been watching my ratings on the blueMic competition from 6th place to 56th and sliding like softserve icecream on a hot summer day.  Which is kind of disheartening but, still not bad out of 1200 something entries but, my hope was to be in the top ten at least.  It’s all good.  The goal is to put myself out there in as many competitions as I can while I’ve got this time on my hands.  Like Will.i.am said…”we faced countless rejection after rejection but, we didn’t give up”.  On that note I’m looking forward to partnering up with someone and bringing the music to another level~  Before they left on Saturday, Anne n Serg confirmed they’re on for setting up a jam session with the newbies so I’m sure that’ll be happening quite soon.

This Sunday is my first time back at the Open Mics.  I”m petty psyched.  It’s a cool cafe down in Carrie’s hood.  We went there before for apps and really liked it.  I was supposed to go to the last one but, it was a chemo weekend and I wasn’t up for it.  I’m definitely up for it this coming weekend and looking forward to trying out the latest song “Dorian Gray”.  Not sure what else I’ll play…maybe it will come to me then or maybe I’ll look to Carrie for an answer.  I’m reading this back and thinking “man…I sound flat…deadpan”.  I’m not, really.  It is pouring off and on outside which puts me in a quiet place but, I’m in a good mood OH…i just remembered I had a dream last night that I met what’s his name…what’s his…crap…Pete Yorn…we were backstage…someone  was talking about us working together but he was acting really smarmy so I said “yeah, no thanks”.  I was all up in his face and when I woke up I remember wanting to go back to sleep and rewind it.  Poor Peter something Yorn the III.  I’ve never met the guy and yet I’m doing the whole smackdown on him (in my dreams).  I have no idea why I dreamt that scenario.  I’m sure it’ll come to me at some point.  All dreams rememered usually do makes sense at some point.

This last week I was feeling pretty restless.  I know I’m so close to finishing this round and getting a nice long break and finally get my brain/body back to normal but it seems like I’m running down this road with the end in sight but, the road keeps stretching bringing more distance between me and the finish line.  I think that’s why I’m so keen to do the 5K.  I need to visually cross some kind of finish line.  There’s a 3 month break before I go back in for another 3 months.  So, first month I still have to hide from the sun so early morning walks and more time in the gym.  The second month is a nice little island getaway and daily swims in the ocean.  Then I’ll come back to San Diego all fresh and renewed and  third month will be spending some time in the studio :-).  nice plan eh?

In a couple more hours the competition for getting your music on the new TV show “Bar Karma” is closing and the voting will begin.  I don’t know if any of my music will fit the episode they’re thinking of but, again…it’s about casting the net out as often as possible and eventually something will come in.  Oh and I started work on  a webstore~  It’s a third party thing so they get most of the dough but, at least there’s something in it and all sales will go to the kitty for the full length CD.  It should be up and running by end of this weekend :-).

So, here I lie…all bundled up and cozy…typing away to you all and waiting on Sunday’s return to the open mics.  There are 3 more scheduled over the next few weeks as well as the songwriter’s competition at Humphrey’s.  The engines are gearing up…

Will try to get either a clip or pics of Sunday’s return and the upcoming peformances as well.  Till then, thanks for listening (as always) and know there’s more to come~


PS…looks like the “Baby” song needs another verse added…eyup…;-)


Weekend Update and the Surprising Discovery…

So, I was perusing facebook the other day and found a posting by my pal Vivienne who normally keeps things short n sweet but, this post was really thought provoking:  “Tis mad how life gives you clues, you just have to pay attention or they keep coming in different ways till you get it or if you can’t do it yourself the bad times as we see them are really life’s way of forcing you into change when we are too scared to do it ourselves!”. 

