Weekend Update and the Walking of the Walk I Talked…

Still beaming from the surprise wedding ūüôā So, the evening that followed was Christmas eve…I love Christmas eve.¬† That’s the night our family get’s together and cooks a huge meal. Yup, very similar to Thanksgiving only smaller group and it’s held at¬†the home we grew up in instead of my sisters.¬† I used to be in charge of it and always insisted on Roast Beast.¬† That’s my specialty :-).¬† I use the old etectric roaster (same kind my mom used that my grandmother handed down to her until it finally croaked then she got another one and I bought the same kind to have here in Cali) and I add a mix of all the¬† kinds of veggies that go with a roast beast; onions (and lots because my Pop looooves onions), carrots, brussel sprouts, red and white skinned potatoes and sometimes…turnips (though people generally complain they smell funny so I only do it once in a blue moon or when I’m really irritated with em and so do it defiantly ;).¬† Since I lived in Houston for 5 1/2 years I picked up the tradition of using rasberry-chipotle sauce as a side to the beast.¬† And since I’m such a stickler on “this one in particular is what¬†I love” I’ll put in the link to “this one in particular”: http://www.jelly.com/product.php?prod=FWG000036.¬† Good stuff.¬† Seriously.

Anyway, since I moved back to San Diego I haven’t made it back for Christmas so other family members have taken it on.¬† It’s cool.¬† I think it’s good to mix things up but, I do miss cooking the meal so I’m even happier that I’ll be able to make it home for Christmas next year.¬† I’ve already mentally prepared the meal in my head.¬† This year was far and away different.¬† This time it was just Carrie n me at an old Irish pub called Dublin Square.¬† It’s in downtown San Diego which is a bit of a drive but, I was full of energy and I hadn’t been there but, it seemed like the kind of pub I like.¬† Apparently most of its makings were imported from Ireland so it sounded about right.¬† Carrie had been there before and described it as “the boys go to the Field, the men come to Dublin square”.¬† That means no roudy college boys pretending to be Irish and ordering more car bombs than their stomachs can handle.¬† There was live Irish music promised which was something we’ve missed since the old days when Brehon Law was “our band of bands”.¬† They still exist, just not the same group/feeling as back when.¬† But, Ned leads em and they’re fantastic so if you get a chance, go¬†see em play.¬† You’ll love it.¬†¬† Dublin Square did have a¬†nice feel to it.¬† A little dissapointed with the blonde beach bunny servers but, this is So Cal.¬† If you really want authentic, go to Boston or better yet Ireland and get your fill.¬†¬† Being with¬†a Scotsman for so many years sort of locks in the difference between authentic Irish/Scottish/Brit and the plastics.¬† He spoiled me.¬† I’m a downright snob for authentic.¬† Especially when it comes to Guinness.¬†¬† Nothing more irritating than a badly poured Guinness…yup…jaw clenched just thinking of it…I’m not Irish.¬† I don’t pretend to be.¬† I’m an American with a Scot-Irish, French and Bohemian lineage.¬† I guess we lean more toward the celts (what with my mom’s regular cooking of Corned beef n cabbage and mmm blood sausage).¬† One night when my mom was visiting back when I took her to the old Gibs (which was Tom Giblins Irish pub back then).¬† That’s where Brehon Law played Wednesdays and Saturdays and we rarely missed a set.¬† A: they were friends and B: they are really really good.¬† Martina was co-manager and also an Irish.¬† she walked up to us, said hello and asked where my Mom hailed from.¬† It took my mom a while to get it and I explained to Martina but, she cooed and awed and swore she thought my mom was off the boat Irish.¬† Which of course my mom ate up and suddenly/proudly donned the worse fake Irish accent you ever heard.¬† You see her father was Scot-Irish decent and a boozer and a gambler and abandoned her and her brother when her mother died in childbirth.¬† Her French Grandmother took her in and you’d think she’d not want to have any connection to her father but, alas…girls will always love their daddy’s no matter how flawed they are.¬† Steven always swore I was Canadian.¬† We do have French-Canadians hanging from some branches of the family tree so maybe that’s where he gets it’s from.¬† Mainly he just thinks I’m not your average American to which I laugh because I don’t think I’m an average anything (which really sucks when you’re young and trying to fit in but, now…now it’s pretty cool).

Ok, so what does all this have to do with music and walking the walk?¬† It ties in, I swear.¬†¬† Back to the wedding…I had a great conversation with Karyn.¬† Karyn is Serg’s best friend and is tough as nails 99.99% of the time.¬† Every now and then I catch that .01% when she ‘s soft hearted/spoken and those moments are always warm and memorable.¬† We were sitting by the stairs and she asked how I was doing with genuine concern and we talked about the whole ordeal and the expected positive outcome and the amazingness of cyberknife blah blah…then she looked at me and said “what is it like…I mean when you know (your life could be cut short)…how does it change things?”.¬† I thought about it for a moment and then said “well…I tend to tolerate bullshit a lot less…”¬† She laughed and said “oh well, I never do so I ‘m good there”.¬† I smiled.¬† It’s true.¬† She roars like a lion at anyone who even dares to attempt to bs her.¬† She’s quite keen that way.¬† She can smelll a rat or a phoney¬†a mile away.¬† Then I said “you also tend to get a bit braver”.¬† She smiled and acknowledged that would be thing that would change.¬† We all wish we were braver at times.¬† I’m also a lot less angry.¬† I used to get my feathers in a bunch anytime I saw an injustice or discovered I got played.¬† A regular, modern day Joan of Arc I was.¬† Now I just shrug my shoulders, point out that life is too short for that kind of sht, dust myself off and walk away.

So, here’s how that ties in…back at the pub…the musician apologized for it just being him (mandolin/guitar) and a guitarist.¬† The rest of the band had family plans (who couldn’t excuse that?).¬† He/they played really well and were even goodhearted about the annoying request of the Unicorn Song (from a boisterous fellow visiting from Newcastle) which is a widely known fact that Irish bands balk at that request.¬† Ned flat out¬†refuses to¬†play it unless there’s a cute kid in the audience requesting it.¬† He mentioned it was open mic a couple times but, I just turned away from them and took another sip of Guinness.¬† He would call out to us now and then “Did you get the Turkey dinner?…how was it….any requests”.¬† So toward the end of their second set I turned and asked if he could play the Pogues’ “Rainy night in Soho”.¬† He smiled warmly and said “ah, we’d love to but we don’t know that one”.¬† To which I said “Ah, c’mon it’s easy…it’s just G, C, D, G, C, D…”.¬† He laughed and said “you know it?¬† Can you sing it?¬† Wanna come up?¬†” and I instantly flashed back to that moment with Karyn “a little bit braver…” and before I knew it the words “sure” came out of my mouth and I worked my way up to the little stage.¬† He had us huddle to go over the chord changes and asked me to sing a bit of it and I did but, not before warning them I’m a bit shy but, I’d do my best to shake it off.¬†¬† They smiled and we turned to face the audience.¬† They started the intro and it went on for a bit before I realized they were waiting for me to lead in with some vocals (I have soooo much to learn) so I cracked a smile and then belted out “I’ve been lovin you a looong tiiime…” and so on.¬† And this was the marker…this was the first time I’ve stood up without a guitar to hide behind and leaned into a mic and fell into a song but also made eye contact with the people in the room all the while.¬† A mother stopped in front of us with her two little ones and I felt a twinge when I looked at the boy while I sang “Some of them fell into hell” (I’m so Catholic).¬† He didn’t seem to be bothered by it nor did his mom so I shook it off and kept on with the song.¬† Every now and then looking sideways to my right where the mandolin player stood.¬† We weren’t in sync for the first verse but after that we were a trio and my voice was on its best behavior and the crowd was warm and accepting and it was exactly the feeling I imagined after watching Pete Yorn peform for KRPI at that winery.¬† I did my usual ad lib to the end (they didn’t know the difference ūüėČ and then I looked back at the guitarist and he said “that’s it?”¬† I smiled and said “yeah…that’s it”.¬† And we closed out to a nice round of applause followed by the mandolin player saying he was now fully in the Christmas spirit which I took as a great compliment :).¬†

