Weekend Update…the better late than never kind…?

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already and another weekend is approaching and I didn’t write anything yet.  I know most of you read this around Wednesdays and probably already used to my tardiness and thinking a little consistency Ali would be good.   Sorry.  I’ve always struggled with the concept of time.  I’m sure I’ll be late to my own funeral. 

So, last update I had done the basic recording and registered 18 songs for copyright.  Last night I recorded the two winter holiday songs and will register them tonite.  I had it set in my head to go into Studio the weekend of September 18th.  Of course I haven’t even talked to Bort or Russ yet to see if that works for either of em but, mentally I thought of that date.  Of course mentally (apparently heavy emphasis on mental), I thought I’d be driving myself to the hospital and home after surgery until I got a verbal slap in the face from Dr. J (the/my awesome surgeon) when I suggested it today.  His eyes were wiiiide in disbelief and said “You do understand you’ll be going through major surgery. You’re not to go near a steering wheel for 3 weeks, you’re not to lift anything for 6, you do understand there are risks?”.  Poor guy.  I just smiled and said “yes…this is just my brain.  Those things don’t register until after the fact.  All it knows is I’m not going to die (though according to you I’m gonna feel like it and maybe want to at times) and though I’m about to go through a crappy series of crappy times, I’ll be alive and well enough to record CDII by spring and a big thanks to the fact that I’m in good hands (always end with a compliment ;).  The rest seeps through on a need to know basis”.  He seemed more at ease after that but, I decided not to mention anything else like packing work laptop in the overnight bag and thought better to  just cross that bridge when we wake to it.   In case you’re new to these updates.  I got some pretty shocking news about a month ago after a year of dreading something was wrong…and it was.  A big, fat tumor.  The dark and insidious kind.  The kind where they can tell you whatever they want and all you’ll want to hear is when they’re going to cut it the fk out (after you hear “yes” to “am I going to live?” of course).  I know I’m not the first person to get it nor am I the worst case out there and its so common now they’re making cable series around it and how common place it is to deal with it.  I refuse to watch those shows.  I refuse to watch any shows/films that mirror the parts of real life I turn to the TV to escape from.  Mostly because it’s never common when it’s happening to you or someone you love.  Partly because I’m afraid I’d get caught up in it and confuse it with real (ok, my) life and start second guessing everything or worse…comparing.

I got an email from the coffee shop guy a couple weeks back inviting me to play there again.  I totally forgot to respond to him.  I should.  I never know how much I should say.  I told the owner of the theatre there’d be a delay until spring and why and never heard back.  Maybe I was too matter of fact and he thought “If you want to cancel, cancel.  You don’t have to make up a sob story lady”.  Or maybe he  just didn’t care.  It’s not like we’d become close friends over the course of one face to face and a couple of emails.  I don’t know.  I never quite knew how to deal with those types of situations.  I’m not even sure what to write in this blog but, as the disclaimer on my site states…this is wait…what does it say again?…hold on…”this place reflects the mind and heart of me”.  It doesn’t say “which is filtered and package nicely for the PR or even PC”.

It’s been a while now since I saw Moppet, took a lesson or was out at any open mics or jam sessions with anyone.  Been keeping to myself until I got the fast few weeks and then few months sorted in my head.

Tonite…(I’m assuming this nice second wind will stay full sail) I’m going to make my way to the Aussie pub.  Me n Martin (and possibly Kala).  I’m gonna hang with the boys and I’m gonna play.  I told Keen this before and I gotta say it now.  All the health stuff…even with Dr. J and Dr. H (I like calling em that instead of their full names…makes em feel more like Pals) breathing down my neck on the importance of taking it all seriously not scared.  Not even flinching.  But, the moment I type “I’m gonna play”…my heart started to race in nervous anticipation.  WTF?  Seriously….really?  Who does that??

I’m reminded of what Red said just before we took the stage at Hensley’s to play his song together for the first time “I’d rather go on deployment than up on that stage”.  I so now get what he meant.  I was so fascinated sifting through all those youtube videos of Guster yesterday and seeing how second nature the stage and making music is for them.   One day…one day…I will look back at a video of me playing and I will see that same ease of mind, I swear.