Wow, huh?  It made me think about all the emotional leaps I’ve made in the recent past that I think maybe were spurred on by the shake awake that Stage 4 cancer gives you.  Some can call it “bad times” for Ali but, I see it as it allowed me to leave a job I was really unhappy in, to give myself time to practice guitar every day and rest  for as long as I need and made me re-evaluate my life…who I choose as friends, how I relate to my family, choosing to trade in talk for action on following my passions.  Photography/Music are powerful forces in my life now whereas in the past they were just filed away deep in the recesses of the file cabinet in my head. You know?

This week I’m even more energized than last week~  I saw Dr. H the other day and told him I finally woke up feeling “normal”…no chemical smell in my nose, no weird coating on my tongue/throat/sinuses…other than continual runny nose I’d say I felt like I did before even the surgery back in September.  Woo hooo I said 🙂  I even dropped 6 lbs in a week~  Yes, I think this “Neulasta” booster shot is a happy addition to my treatment I must say.  Yeah, it makes you feel like you’ve got a flu for a couple days but, once that fades out voila…life is good 🙂

So good, that last Friday I was more than up for going to see “Drowning Men” play at Hensley’s.  Talk about class in session.  This is one of the tightest bands I’ve ever heard.  They have such a unique sound I can’t even say who they sound like and they have a new addition to their band…someone who Michele and I joke about is “my boyfriend” because one day a while back we were at Hensley’s and he was the sound guy and there was something about him I really liked.  Now, Michele (who I love to bits and is my Cali BFF – not to be confused with Michelle who is my hometown BFF) is kinda crap at playing wingman.  I had to walk her through “you know him??? well, what are you waiting for, Introduce me”.  Which she did very nonchalantly.  For most of the evening I eyeball stalked the poor guy and to this day haven’t seen or spoken another word to him…oh, right…the point is…within 2 days of meeting him I wrote “Plus One”.  So, this unwitting soul is the inspiration to one of my best songs.  Will we ever let him know?  Probably not because when it comes to crushes those are quite fleeting for me as in one look at their bass player and I turned to Michele (and nodded toward the bass player) and said “crush is off” until later when this inspiration guy gets out from behind the keyboard and started playing Mandolin…at which point I turned to Michele, beamed and said “That’s my boyfriend~”.   ;)…yes…I know…my mother commented on it a million times in my lifetime.   I yam wut I yam.

Ok, so lessons learned from “Drowning Men”…first of all I hope that my band is that tight.  They are so connected they could do the music blind folded.  The one thing that really stood out for me…if you’re going to perform at a place where your mics are on the floor and/or you’re in arms reach of anyone from the floor then chat up the bouncer who manages the stage and have them stand at the front of the stage and tell em…anyone even comes close to knocking my mic…move em to the back of the crowd and don’t let them back.  Where did I get that one from?  This totally tweaked out dkkhead moved in front of us (we were on the far left corner of the stage) and he knocked over a mic…we’d been eyeing the bouncer for a while before that and when that happened we put our hands up in Italian fashion like wtf…you gonna do something now??  So, he politely asked the guy to follow him to the back and we all sighed in relief along with several girls standing next to us that were keeping their distance from mister flailing arms.  A couple minutes later…he’s back and we’re in shock and sure enough…when bass player (my latest crush) was at the keyboards tweaker got so caught up in the music (after flipping us off and shouting “You’re all pregnant!”) he bumped the mic stand which bumped the mic into the bass player’s face who just looked at him like “really…really…”.  Bouncer did jack all.  We were so annoyed for the band and ourselves that it imprinted in my mind…hey pub manager who’s hovering over the stage and ensuring everyone has a cold drink in front of them…that’s chump change compared to getting thunked by a mic from a tweaker that shouldn’t even be in the joint.   Yeah…This is one lesson that will stick for sure.

What else…Saturday I got to see my 3 favorite peeps from my old job.  We met up for happy hour and it was like we’d never parted.  Just love em.  Great boost and got some great shots of them and Pacific Beach 🙂

My 3 favorite things about my last job...