Later that evening I got a text from Michele saying she could hardly wait to see me the next day (Christmas) for pajama/brunch/mimosa day and to hear all about my performance.¬† Huh?¬† Then, when I saw her she said Carrie txtd her while I was singing “Ali is getting up on stage at Dublin Square!”.¬† I love my friends.¬† They are so incredibly supportive and encouraging.¬† I love it~

So,¬†yesterday I got the bad news that my WBC bottomed out again.¬† Even with the booster shots so they’re increasing the amount of shots (2 extra days) and I have strict instructions to stay away from: raw fruit, people with colds,¬† crowds, kids, animals and ….spas.¬† So my spa weekend for New Years is a bust.¬† I nearly cried.¬† I don’t why.¬† I could barely afford it as it is (my mom always said I have champagne taste with a beer budget).¬† So, to cheer myself up I’m shopping on line for a kitchen cart.¬† No, really.¬† There’s hardly any counter space in my kitchen and I like to cook, meaning a place for a cutting board to chop veggies etc so this little, virtual¬†shopping exursion is actually cheering me up and is probably a better New Years gift when I think of it.

During¬†my solitary confinement I’m going to get those music compilation CD’s together and mailed out (I know…can’t believe I haven’t yet either).¬† So, that’s my promise is to get my ass in gear, get those done and that should be the first line in next week’s blog that I finally did it or else~.¬† I don’t know why I’m full of excuses when it comes to getting that one done but, time to buck up.

Also, Carrie had asked me¬†while back if I’d play open mic at a cafe in her new neighborhood so I¬†said¬†to remind me when the next open mic was and I would go and she did so now it’s on my Calendar for mid January :).¬† by the end of January I’m hoping ¬†do two more up in North County.¬†¬† I feel a strong need to start performing “Dorian Gray”.¬† Get it out there and see if anyone connects to it and also we shall see if Dr. G shows up to any of em…could be interesting…could be not but, mostly could be interesting…

Since I didn’t plan on singing I didn’t think¬†to ask Carrie to take a pic of the event so I found an image of the pub/the two members of the band that were there and ehm…drew a re-inactment ūüôā

P.S.¬† Heard from Keen :).¬† His band split so he’s solo again.¬† Looking forward to getting together with him soon to jam and possibly do some collaborating…

Life is good and thanks as always for following along ūüôā


PSS.  Look at all the countries that came by the website/blog this month.  How cool is that?


Holiday Update and the Mother of All Christmas Parties…

You know that saying “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”…yeah well, it’s kinda like that.¬† Well not violent but, surprising twist…

I got there at the beginning of the party.¬† I like to be the friend who shows up ahead of the crowd and helps the party makers¬†relax and enjoy their own event.¬† I’ve thrown a lot of em in my time and always appreciated the friends that did that for me.¬† The detox from the night before gave me a nice burst of energy and a sense or normalcy so I was dressed and ready to go in record time.¬† I even made baked brie with cranberries (not that¬† they needed it.¬† It was beautifully catered).¬† I’m still in awe of what happened…I keep going form Vehklempt to smiling ear to ear.

One by one the others drifted in and everyone looked their best in holiday fashions.¬† I hadn’t met most of Anne’s family but, several members were there as well as her two best friends and Serg’s parents were in for the holidays.¬† Even Elway was decked out in a doggie tux.¬† Normally I’m against dressing animals like humans but, he looked frkn adorable~¬†¬† Serg and Anne had said they wanted to start a holiday tradition so it was in the back of my mind that there’d be something fun n cool happening.¬† About a¬†couple hours into the party they met up by the Christmas tree and said they were ready to announce the tradition…they took these gorgeous little red and white boxes with silk ribbons and handed them out to everyone with strict instructions not to open them until they gave¬†us the go ahead.¬† They wanted to be sure everyone got a present.¬† I felt a bit guilty receiving¬†a wrapped present.¬† All I brought them was the Brie and a small bottle of Irish Cream (cuz that’s what I was craving, selfish me).¬†

Finally, they give us the go ahead to open the beautiful boxes and inside I saw a hand made ornament.¬† What a beautiful sentiment ūüôā¬† A keepsake of their first grownup Christmas party ūüôā¬† I love that about them. They’re very sentimental (like me :).¬† I was admiring what I could see of it (my glasses were in my purse upstairs) when i heard someone shout “you’re married??!!!”.¬† WTF?¬† Anne smiles and says “No, but, I’m going upstairs now, putting on¬†my wedding¬†dress and when I come back down Serg and I are going to get married here, tonite, in front of all of you”.¬† That might not be verbatim but it sure is close.¬† At this point I (and half the room) were bawling our eyes out¬†over the incredible moment they were about to share with us (as I write this now tears are streaming down my face.¬† Happy ones of course.¬† I am a mush, you all know this by now).¬†¬† So, Anne turns to me and says “did you bring your guitar because you’re going to play the baby song”.¬† At that moment I went into panic mode.¬† I did but, it was in the car and my keys were upstairs and so I raced up there while her maid of honor explained to me I needed to bring a bag downstairs to Sergio and to ask him if he has his vows.¬† She looks me in the eye to confirm I got the instructions to which I said “yes, I got it.¬† No problem”.¬† I ran off to the car, got the Martin and went to the top of the stairs to tune him up and practice then, it hit me.¬† Sht…the bag I was supposed to bring Serg.¬† I shouted into the closed doors down the hall where Anne was dressing and her Maid of honor shouted back “we toook care of iiit”.¬† Damn my brain.¬† So I peeked down and said “Serg…you got your vows?”¬† He first says no, then says yes, he’s got em on his iPhone.¬† LOL.¬† Can you imagine a groom reading his vows from his PDA?¬†¬† I hopped back up to the top of the stairs and practiced away until the maid of honor came out of the bride’s dressing room and informed me Anne wants me to sit in a chair near the bottom of the stairs and play instrumental when she comes down.¬† So I followed her lead and sat promptly in the chair, fingers shaking¬†and started playing arpeggio style, looked around the room and then up to the top of the stairs and I saw gorgeous silk with this unique and rich¬†crimson brocade ribbon trailing up the dress and there she was…this vision of joy and love abound making her way to her groom.¬† Not a dry eye in the house at this moment I tell you.¬†¬† Serg beaming as he told us about how much joy she’s brought to his life in the 111 weeks they’d been together.¬† Mr rough and tumble was earnest and eloquent.