Til then…practice…persevere and push through these next few months like I’ve never pushed, practiced or persevered before.

This Sunday…me n Red.  He’s got something ( a song) he wants to work on.  My eyes are already welling knowing what it’s about and am deeply touched that he asked me to work on it with him.

Next update after that then off to “the house on the hill” I think…

Thanks as always for listening~


On that note…

So yesterday, Tom (who I work with) brought up another comfort food I totally forgot to put on my list:  Meatloaf.  Not just any.  The way my mom used to make it.  I drool just thinking of it.  Am I way off track here?  I don’t think so.  There is a kind of music to making meals.  Don’t you hear it when you cook?

Try it (sorry vegetarians…most of my good ones are carnivorous):


  •  a couple pounds of ground beef (and not the super lean kind either)
  • diced onions and whatever other diced vegetables/seasonings you like
  • 3/4 bottle of A-1 steak sauce (or any flavor you like)
  • a couple handsful of oats
  • milk
  • 2 or 3 eggs

Put em all in a big bowl and dig your hands in there and mush it all together.  It’s kind of gross and definitely bone chilling but it’s fun I swear and possibly therapeutic on some level.   Put it in a couple bread loaf pans (to this day I still cook enough to feed a family and that’s why friends love me ;), drizzle the sauce over the top and put em in the oven at 350 degrees until done (I never know how long that is so I just check every 30 minutes or so until its brown in the middle).

My mom used to serve it with boiled red skinned potatoes and green beans with butter but, it’s really about what you like (thinking back there was almost always potatoes and bread at the table…how very Irish Catholic we were…).

I smother more sauce on it (my plate) and sometimes add steamed turnips but, that’s just me.  Eddy (my brother) likes to get all fancy and add green olives stuffed with pimentos and onion soup mix.  It’s not bad (well, not as good as he pompously brags it is) but, it’s not really comfort food unless it’s made Mom’s way and this week’s theme is “comfort”.  Whether it be in the form of food or things we do that bring us comfort (but, this is me so it’s mostly going to be about food/music).  I’d say a plate of that and…hrmmm comfort music….William Ackerman is coming to mind…I remember when I was younger I want to say it was my brother David who got into Windham Hill music and played William Ackerman’s Bricklayer’s Daughter for me and since then I’ve always liked his sound.   God I haven’t heard that in years and years…I’m listening to it now on youtube.  It was the first song that came up when I searched his name.   Yup.  I’m going to make meatloaf tonite and listen to William Ackerman while I cook away (now if I can just remember to buy a fkn loaf pan on the way home)…

Nope, nope, I take that back.  Two songs into it and I’m falling asleep at my desk.  I want happy music so this is what I’ll be listening to tonite while I comfort cook away and yes, I will be dancing about spastically just like the chick in the big ole sweatshirt…

Love you James (and not in the creepy stalker kinda way).  You are quite possibly my favorite mentor of all time 🙂

Weekend update and the checklist…

With all that’s going on I’m even more forgetful than ever and it seems I’m becoming more and more of a piece of furniture just curled up and “resting”‘ but, this weekend I reminded myself there’s a lot to get done that I’ll wish I had when I’m laying around because that’s all I’m capable of for however many weeks.

So, I made a list.  I wrote down all the possible songs to go onto CD II and was surprised to come up with 18.  The funniest part is I thought I’d only written 21 songs total since I started but, that 18 was on top of the 6 I wrote and recorded last year and didn’t include 2 that I just don’t feel like pursuing nor did it include the 2 holiday songs I wrote.  Holy Crap~  That’s nearly 30 songs~  Not all top of the charts kind of songs mind you but, definitely written from the heart that’s for sure.  Oh wait.  17.  the 18th is Walking Still and Ryan wrote the lyrics for that one.  So…17 and a half?