Oh and Sunday before the game I finally went to the village to where Vivienne now works and puts on a Irish Breakfast once a month and a few friends joined me there.  Wow, that girl can cook.  She’s from Ireland so she knows how to make an authentic but, she went all out…blood pudding (black and white), Irish bacon, shepherds pie, heinz beans, rashers and my fav…Scotch eggs~  Yeah…my European friends are probably frowning but, I do love em.  Yeah, they’re a bit dry but, served warm with relish and washed down with Guinness and yummm.  What does this have to do with music?  Oh right…so, she also has a band/dancers show for the breakfast.  “The Bad Blokes”.  I think I’d heard them a couple years back.  I don’t remember thinking much of it but this time was pretty impressive.  They were really tight, they had Pauly (the savant that can play just about any instrument known to man) and guest artist Patric (who plays fiddle like no ones business in my friend Tim Foley’s award winning band “Skelpin”).   I had a conversation with an engineer a while back explaining my stage fright and he said the best performers get stage fright and he mentioned Patric and she she gets mad stage fright before going on.  Believe me when I tell you you’d never guess it by looking at her.  She’s all warm smiles and moves with ease about the stage.  It actually made me feel alot better after hearing that and remind myself of it often before an open mic.

The Bad Blokes with Patic Petrie

Last but, not least is another tie in to Vivian’s quote…clues and you’re somehow led to places you’re meant to be…The Santos’ invited me over for Superbowl and that sat right with me.  First off, I adore em and their dog ‘Elway’ but, being in a friend’s home sounded better than in a crowded/loud  bar somewhere.  They had a nice spread and I brought my latest diet of sourpatch kids n pinot grigio (no kidding, killer combination).  The last few months I gave em up to be healthy but, since that didn’t work  I said screw that and am back on my favorite foods and look who’s losing weight…go figure…  Anyway…they invited their neighbors over (who were rooting for Pittsburgh…the ooonly ones in the room rooting for Pittsburgh) and during the breaks we got to chatting.  The husband asked what I did so I told him “geek by day, songwriter by night” to which he said cool him too, so I asked which…geek or songwriter and he said the later~  Oh yeah…you know I was sitting upright at that point and leaning in…asking more questions that led to; he used to be in a band, a successful band and then he settled down and got married and is looking to get back into music and he plays guitar….yup…so I asked him if he wanted to be in a band again and told him about my music and of course he said yes he does and so I (smartly) asked his wife if SHE wanted him to be in a band again and she said YES, she’d love to see him get back into the music…so, his past is hard rock and mine is James Taylor and the Cure so we’re going to meet up at the Santos’ again very soon to jam and see if our styles mesh (did I mention he said he’s good with singing backup/harmony?  BingBingBingBing).  Now, I’m not sure if you know this but, besides cowbell and flowerpot drums Serg also knows how to play guitar and has a Taylor in his home so Anne was pleased at the thought of a jam session going on in their home and hopes Serg will break out his guitar and dust it off.  Now, I’m not getting my hopes completely up but, don’t you think that’s just a cool string of events?  I do too and I can hardly wait to meet up and see where it goes… This week is chemo week so it’ll probably happen next week but, it’ll happen and I’ll definitely report back on it all.  She’s the one how posted on my facebook music page this morning :-).   I have to say I was a bit worried whether they’d like my music or not.  I don’t know if he likes it but, I was relieved to hear at least she did :-).   I’d say I’m getting my momentum back and I couldn’t be more psyched about it.