I can’t remember if I told you how they met but, it’s worth retelling so here…Serg was going through some dark days (as we all have)and with some¬†nudging he started up a softball¬†team¬†which we all signed up for to encourage him on this newly positive path and on went the adventure of the return of the bad news bears.¬† Serg is a competitive guy (You can take the man outta the marines but,¬† you can’t take the marines outta da man) and we…well we were the (and I’m not underestimating here) the worst team eeeever~¬† Not a practice went by¬†without at least one injury…a real comedy of errors we were. ¬†He was a great coach but, he needed to be able to get some wins in so he started looking on craigslist for some teams he could join as well and get some real games in as opposed to our weekly train wrecks.¬† Somehow his eye wondered over to the singles and one in particular caught his eye…”50 reasons you should date me”.¬† Here was lively list reasons a woman named Anne had decided to pronounce to the world of craigslist why she was a catch.¬† Serg is a smart guy and wanted to see for himself this woman¬†who professed 50 qualities he liked.¬† True to her word she lived up to those 50 reasons and then some.¬† I’ve never seen Serg happier¬†or more¬†fulfilled.¬†¬† What they have is magic.¬† They don’t display all aspects of their relationship but,¬†they do share nearly every day reminders of what its all about and that¬†the infamous¬†albeit somewhat elusive¬†“It”¬†still exists.

Last night was another pure example of it.¬† They were scheduled to be married 11.11.11.¬† Apparently, it was Anne’s idea to turn the Christmas party into their wedding.¬† A brilliant idea.¬† Skip the circus of all the many, many details (and cost) that goes into making¬† a wedding.¬† Instead they focused on what makes¬† a marriage.¬†¬†¬† In brilliant form they read their own unique vows (While Elway ran in circles in front of them tearing apart his new stuffed reindeer completely oblivious to what was unfolding).¬† Anne gave her 50 reasons for marrying Serg and with each one either laughed along or shared her tears of joy.¬† Serg kept it simple with 10 reasons and clear promises to be the man whe wished for.¬† He is a great man.¬† She brings it further out in him ten fold.¬† That, my friends is what it’s meant to be.¬† Both¬†come from¬†parents¬†who stayed¬†married (happily) to one another which is a rarity but something they both take pride and comfort in.¬† My parents were married nearly 50 years before my mom passed away.¬† They were happy and like all couples had their bad stretches but, they genuinely liked eachother above all and the thought of splitting never occurred to them (well, there’s the time they said they came close when they tried to wallpaper the kitchen together but then agreed no more wallpapering instead).¬† That’s where I get my ideals from.¬† High, yes.¬† Realistic…I’m looking at Serg n Anne and saying Hellyes in a handbasket~

I’m watching¬†TV as I type away and guess what pops on…”My Life in Ruins”.¬† Remember my blog on that one?¬† Anyway, the wise old guy says to the reluctant young woman who’s reasoning why she should resisit getting involved with Mr. Wonderful “You’re looking for obstacles rather than magic”.¬† That can be said for so many aspects of ones life, yes?¬† Yeah…whether its not going after the job you really want, the¬†body¬†or the life you want it’s what we often do.¬† Sabotage our chances before we finished even saying em outloud.¬† Sometimes it’s smart.¬† It’s a fine line knowing when something you want is reachable¬†or is just¬†a bunch of fairy¬†dust caught in our eyes. ¬†Like in another film “If you love someone, set them free.¬† If you have to stalk them, they’re probably weren’t yours in the first place” or walking into a bank for a million dollar loan with no business plan and no collateral.¬† Probably…not going to happen champ.

Either way, this was an event of a lifetime and I feel incredibly honored to have been a part of it.

I’ll leave you with a snipet of the song (there’s an 8 mb limit so it’s a shorty) and an image of Mr. and Mrs.

Aint life grande?


a little “baby” magic

The Deliriously Happy Couple

Weekend Update and the Girl with the Golden Lung…

I know, I know, I’m late.¬† Sorry about that.¬† But, I do have a pretty decent excuse~

At least in my books it is and it comes with a good story as well.¬† I was planning to blog yesterday after I got back from the hospital but, it was later than expected and had an appointment for this detox wrap thing and there are no refunds if you cancel within 48 hours so off I went and when I got home all I could think of is FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.¬† I was starving and when you’re starving don’t you tend to overeat just a tad which makes you kind of sleepy and then before you know it you wake up in your chair and the show you could’ve sworn you were just watching is long over and some infomercial about the perfect cooking machine has taken its place?¬† Yeah…it’s kind of like that.¬† Ok, enough with the excuses and on with the story.

I’ll start with today and go backward.¬† Tonite is Serg n Anne’s first annual let’s dress like adults and act like em Christmas party.¬† We are all psyched for it and obligingly bought ourselves new dresses n slacks etc for the occasion (they’re going to the expense of catering it so yeah…it’s the least we could do).¬† Anne asked me to bring my guitar (I’m taking Martin since he’s the dressiest) and I learned (ish) one Christmas song so I’ll sing that and if I can do it without getting Vehklempt,¬† I’ll sing the baby song with its latest verse.¬† Yesterday I ended the day with a detox wrap someone had recommended that would help rid my body of those lingering chemicals.¬† They do really suck.¬† Totally ruined the taste of wine for me (however salty foods still rule).¬† It really worked~¬† For the most part I don’t feel toxic or look it (my tummy is at half shelf even)¬†and may even feel photogenic tonite…stranger things have happened~