Either way I’m feeling pretty smug :).  I realized I didn’t have them all ready to copyright either (baaaad procrastinator) so after I made the list I set my mind to record them (on that little mp3 recorder I used for guitar lessons) and get them all registered for copyright this weekend.  Friday night I was satisfied for making the list so I chilled out and watched a chick flick “Last Holiday” with LL CoolJ and Queen Latifah and pretty much bawled my way though it (just for the record I did pretty much the same when I first saw it a couple years back).   Saturday, after fully caffeinating I made a backup of all the music already on the nearly full recorder then deleted all 95 recordings to make room for more (all except some key moments in lessons I still need to work on – plus it’ll be reassuring to play them back when I’m layed up in the hospital).  After that was done, I closed the front window, turned off the fan, pulled up the list of songs on my computer and started playing and recording…I couldn’t seem to just go down the list so I went with whatever song came into my head at the moment (fewer takes that way).  Brought back a lot of memories as I went along…some good, some put me in a melancholy place but with each one I definitely checked out of the room and into the place where the song came from and it was really really cool.

My fingertips were way sore by the time I finished the last song and it was time for dinner so I headed off to the market in search of something…what was I craving…that’s been my mantra since I found out…eat everything you crave because you won’t be able to for quite a while after.  I realized I’d already gone through my list of favorites: pizza, steak, sushi, cheeseburger, pasta, lumberjack macaroni, liverwurst sandwich, cheese n butter pickle sandwich, spaghetii-o’s, ham n potato salad, cobb salad and roasted chicken n rice.  Yeah…I know some of those sound just plain gross but, you telling me you don’t have comfort foods most people would wince from?  So, I went with a nice, healthy meal instead (which was a great relief to my overstuffed body) and after the meal, poured a glass of wine and sat at my computer to finish the cumbersome online registration for copyright only to find….”OFFLINE” for maintenance.  WTF,  really?  Seriously….so, I shut down my PC, curled up in the big chair and flipped channels til I found a cool Jackie Chan flick I hadn’t seen (Forbidden City) and let it all go for the day.

Sunday I woke up feeling like I was ready to take on the world (this means I’ll finally get to the ever growing pile of laundry).  I sorted out everything and put the two huge bags of laundry in the Trooper, ran out and did errands and finally got one thing crossed off that’s been bugging me.  So, I told you about my neighbor Daniel right?  The pre-med guy who moved in next door and tried to stuff his giant couch in the apt all by himself?  The one who owns (and plays well) electric and acoustic guitars?  Well, he came over a couple weeks ago to chill out and play some music and when I told him I’d yet to fix the broken disposal (like he couldn’t tell from the smell emanating from it) he was off in a flash and back with his trusty big red tool kit and showed me a thing or two about disposals.  I reminded him it was a very small bolt that had dropped in there when he dug his hands down into the grimy dark hole and came back with a screw.  “??”  I had no idea where that came from…maybe the tenant before me?  Wait…no, I’d lived there since last November and I’m sure I’ve used the disposal several times before I dropped the bolt down it.  He got his flashlight out and saw another screw and pulled that out.  I was completely baffled at this point.   He found the bolt but, it was too tiny for his fingers to grasp so I took a deep breath and reach down in there and pulled it out (after knocking it about a couple times).  Both of us fought for the hand soap after that slimy encounter.  Ew.  Seriously…ew.   So, as we were scrubbing away he says “Wow…that soap smells really good!”.  I agreed and told him how they have several scents and ran to the bathroom and brought him the “cranberry” one and made him try it out.  He liked that one ever better so I smiled and said “yup, apple for the kitchen and cranberry for the bath 🙂 “.  I love how he gets the same pleasure from the little things.  Seriously…it was ridiculous how giddy we were over this discovery/re-discovery.   Oh yes…the point.   I knew where to buy them and it was a pain because it meant fighting Saturday traffic to get there so I grabbed my recorder, popped the earpiece in and listened to the recordings I made for the copyright office as I made my way through traffic.  I think I wheeled my cart through the store twice before I gave up and asked where they were.  Of course, they were moved next to infants clothing…apparently they were remodeling.  So, I got 4 of each and left 1 of each at his door this morning as a small token of gratitude for fixing the garbage disposal and saving me the embarrassment of admitting to the landlord I’d done such an asinine thing.  Oh, and for putting the cover up on the top bar of the blinds I put in and for re-installing the paper towel dispenser on the wall over the kitchen sink that fell out a day or so after I installed it months back…apparently you can’t just screw into these kinds of walls.  You have to put this plastic thing in the wall first and then the screw will stay in place.  And as he was drilling that thing back in place I was explaining how it popped right off the wall and as I handed him the second screw I looked at him sheepishly and said “ehm…and there in lies the mystery to the two screws you found in the disposal I’d say”.  He looked at me with a mixed expression of baffled and wonderment.  Do you laugh or do you suggest the person get their head examined?  I think he wanted to do both.  Instead he smiled and shook his head.   So, Daniel is my new favorite neighbor of all time and when he wakes up this afternoon (he works nights) he’ll open the door to a nice bag of “thank yous” from (I’ve decided) his favorite neighbor of all time.