All in all a productive week I’d say :-).  I never did hear back from any of the other music supervisors but, Indaba music has a contest going on and winner gets their music on a new TV show so I’ll be signing up for that one today…

Next week will be the jam session and who knows what else..I think the first time back at open mic will be the 17th but, not sure yet.  For sure the 28th and 3 more booked following that so it’s coming…

That’s me for now.  Was too psyched to wait till Wednesday to post but, if anything else comes up between now and then I’ll update here.  Till then, thanks as always for listening and following along  on this way cool project/journey 🙂


Update: Today I went back and looked at a contest I signed up for.  Submitted “By New Year’s Day” a week ago.  The Deadline is mid February.  The winner gets their music played on a March Episode of a new Indie TV show called Bar Karma.  It looks pretty cool~  So, as I was reading it I found out you can submit up to 10 songs to the contest so I uploaded all 8 of my recordings.  Wish me luck~


PS: The voting polls are open for the other contest I signed up for.  If I can get into the top ten I have a good chance of being picked as winner by the judges which means a bunch of airplay on Jango, 1,000 bucks (to go toward the CD recording this summer) and a day in their studio 🙂

Be a part of it and cast your vote~


Weekend Update and the Re-surge through Reminiscence

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack 🙂

Sorry about all the whining before.  I did fall by the wayside there for a bit but, I’m awake now and back on the horse~

You ever experience this?  You feel stuck in a rut and you’re disheartened by the realization you’re only halfway there and then you meet up with a friend from the past and compare notes and realize  you’ve actually come really far with many milestones behind you and you leave them feeling all energized?  Well, it was like that.  Kathy and I were in the trenches together back in from the evil corporate days.  We were also neighbors in Madison Park.  She sent me a msg the other day saying she’d be in town for a conference and let’s catch up.  I haven’t seen here since…we couldn’t quite figure it out but, at least since before I picked up that guitar.  I have no idea why.  We have mutual friends up there too so I checked with them to see if any of them had let her in on my health thing.  Nope.  Oy.  So, it was up to me to spill it.  I felt so bad after telling her because she thought it was something personal that I’d not been in contact.  She’s such a genuinely good hearted person I felt like a real jerkass.   But, within seconds we were past that and just catching up on all that had happened to each of us since we last saw eachother.  We both had grown so much since leaving the rat race.  It was awesome to see that these two wounded soldiers had not only repaired themselves but, were far stronger and happier than back when.  She kept asking if I was ok (I’d warned her I’d probably only last an hour) but, 3 hours into our get together and I was still wide awake :-).  I think we ran the gamut on what’s new and did some reminiscing which reminded us all the more what great places we’re in.   I went on about Russell and how if I could only find another him to duo with I’d be happy as a clam.  She (and she’s not the first) suggested I just ask him.  But, he’s already in a popular band.  But, lots of musicians are in more than one band.  Really?  I had no idea.  I can’t imagine how they manage it.  Hrm…So, here’s the way cool part…the next morning I get a msg frm Russell (who I haven’t talked to much since I moved in November) saying he was thinking of me and had a dream about me the night before and wasn’t that weird…so of course, I set him straight and said his ears were just burning and I promised by end of this month I’d be in for a 2 hour lesson/session.  I later sent in  a request for date/time.  I should hear back today or tomorrow.  I’m trying to line up that whole day…lesson with Russell, bike ride and jam with my old neighbor Daniel followed by happy hour with old workmates followed by open mic at the Aussie pub (if they’re started up by then).  Jesse had a blow to the head a while back (I’m only guessing how, the little daredevil) and had to put  a hold on it all until he recovered so maybe it’ll just end with happy hour but, I don’t mind.  I’m just so psyched to get back into lessons :).