Yesterday morning started with hearing Bren singing a Christmas tune as she walked up to my door.¬† I proudly showed off how I’d finally bought hooks and all guitars (and uke) are now hanging neatly on the walls and in the teeny tiny kitchen I placed hooks for the pans and giant grilling utensils.¬†¬† I don’t know if you read in the news but, we’ve had non stop torrential downpours for the past week.¬† So, there was a lot of time spent indoors for most San Diegans.¬† I even got into some room planner software and completely re-did the cottage (virtually, that is.¬† more a wish list for 2011).¬† We got in her car and headed onto the 78 but traffic was at a near standstill so we got off at El Camino and saw the flooding on the right of the freeway so we were like “aha…no worries, we’ll just back on then” but, there was a cop car and barricade at the 78 entrance.¬† When we turned left to get onto a parallel road we saw that the bottom of the freeway entrance had been transformed into a lake.¬† We oooohed and awwwed and got on vista and headed on over.¬† We were chatting away as if we hadn’t seen eachother in years (lifetetimes happen in days with our group).¬† So much so that she nearly missed the entrance to the hospital.¬†¬†¬† She insisted on driving me.¬† I wanted to pull a fast one and drive myself but, my friends (and the hospital) are on to me ;).¬†¬† She awkwardly said “Have fun” and I smiled at her attempt to keep it light (I’ve been bugging her to) and off I went down the hall and into registration and then radiology.¬† Yesterday was the all important marker placing for the cyberknife surgery.¬† It sounds daunting but, it is the least troubling thing about all the things one goes through to kick the big C’s ass.¬† Ok, yesterday’s part kind of (big time) sucked at moments (hurt like a mother f’r).¬† It was supposed to be Dr. S who did it (that’s where the have fun part came in because I told her how handsome and charming he was which is always a perk) and the nurse who called me in was Darlene who I had a great conversation with when I was waiting to have Dr. C install a port in me (who is also handsome and charming).¬† She informed me Linda was going to be my nurse this time and I’m sure I didn’t hide my disappointment (aren’t you like that?¬† You like the same cashier to ring you up or the same nurse to look after you) because she was emphatic that I would really like her and yup…I really did.¬† I’ve yet to meet someone in all of this that I don’t bond with in some way.¬† Lucky is me, I know.¬† Darlene brought up that she “checked me out” to which I was confused by the meaning til she told Linda “she’s a singer and songwriter, tell Dr. G”.¬† Ah, again with the disappointment.¬† It wasn’t going to be Dr. S doing the procedure but, a new one.¬† A Dr. G who apparently also plays guitar and has been writing some of his own stuff.¬†¬† Linda was emphatic that I would like him as well as Dr. S for sure.¬† So, imagine my surprise when Dr. C comes up, holds my hand and tells me how simple the procedure is and that he’ll be at the helm.¬† I barely recognized him with the grizzly adams beard but, the eyes are unmistakable.¬† He’s a badass on the outside with his camouflaged surgery cap but, his eyes give away that he’s a softy.¬† He goes off to take care of the next¬† person in line and I rest my eyes.¬† When I open them Linda is leaning over me and introducing me to Dr. G who says “I hear you’re going to be famous”.¬† Yikes.¬† “No, but I like to play guitar and I hear you play too :)”.¬† Well, what the hell else am I supposed to say??¬† So, we had this great conversation about music, guitars, life in general and then you hear “we’re ready for you” and off he goes to back to work.¬† It’s funny because growing up around the medical field I found most doctors to be self congratulatory pricks for the most part.¬† I’ve yet to meet one this year.¬† This new generation of em seem to be far more down to earth and have a balance between work and a personal life.¬† It’s really good to see.¬† Makes me wonder…ye think my mom is still smiling down on me and maneuvering as she masterfully did in life or has she moved on to the next adventure and it’s all pure luck and happenstance?

So, it was Dr. C who did the procedure.¬† This is where you lay on your stomach like superman and he injects two needles into your lung.¬† Yes, of course they get you high first but, you have to be awake for it.¬† He pokes then you slide into the machine and they all leave the room as they xray to see where it went and this goes on about 10 times until he gets it just right (gotta love a perfectionist) and then proceeds to tell me where exactly he injected so I can explain to Dr. L when I see her next.¬† Ha.¬† I barely remember what’s on my short grocery list but, OK.¬† He injected gold flakes into my left lung¬† just around the dark matter.¬† This is called a “marker”.¬† It marks the spot for the ultra cool high tech laser beam that Dr. L will masterfully control as it zapps the hell outta it and voila…by end of January my left lung will be fixed.¬† Yup.¬† It’s a huge and very cool deal.¬† And she swears it will not affect my vocal chords and there’ll be no pain (except for the needle/gold thing which did despite the drugs dammit) and no scarring.¬† My sister says its very “Star Wars”.¬† I say it’s very “Logans Run”.¬† I even check my palm from time to time to make sure there’s no red flashing light.¬† With this good news comes some more bravery on my part.¬† I’m not going to wait until Summer to record the whole CD.¬† Going to release two songs as singles in the Spring.¬† “Plus One” and “Baby” :).¬† I’m so psyched~¬†¬† Osni is coming down to record with video and stills and Russell will be in the studio with me (as soon as I tell him that is ;).¬† We don’ t have a date set but, it’ll be done by end of April for sure.

We’re also going to record my attempts at a Sounders Fan Club song and send that on up to Seattle for inspection.¬† I’m pretty happy with it.¬† I hope they will be too.

Last but, not least I finished the song “Dorian Gray”.¬† It’s still racing around in my head which is kind of driving me nutz but, it usually means it’s a keeper so I’ll stop complaining.¬† That’s the final song for CD II.¬† A song that definitely closes out that chapter and leaves one free to start (leap into) the next.

Oh and I did check out Dr. G’s youtube of him playing and his original song and I liked it so much that I challenged him to join me at an open mic in January.¬† Won’t that be cool if he shows?

Will keep you posted on that and the rest.¬† For now I gotta get off my butt and go in for my weekly labwork followed by lunch with Carrie followed by the gym followed by ali…in a dress…heading to much loved friends for some holiday cheer.

Life is good and I have a feeling its going to get even better…

Thanks as always for listening and talk at you next week~

Well of course I’m going to add it.¬† You think I expected you take my word for it?


Weekend Update II: Student=Ali, Teacher=Pete Yorn

Ahhhh I bet you thought I forgot~

Well, I did¬†sortof¬†forget about the KPRI Pete Yorn concert but, Carrie reminded me the day of and I was game.¬†¬†If this your first read, I like to call¬†concerts “lessons” as in the world is my University (after several failed attempts and making it work at traditional Universities…I’m so about the silver linings…)¬†I felt a second wind coming on.¬† So much so that I got all my Christmas presents ordered and shipped off to la familia (I drew my Jersey born, kickass lawyer brother in law who’s impossible to buy for because if he wants it, he buys it.¬† He waits for no one…but, I think¬† this year thanks to his wife (My sister) and my niece (their daughter) I think I got the just the right thing :).¬† We shall see….we shall see…but, regardless this year I got it mailed out in plenty of time.¬† Unlike last year for my brother Den who has a cool house out in the countryside-ish.¬† It’s a tradition on Christmas day (afternoon, after we brunched) we’d all head out to his place with hot dogs, smores makings and whatever snack gifts we got (my brother Chris never shows but, sends us a big box of cheeses n salami’s and its a nice box of goods but, we’d all trade em for him to come out just once, drop the¬†cold shoulder¬†and just hang with us around the fire…maybe next year…) but, Den didn’t have a decent boom box.¬† Just an old radio that hissed out sounds so I got¬†him a rain/drizzle resistant one¬†and since that wasn’t personal enough a gift, I burned a bunch of music I knew he’d like on a few disks and added those to the box before shipping it overnight the day before Christmas eve so yeah…no…he didn’t get it in time for the bonfire…:/ but this year~

Oh and back on the Pete Yorn thing, Nat reminded me too.¬† We were driving back from a friend’s surprise party and she reminded me I knew Pete Yorn.¬† When we were housemates she introduced me to all kinds of music.¬† I remember one day she opened up this box full of Cd’s for me to have at it and experience a ton of music I didn’t even know I knew.¬† Anyway, she played one of his songs and I was like “Duh” can’t believe I didn’t tie that together.¬† Can’t blame the chemo on that (ok, it magnifies it) but, I’ve struggled putting names with music as far back as I can remember.¬† It’s only the ones that make a song I just can’t shake off who’s names I remember and even then it seems to have a – (oh crp what…got it) “statute of limitations” in the memory bank.¬† Ah well.¬† There are worse things.