Did I digress?  Not really because this weekend was about checking stuff off the list and that was a big one to me.  After laundry was done and the fresh Tilapia, mangos and baby broccoli were all tucked into foil and baking in the oven I sat back down to my computer, got on the Copyright website and proceeded to register all 18 songs (recordings and lyrics).  The hardest part is the end when you click on Submit and you watch the timer on the bar go from 40 minutes to 75 minutes to 20 minutes to 2 minutes to “error, connection lost” and you have to start over.  I thought about giving up for the day but, remembered I told you all I would complete something so I took a deep breath (and a sip of chilled pinot grigio) and started back at square one until I saw the words “Upload Successful” and shouted “hallefknleujah” then curled my smug self up in the big chair (after posting my victory on facebook of course) and chilled for the rest of the night.

Not a typical weekend but, definitely a productive one on all counts 🙂

I miss playing the open mics.  Sometime this week I’ll know when the PET scan is and that means I’ll know when the surgery is.  Still never know how I’m going to be feeling until the moment but, hoping maybe this Thursday I’ll feel up to open mic.  I hate even posting this maybe for fear of jinxing it but, it’s what I’m thinking…

Either way, I’ll make some music happen this week (in between the walking/biking off the comfort foods I’ve consumed).

Time to focus on the 8-5  job.  But, I’ll leave you with this (try it, you’ll like it); my mom’s recipe for “Lumberjack Mac” which is one of my all time comfort foods.

Lumberjack Mac

make mac n cheese however you do (whether its kraft from a box, frozen entree or from scratch)

brown ground beef in a skillet, drain then add to the mac

take  a can of diced tomatoes with either Italian or Mexican spices (or plain and sprinkle garlic salt in it) and mix them all in together.

Eat to your heart’s content.

Growing up in a family of 9 with a father from Montana there were a lot of meat/potatoes kinds of meals.  Oh crp.  I just thought of two more comfort foods I must have; my mom’s baked chicken (trust me – wow) and corned beef n cabbage (a monthly staple growing up).  Jeezus no wonder I was a fat kid.  Yikes~

Ok ok, back to the grind.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned~


Weekend update and the surrounding…

Sorry this one is late.  As far as music goes I didn’t get to much this weekend.  Was down for the count.  I think all the poking and prodding from the “D’s” took it’s toll.  That and the calm voice of Dr. S saying “You should just stick to clear liquids for now” and I’m thinking until…??  Doesn’t he understand I love food?  Me n food we’re like mates.  To say I can’t have real food is like telling someone to cut their oxygen in half.  It makes me cranky and anyone around me would say that’s an understatement I’m sure.  No, really.  Look at my facebook posts (not the music page…that one I keep kosher)…90% of my posts are about food/beverage.  No joke.  Damn Straight.  Anyway, I lasted until yesterday when all during our weekly mgmt meeting this mantra was running through my head “I must eat a Liverwurst sandwich”…they sell em at the deli down the street.  It’s actually a childhood favorite believe it or not.  When I ordered it and told her about the mantra the deli lady smiled and said “you must need iron dear”.  Funny how our bodies/minds work huh?