So, with that sorted let’s get to what Ali accomplished after this new surge…Well, I bucked up and went to see Amos Lee Saturday night and I learned tons…this guy has a gorgeous voice, gorgeous guitar and great band backing him up.  The venue…kind of standing room only (I always thought Dr. H was being overly protective when he’d write “stand for no more than 30 minutes” on my forms but, haaah…no.  After 30 it feels like your shoes and the floor are magnetized and it sucks the life force in you down and into the floor.  Luckily there were stairs there and a monitor to view from them so after a few songs I headed there.  Yeah…it was the weekend just after chemo…no I’m not one to learn my lessons first time around…ok, so here’s something else I learned.  Always…always do a sound check before your show.  I mean stand up front and then go out to the farthest reaches of the venue and make sure your volume is set to higher than background music because no matter how good you are…if they can’t hear you then this short attention span society will lose interest in your voice and be more interested in the sounds of their own…yeah…it happened.  Apparently, he addressed it several times with “well, if you want to talk ok but, I thought you were here for a concert” but, honestly…I never heard him say it.  Lots of drunken SHHHHHHH’s after but, within seconds the chatter would start back up again.  The second thing I learned is when you first arrive on stage, be sure to address the audience and not just break directly into song.  Say Hi, thank em for coming out and supporting you, ask em how they’re feeling…he came straight out and sang without a word to anyone.  Thinking back I’m not sure he did any of those things to connect until near the end and by then the girls were looking at me with remorse for having dragged me out and were leading me out of the House of Blues and onto the road back home.  I felt so bad but, they assured me they were just as annoyed by the “loudmouth drunkassbitches”.  I love my friends :-).

Monday was John Shipe’s CD release at the Viper Room in LA.  I’ve only been there once, long ago.  Before we even got a chance to go in, the place was evacuated because someone set off a stink bomb.  Weird huh?  One girl caught my attention as she waited out front near me and leaned against a black car.  We locked eyes for a bit then on to whatever hooplah was going on.  We knew it would be a while before they’d let anyone in so we moved on but, as we were walking away it hit me…that was Bjork~  My little brush with fame…I think she must be crazy.  Crazy ppl tend to lock eyes with me.  They like me.  A lot.  I find them fascinating (at arms length) so I’m not complaining…I’m just sayin…

So, I was sitting with Michele at that lil cafe in my neighborhood yesterday.  We have these great moments (in between the old bitty style bickering) where we help eachother focus on the next step.  I did for her and she did for me by simply saying “did you send that demo to that guy in LA?”.  Yes (LukeHits), I did and I even re-sent after realizing I did it all wrong (yes, lets all feign surprise on that one).  That triggered the conversation about the list I’d created neatly in an excel spreadsheet (which is so Unlike me)of all the other music supervisors out there and like a lottery ticket…the more you buy (and I do almost religiously) the better your chances of winning so, after the coffee and a bike ride in our lovely wintery weather I got back to my spreadsheet and started contacting each and every one of em asking if they accept CD’s from independent artists.  I got the CD’s out and ready to post.  Some I’m waiting for replies on and one now allows  uploading so I did.  Iiiiiiii diiiid~

Then, I went a little crazy and sent a pic of Owen (My BFF Miche’s new lil one) to a talent agency in Seattle but, he’s sooo damned adorable and belongs in film I swear (or maybe that’s just eh proud auntie talkin.  I’ll let you be the judge…). 

What’s next?  Well, class will be in session again on Friday night and the teachers I’ve met before and am in awe of…’Drowning Men’.  I know I’ve mentioned them before.  Their style is far different from mine but, other than that, I aspire to  approach music like they do.  They are shockingly good and deserve big fame and fortune.  I sent a note to their lead who’s a friend of a friend and asked if I could take photos.  I figured I might as well get in some practice with the camera before the MLS season opener end of March.  

Eyup.  I also put 4 open mics on the calendar between now and March on the Calendar as well as one Songwriters competition at Humphreys (remember, that’s where I met Keen).  I’ve been to 2 so far.  I’m looking forward to lucky 3 :). 

So, that’s my week so far…I think the new booster shots get some of the credit for my re-surge but, Kathy gets the biggest portion.  Other asides…mid month I’m getting the furniture to fit my new home so I’ll be more social again, that’ll be cool.  4 guitars (and a uke) on the wall and then plenty of seating room for jam sessions…:-).

So, that’s my update for now.  I’ll post pics and info on the Drowning Men concert next week.  Til then…here’s the whippersnapper ;).