So, thanks to Nat and Carrie I crawled outta my cave and drove out to the Bernardo Winery (long drive…worth it).¬† Can I just say I’m having a hard time staying on track and writing this today.¬† There’s a guy in the chair next to me (a hundred chairs (ok, 50-ish)¬†here and he just has to sit next to me) who goes back and forth from chattin up the nurses to chatting to whoever on the phone about anything and everything like he’s in a sound proof booth (he is not) and even though I’ve got my headphones on and got Pete Yorn cranked up his voice still pierces through my lovely little wall.¬† Dammt.¬† I know you’re supposed to respect your elders but, c’mon…the world is no one person’s stage and I really really reeaaaaally¬†hate being a captive audience…snipet sample:¬†“Yeah…no, I couldn’t tell him his kid was cute…and I have to be very veeery careful that they don’t think I’m some creep trying to lure their kid away…”).¬† Oh I know you’re thinking why don’t I just pick up and¬† move…right?¬† Because I got a ton of stuff I lug here (laptop, lunch bag, purse bag, etc that its way conspicuous if I do move and I am a recovering Catholic after all (and just a smidge of stubborn n lazy…).

So, Pete…right…ok, (oh expect you’ll be proud to hear that I somehow got a second wind so I took advantage of it, signed up at a local gym and actually worked out yesterday…full on sweat head to toe workout and I felt just fine after aaaand today…yay:) so after I worked out and drank something like Gatorade only nicer I bundled up for the outdoor concert and headed on out to the winery (with a quick stop to put a tenner on the Lottery because hell…it was over 150 mil and that could definitely pay for that house on the hill…yup…).¬† I’ve been there once before to see a concert this summer.¬† It’s on the other side of a residential neighborhood so you think you took a wrong turn for the longest time then you see the sign…It’s dusk as I pull in and guys with big green light sticks wave me to the back of the lot and then to the right so I park and¬†as I do, I see the two cars in front of me continue on to drive onto the lawn where the band peformed last summer and I thought yikes…dummies..that’s a lawn not a parking lot…then a guy (green light stick guy) comes up and informs me I’m the dummy…I’m supposed to follow them and park on the lawn because they need to fill up that space before the one I parked at.¬† Really….really?¬† They were even picky about how angled the trooper was and apparently I didn’t pull it up far enough either so I made him guide me and didn’t stop until he said “when”.¬† After all that I headed straight to the wine tasting room but, it was way crowded so I mosied around the little shops for a while then back to the tasting room when Carrie txtd she was parking.¬† I thought it’d be nice if I had two wine tastings paid for when she arrived (a thank you for inviting me and reminding me about this concert/lesson). But, she got there just before I went up and good thing cuz she’d been there recently and said their champagne is great and only $16/bottle.¬† So, I canceled the tastings (the poor woman at the register was trapped in a game of shells with us) while I sweetly order the guy behind me to grab a cheese n nut loaf from the fridge (he and his buddy were dressed¬†in matching style from head to¬†toe…wha, I’m just sayin…head to toe…)¬†and then crackers – oh must have those so Carrie smiled and got them while the woman rang us up.¬† The whole area was decorated to the hilt in holiday fashion with white string lights everywhere…it was really cool.¬† The whole seating area around the stage was already filled and then there’s¬†the poor guy charged with the task of saying “sorry folks, you’ll have to move cuz we need this to remain an open walkway”.¬† So, after warning her we took a table just outside the tasting room that if we adjusted our chairs just so we could see his head and neck as he played.¬† Not bad…a table with Champagne (yeah Skye I know…it’s not really¬†champagne unless it comes from there…let a¬†¬†poor girl have her illusions), cheese n crackers, good friend to my left and the sounds of Pete Yorn drifting over to us.¬† Not a bad moment I must say.¬†¬† I totally forgot all recording devices but, Carrie had her camera so I borrowed it and meandered through the crowds to try n get a shot of him¬†for you all.¬† Most of em turned out blurry but a couple were ok.¬†¬† She said she’ll email em to me when she gets home from work tonite.¬† In the meantime I’ll post a youtube of him that depicts who I saw last night.¬†¬†

So, what did I learn?¬† For starters if you have¬† a fancy name don’t introduce yourself with it while lookin like a Bohemian (makes you look like a silver spoon who’s gone slumming just to piss off mummy n daddy).¬† Yes, he started with “My name is Peter Joseph Yorn the III’d”.¬† Yup.¬†¬† Isn’t it ¬†funny how one little thing can you turn you from fan to foe (I tried to warn you guyz.¬† Sometimes I have the weirdest peeves as I’m sure many people have about me.¬† I am imperfect to the nth)? ¬† Then, he played the songs that Nat had played for me in the past and it was a great intertwining of past n present.¬† He was all by himself up there with hat on and playin the guitar with the flowers on it.¬† I was surprised how great the sound was with¬†just the guitar and voice¬†and I had a flashback to one of the open mics at the Aussie pub where I felt bad asking the house drummer to sit out (I did explain that I was still struggling to keep a beat and it wasn’t him, he really was a good drummer as far as I can tell) and after I was finished he came up and said “your songs don’t need drums”.¬† It really got me to thinking…maybe it is all the way it is for a reason.¬† I dunno but, it made me think.¬†¬†Pete has a beautiful voice with an honest sound and carries himself like a pro who feels 100%¬† comfortable on that stage.¬† He reminded me I need to practice playing standing up because if I want to play a real gig on stage then at some point I gotta stand up.¬† He also reminded me that I can’t forget to be myself up there.¬†¬† Not that nervous Canadian chipmunk self but, the self who can sit comfortable in the room with friends and pour my heart/soul out in a song.¬† He also reminded me how important it is to stick around after to meet n greet n sign stuff.¬† Some performers just disappear in the back, job done.¬†¬† I’ve felt a thunk of disappointment when Bear n his group didn’t make a showing after their performance at the Belly Up.¬† I know at some point you get too big to do that.¬†¬† I hope I never get big then.¬† At least not that kind of big.¬†¬† It’s really meaningful and emotion grabbing for me to talk to people I’ve never met who tell me my music effected them in a good way.¬†¬† Yeah yeah…there are some kooks that just stand there staring at you like they’d like to lock you up in a box and keep you as a pet for life but, they’re few and far between and thanks to my 5 older brothers’ childhood training (buttheads), I pitty the fool who tries to trip me up (can you just see me standing tough right now like some rapper chick?).

I’d say what I learned the most from last night is that Pete showed me that one artist can make a meaningful show and I could picture myself up there on that kind of stage…soft lights…indoors/outdoors…people sitting back, enjoying a glass of something cheery and being¬†a part of it.¬† I hope I play in a way that makes them forget their watches and don’t ¬†feel cheated when it over.¬† Man, I’m getting Vehkempt just thinking of the possibility.

I will leave you with my favorite quote from mr. chattypants today…”I wasn’t trying to pick up on her, I just wanted to know what kind of perfume she was wearin…I wanted to buy some for my wife…yeah…that was back when I was married to sugarlips…yeah…I can see how she might be offended with just us two in the elevator but,¬†I know good scents…all the woman here at the Cancer Center say they look for excuses to hug me just so they can smell me…”.¬† Hand to God…Hand to God.

He sounded and looked like this sans the shades…

PS…Anne challenged me to write a song called “Dorian Gray”.¬† It has meaning.¬† It started pouring outta me on Monday and It’s in the forefront of my brain (which is kind of bugging me) but, I’m glad it’s coming.¬† I think it’s supposed to be on CD II.¬† A sort of closer for that chapter.¬† Thanks Anne for inspiring me to write again.¬† I love it.¬† More than dark Chocolate, hand to God, Haaaand to God people…

Oh fk.¬† Ok…I can’t sign off without one last quote from chatty pants I heard as I was packing up…”I know…been dealing with this for 2 years now…doc says we can just keep at it…yeah, pluggin along…not ready to call it quits yet”.¬† Humans.¬† Soooo many layers, soooo little time…soooo many reminders there’s more than meets the eyes or ears…

Thanks again for sticking around.¬† There’s more to come.¬† I can see it and you know what Jesse J says bout that~



aaand here’s the pic from that evening as promised~

Weekend Update and another Beer Theory moment…

If you haven’t read one before, from time to time I tend to drift off into imagination land…The House on the Hill is one of those places and so is the Beer Theory where I imagine sitting around a table with some of my mentors (alive or otherwise) and have conversations with them about whatever’s stirring in my brain and somehow it helps me to sort things out.¬†¬† Here’s how it starts…

For some reason the other day¬†I got to thinking about family and the extensions thereof.¬† Maybe it was after discovering all those musicians who share my last name but, aren’t related (as far as I know)¬†or maybe its the recent connection¬†I’ve made with my extended family…my cousins on my mother’s side.¬† New York, Detroit and recently discovering some are right here in SoCal.¬† I haven’t met them though.¬† The oldest recently passed away and his daughters I’m told are socialites.¬† I don’t know how to talk to or behave or dress around socialites so rather than risk embarrassing my family clan I just drifted back into the shadows and haven’t made contact.

I think in part it came from this decision to submit my music to some people who put music to films and commercials.¬† The one “Music Supervisor” I’m most keen on wants, no requires that you write on the CD who you sound like.¬† Well, that’s a tough one because rarely does anyone say I sound like anyone in particular.¬† Mostly I hear “unique voice” which I take as a compliment.¬† Cranberries and Zooey Daschanel were also mentioned by fans and that I take as an extreme compliment¬†cuz I’m a big fan of both.¬† My influences in music are mostly male (aside from Carole King who I would mostl likely have a spaz attack if¬†we met) oh and Sarah Vaughn of course.¬† She and Billie were my inspiration for studying Jazz music during my short jaunt through college.¬† But my¬†major influences have been male artists.¬† Mainly I think because I would imagine us singing duets together.¬† It was all very romantic.¬† I was one of those teens that bordered on stalker material.¬† Luckily I didn’t have access to the internet then and my parents kept close tabs on me so I wouldn’t wander off into the world without a chaperone.¬† I’m pretty sure I needed one.¬† I’m pretty sure I still do at times…

Anyway…James Taylor, Barry Manilow, Mat Kearney, Alexi Murdoch, David Gray, that guy from The Cure, That guy from Psychadelic (Richard?)¬†Furs, Peter Gabriel, Bear (NeedtoBreathe) John Shipe, Ehren Ebbage and few other notable men have been my mentors.¬† There’s something about each of their voices that inspires me to sing.¬† So, after sending out the question “who do you think I sound like” so that I could accurately represent myself to Luke the possible key to getting my music on film (fingers crossed, for “Gray’s Anatomy”) I got back a suggestion from Roy (who’s a loyal fan and so good about chipping in his 2 cents, thanks¬†Roy¬†ūüôā that he requested my music on jango.com who then compiles ‘similar’ artists and came up with Colbie Callait, James Taylor and Mat Kearney (after all this time and correction I still say it like Keerney instead of Kurney, sorry Mat) and that was about on the button.¬† I don’t sound¬† just like James or Mat cuz I’m a girl but, if either were to have a distant (less talented) cousin then that would be me.¬† So, there you have it.¬† When someone asks you who Ali Gilmore sounds like you (and I) finally know what to say.¬† I do admit I feel a bit apprehensive about¬†implying I’m in¬†relation to James or Mat.¬† I don’t want to come off as arrogant and they’re way up there in my books so that’s lifting myself up pretty high.¬† Then again, its not like I’m saying something as absurd as I’m bigger than the Beatles or Jesus or anything.¬† Ok, I’m bigger than the Jesus who plays at the open mics sometimes.¬† I’ll take that and put it in my hat but, I won’t say it out loud because you know there’s going to be someone who will take that comment and burn me at the stake with it.¬† Not even a religious zealot I’m thinking but, ¬†Jesus (the music guy) has some pretty devoted fans himself.

Sht, where was I…oh yeah…so I’m looking at places to spend Christmas Dinner (yup, got the bad news last week…white blood cells dropped, ok¬†more like plummeted)¬† after Thanksgiving week which means no more being around anyone who even dares to sneeze and definitely no getting on germy airplanes until mid May when its all said n done and it also means a needle poke in the arm several times a week with this booster called Neupogen¬†for who knows how long so yes..I’m a bit woe is me¬†today, so there you have it)…I came across and old Irish pub in the area, looked through its photo gallery and its promise of a home cooked meal, lassoed my single, non traveling chicas and marked it on the social calendar.¬† While I was thinking on it and after reading Roy’s posts on the facebook page I started to drift off like I do when I daydream and pictured myself there one evening with candles everywhere and up at the bar were…you guessed it, James, Matt, David, (ohhh I forgot an important one) Glen Hansard and Peter Gabriel.¬† I didn’t see Psychadelic or the Cure guyz but, rumor has it they were in rehab at the time and Bear?¬† I heard he was on tour, opening for an anorexic 15 year old (no, I’m not bitter about the weight gain)…

I didn’t dare disturb em but I nudged to Carrie (who joined me on this eve) and we sat at a table across from them so I could stare at their backs and not feel stupid or look stupid for staring.¬† Smart girl I am.¬† Also short girl I am and too short to see that they had a huge mirror in front of them that clearly reflected the two of us gaping over their presence.¬† James and I have shared a beer before (in my mind) so he nudged Mat and motioned he was going over.¬†¬† I saw Mat tense up and immediately recalled my bday present to myself last year which was VIP ticket to see him on a KRPI cruise concert where I got to meet him and I gave him a (get this) Thank You card with a page loooong note that spilled out in manic fashion how I felt when I first saw/heard him playing at a summer lunch series in Seattle and how it inspired me to bring music back into the forefront of my life and blah blah (stalker/wacko) blah.¬† I’m sure he thought I was a nutter.¬† Don’t believe me?¬† Go look at the pic of¬† him n me on the facebook fan page.¬† He looks like he’s got one eye on the camera and the other on the Security guy in case he needed a quick escape.

Ah yes, I digress (who knew).¬† James seems to convince him because he follows behind him.¬† “So, I hear we’re related now” says James.¬† To which I stutter and blush and attempt to say something but, fail.¬† Mat looks tenser than ever so I quickly say “I’m not a stalker or a nutter I swear~¬† I was just really really nervous and except for the pencil pants you were wearing you looked really really well and honesty your guitarist is more my type ok…I’m going to shuddup now”.¬† James is one of the mellowest people I’ve ever met (in my mind) and he always seems to put anyone within viewing or hearing circumference at ease.¬† Sometimes I have that.¬† But, mostly not.¬† When I’m nervous everyone in viewing/hearing circumference cringes.¬† Meredith can attest.¬† So, I explained about the current project and that I don’t know how to describe myself other than a female version of a mix of them and that I wasn’t comparing myself talent wise (I couldn’t rap to save a rabbit) but, in the tone of the voice (this I do have confidence in…I have a nice tone dammmit, except when I’m nervous and my throat chokes up).¬† They nodded and Mat’s shoulders relaxed.¬† Carrie distracted him with some comment about Oregon which sparked a conversation between them and I looked on at James.¬† “You know, one day I’m going to be good enough to share the stage with you.¬† At least I’m not going give up trying to be”.¬† He smiled warmly and said ” with you…I have no doubt”.

He¬† then turned back and caught Peter’s eye and motioned him to come over.¬† “Tell Peter your story about him”¬† Oh god, this is embarrassing…ehm…ok first of all I hated Rosanna Arquette because she was dating you and got to dance on stage at your concerts and second the duet you did with Kate Bush (who rocks)…I would listen to that over and over until I got her part down then I sang along loud enough to drown her out and pretended I was on stage (Rosanna was history) and we sang that¬†duet at your concert.¬† He and James gave me this odd look followed by an awkward silence…Oh crp…that’s not what you meant, right ehm…The first time I ever heard of you I was at a place called The Wave, Waikiki¬†which was my favorite dance club back when.¬† My friends and I went there like 4 nights a week.¬† It was our¬†social centre. ¬†I was dancing like I always did when I heard this new (to me) song and looked up to see this video playing…Biko…I didn’t even know who Biko was (yeah, I’m ashamed to admit that) but, the images made it pretty clear and the voice singing was so stirring that I stopped dancing and just stood there, looking up at the giant screen mesmerized by it all.¬†¬† I was 21 and slightly detached from reality.¬† I was living in Hawaii at the time…what was there to be realistic about?¬†

He laughed and said he’d heard worse and asked what my tie in with Glen was (to which Gen’s ears perked and he leaned back in his bar stool).¬† “Oh…when I was taking voice lessons a couple years back, my teacher (Erin)¬†had an album laying out as decoration and on the cover was this guy and girl with big lettering across “Once”.¬† After several visits I finally asked her what it was about and she told me about Glen and the Frames and the film.¬† I watched the film not long after that and was completely enthralled.¬† Memorized Falling Slowly and even sang it several times with a musician I knew a couple winters back.¬† We did a powerful job of it I must say.¬† I saw them accept their award for it and found them both so endearing..I put him on the list of top ten men I’d like/aspire to sing with one day.¬† Glen definitely inspired me to push on ahead with this whole music project.¬†¬† The story in the film was something I could definitely relate to and it was fuel to my little embering fire.¬† You haven’t seen it? OMG, WTH.¬† Go rent it right now.¬† Ok, as soon as ur finished reading but, yeah…its a must see/experience.¬†

At this point, Glen slides a Guinness over to me, sits and says “What about David there?.¬† “Yeah, what about me?” says David as he pulls up a chair.¬†“Ah…yeah…yours goes pretty deep.¬† My friends (the Europeans) had you on all their ipods.¬† I think the first time I heard you was at their pub (ah right, I remember now…one of the musicians would cover ‘Babyon’, great song) but, when it all connected for me was when I did a search of you on the internet and found a link to a sound bite from a radio station where you’d played your song “falling free”.¬† It really hit home about where¬†I¬†was at, at the time.¬† I¬†was so moved by it that I wrote up the lyrics, put em on my fridge and listened to that song about a hundred times to commit it to memory.¬† It isn’t often that a song grabs hold of me like that but, this one did¬†and this particular recording of it. ¬† To this day I think its your best and I really like a lot of your songs”.¬† He smiled, who wouldn’t at a compliment like that.¬† Let’s face it, it’s not that hard to get a group of artists to sit at a table where they know they’re going to be gushed over.¬†¬† We are our own worst critics you know…

Sometime into it, ¬†James asked me what I was working on so I told him about the song ‘Dorian Gray’ and how it wasn’t quite what it should be so he grabbed a couple guitars from off the stage and handed me one.¬† “Try it out, no better time”.¬† How could I argue so, ¬†I timidly started strumming then singing out the words while James played more intricately which made the song sound more moving, then he handed the guitar to¬†Mat who played in a way that gave the song more intensity.¬† When he handed it to Glen, who brought a slightly cheeky tone to it along with intensity, I smiled as we played along and a lightbulb went supernova in my brain.

Some people say guitarists are a dime a dozen.¬† If you don’t like one, fire em and hire another.¬† I don’t agree.¬† I believe each guitarist has their own unique personality and that shows in their playing.¬† That persona has to click with mine in order for the songs to reach their potential.¬† It’s almost like love when you think of it…Isn’t chemistry the clincher?¬† Russell (my guitar teach who I haven’t seen since I moved…must call him) and I have that.¬† Just enough chemistry to make the music come alive but, not so much that we’d cross the line and ruin the music.¬† What do I mean by that?¬† Going back to the lesson of “Fitz and the Tantrums”.¬† They were brought up again the other night when Carrie, Michele and I were hanging and M said someone asked her if they were a couple (the two lead singers) and she said “Were” is the more the word.¬† She suspects they crossed that line and once that happens the damage is done because you know that only the combination of you two will make the music what it is so you can’t just fire/re-hire when the flame goes out.¬† Then, you’re stuck with 2 great performers playing separately on stage and barely connecting.¬† If there’s one thing I learned about duets is that you both have to embody the characters in the story to bring it to life.¬† Then you¬†allow them to drift off¬†when the song ends.¬† That’s where a lot of artists miss the boat.¬† If Russell didn’t already have a full time gig (and a half) I would beg him to partner with me and come 2011 start pushing for gigs.¬† But, he has his own dream so I’ve set my sights on finding me a “Russell” who can make it happen.¬† I had 8 responses so far from my initial posting on craigslist.¬† Not bad eh?¬† I’ll send a couple more notices out then book a rehearsal space one Sunday in January and hold sessions like I had in the beer theory moment but, one at a time and this time (since it’s in reality) I’ll record them with the flip cam and share em with you so you can see what I mean.¬† I think it’s going to be closest thing to a beer theory moment ever and way cool.

I’ll keep you posted on it.¬† In the meantime it’s back to reality…getting the Trooper out of the shop, buying Christmas presents and the dreaded house cleaning (I do hate cleaning house, I don’t know why I just do).¬† FYI not much happened this weekend music wise so this is my report for now.¬† If something exciting comes up between now and Wed I’ll be sure to post~

Hope your holidays are¬†keeping you in good spirits and thanks as always for listening and following along this not so straight and narrow road…


PS…(Bort and Tom) the answer is…100 Fans (on facebook) it was in front of you the whole time~


Weekend Update and the Chewing on Bullets…

So, I did it. Well kind of…I didn’t quite bite the bullet so much as I chewed on it (but, it led to more so this is good). I put an ad in craigslist for a guitarist and got several responses~ Some were quite promising and some were like this one just said hello in odd fashion. I wanted to smack him through the ethernet but, just put it in the junk folder and kept looking… I heard from a couple that actually had links to their work and really liked how they play/sound. I’m thinking next week (payday) I’ll rent a rehearsal space and meet them there and see how it goes.¬† Speaking of rehearsing I’ve practiced every day this past week but, no travis picking.¬† At the airport on the way back to SD, I chiped a nail trying to lug my overstuffed suitcase onto the security conveyor belt.¬† Yup, y’know that kind where the top snaps clean off¬† just down to the skin and your left with these little tags that snag on everything and it hurts like¬†a mthr f’er?¬† Oy. It’s still another week away from being long enough to use but, in the meantime my thumb has been quite the trooper and strumming its lil heart out ūüôā

One in particular sparked my brain…He complimented my sound and suggested I get the songs on film…funny that he didn’t suggest meeting and playing together but, maybe that was the point of it was to spark my brain to dig into this…which I did…in full force. I found an article on line that gave great advice on how to get your music on film/television and it also had links to east and west coast “Music Supervisors”. These people are the ones that TV and Film managers turn to to deliver them songs for their films/shows. I read through all 20 of their websites and 3/4’s of the way through I found one that yelled out to me. He was so down to earth and spelled it out step by step of what he expects from the musician and how the process works. Was brilliant~ So, I got to work on creating a compilation CD “ali gilmore’s songs”, downloaded an Avery template and started designing the label for the CD. The finished product looked great :). Of course, when I pulled it up later to remove color (my printer must be low because it came out all stripey and faded) it was blank. Yup…blank. Aaaaaaarg~ It’s ok though. At least I know now how it works so it won’t be too much trouble to re-do it. The tough part is he asked you to add to the label a list of artists that you sound like…I sound like…?…the guy who suggested I do this mentioned “the cranberries” so I had one for my list…I went on jango.com and looked through all the comments and found that said I sounded like “zooey daschanel” and that was it. Most of em said “unusual voice”. So, if you can think of any well known singer that my voice reminds you of, feel free to post it here or on the facebook music page. I’m going to send him the CD early next week. I’m also going to send it to ten others on the list. I would to all but, some seemed more like the Costco of music supervision and I just imagined my music being crated and carted way back in the way back of the warehouse in Indie Jones fashion…I do have an active imagination yes, big surprise there.¬† For example, I’m writing from one of my new favorite coffee shops while doin laundry across the street and their WiFi is pretty weak so sometimes it skips around. I was trying to log into the blog and got to bing instead which listed a couple other musical Gilmores (and most have the same names that run in my family) which got me to thinking…wouldn’t it be cool if we all played together in a band…or at least one stage? Of course, they’re all over the map and if they’re anything like me they don’t exactly have burning cash to travel by so it’s just a dream for now…

What else…oh, I finally cashed in my credit on tunecore…made and released a ringtone for ‘By New Year’s Day”. I just checked Tunecore and it’s still in sent mode and not live yet but, it says within a few days it’ll go live soon. The only thing is it also said it wouldn’t be available in the store and only downloadable to an iPhone so I haven’t a clue what good it’ll do having released it through them but, I’m willing to wait n see…

Carrie has been making plans and plopping me down on the calendar (to which I am grateful cuz when I’m knocked down from this stuff I am slow to recover now. Kick in butt needed to restart the engines.¬† This week I was down for the count until last night where I made the big trip to Trader Joe’s wolongong). M brought up a comment outta the blue last Thursday (we call Thursdays Gray’s day now and Carrie and I are gonna fight over the nurse guy ūüėČ about Fitz and the Tantrums which was a while ago now so I assumed it was filed away. She said they need to get “tight” and mentioned how they were calling out to the sound guy from the stage to adjust because they could barely hear themselves in the monitors and she was like ‘forget that messing around, first get yourselves tight!”. LOL.¬† You can almost hear “fer fkssake” following her comment but, some things with her don’t need saying.¬† I love how she’s brutally honest sometimes. And it comes from a good place because she really liked them (so did I). They are on the verge of fk’n awesome and the kind of peeps you wish it on.

More lessons ahead…Pete Yorn coming up and we already got tickets for one at the end of January but, I can’t remember his name…just txtd Carrie (who picked up the tickets) but, Anne says he’s brilliant and I’ll be glad I went to see him so that’s good enough for me and woop, there’s Carrie “Amos Lee” she says. I’m sure I’ve heard some of his music but, not sure. Usually, if its a band I haven’t heard before then I look them up on youtube and watch/listen to one or two then leave the rest for the live show. It’s pretty cool how it works out.

Once I meet up with the guitarists I’ll make some clips to share with you all so you can be there for it.¬† It’s going to be very interesting…

Right, it’s time to put the loads in the dryer, get myself on a bike and soak in some of the amazing california sun n sea air and then back to the songs compilation cd…yup…and did you notice I actually got this done a day early?¬† I don’t know why but, I’m particularly proud of that fact.¬†

Till then, posted the pics for Thanksgiving on the facebook fan page¬†and here’s proof of the ringtone.¬† Thanks as always for listening and ¬†following along:

Oh crp, I forgot to mention the best part…so this guy who’s got my brain all abuzz for submitting music for film…guess who’s on his client list, yup…Gray’s Anatomy (which is totally my big time dream to have one of my songs play on it, especially By New Year’s Day which is too late for this year but, maybe next year…though this year maybe “rest in peace” would fit into just about any episode cuz there’s always someing dieing on that show which makes me cry every frkn time so why do I keep watching it when I know what will happen?¬† Because it’s just that good and it’s based in Seattle which makes me feel connected to “home” plus my mom was a nurse and I worked in the medical field for a decade so I’m kinda of drawn to its familiarity…).


Started decorating to get into the holiday spirit so cal style…