Back to Friday when I wasn’t up for Liverwurst or any other food, I had to cancel my  lesson with Moppet (my not so secret nickname for my guitar teacher) which really sucked.  That was two weeks in a row.  Alan answered and when I told him I was sick he said “you too?  man, it must be going around”  I laughed and said “Oh…I’d trade you”  “why…what do you have?”  then I mustered up a poor impression of Arnold Swartzenager (y’know that scene from Kindergarten cop…) and said “It’s a tuma”.  He laughed and I laughed and then I said “no…really”.  Awkward silence follows…I asked him to tell Russell that’s why I didn’t make it last week and that I’m not slacking off on lessons and that I want him to hold onto Martin if/when I go in for surgery.  To which he said of course of course.  So surreal I tell ye.   I told Jen my idea about Martin thinking if my place got broken into while i was gone…what would I be most upset about losing?  Martin was the first, Kala the second.  She thought it was great idea and said “maybe he’ll event play Martin so, he’s not just sitting there and I smiled at the thought and then she made this suggestive  movement as if she was making out with a guitar and I busted out laughing “Ok ok, that’s enough…that was sooo not my intention ye freak” (Shuddup Meredith!).  Nat is going to hang on to Kala.  Remember she’s an artist, my former housemate and was Polly’s owner/mom.  When I sent the uniquely me notice out to my friends all came back with “whatever I can do”.  So, I told Nat, I want her to paint a flower on the back of Kala.  “Maybe a Daisy…but, an imperfect one”.  She was totally cool with that.  I think I just pictured a little something on the front too.  Will show you all after it’s done.  Whenever that is.  Don’t know yet.  More poking and prodding and then hopefully next week a plan of action among them (and me of course.  I don’t blindly follow anyone).

One odd thing…I wake up in the middle of the night often now.  Not for long but, almost every time my sister’s song “Uncommon Ground” is playing loud n clear in my head like a radio station”.   It’s the oddest thing and at this point kind of annoying.  I really like the song.  The more I sing it the more I know it is just  the right song for us.   What a cool thing that turned out to be.  I did pick up Martin last night and played it as well as worked on “This Time Around” (which I still struggle with).  Roy is right.  Some of these songs are just meant to have a certain band behind them.  “Plus One” and “This Time Around” only sound right when Russ is playing along.   “Baby” sounds best when Keen and his gang are playing along.  Hopefully, they won’t all move away or become too famous to be involved by the time I can record them.  Wait…that didn’t sound nice.  Of course I want them to be famous.  They all deserve it.  I just well…you get it.

Ok, so this week…this week I need a goal…Oh, I’ve got it.  Music administrative stuff.  Will have it done and posted by Monday.  And I’ll work more on that damn rhythm Russ has been trying to teach me.  The key is to relax.  That’s the tough part.

A note on Serg.  All my friends are awesome and way supportive.  It’s just something he wrote that stood out.  “We’re behind you, beside you, and in front of you. We got this MFg thing surrounded!”.  In an instant I pictured it and have felt safe from then on.  Good friends and active imaginations make a great pairing don’t you think?

And remember a couple weekends back when I showed you that photo I took of the car plate at the La Jolla Farmers’ market?  I wonder about that and could there have been a better time for me to randomly see that?  I think not…

Anyway, that’s my scoop for the week.  More to follow on Monday unless something surprising comes up (and it usually does…).

Thanks as always for listening~


The bump (or should I say lump) in the road…

I joke around about being kind of “superhuman” and “hyper intuitive” and well, the second part isn’t a joke.  That really is a gift (when I pay attention that is).  So, these last few blogs where I’ve stated I’m feeling over emotional and I can’t put my finger on it and I think it’s because of some tough times last year and friendships left behind and maybe still that was part of it but, I just kept feeling like a…how does that saying go?  waiting for the other shoe to drop?   A sort of feeling of pending doom.   Yeah yeah…I know.  A bit dramatic again, there I go.

I’m not sure I can even say this stuff out loud yet so don’t get all bent out of shape if it doesn’t come out right (or if you feel this was the wrong place to find out…this isn’t something I’ve had a lot of practice at or anything so I’m just going with my gut which as actually a rather bad pun at the moment).  I’ve not been in the best of health this past year.  That’s why I quit smoking (and believe  me I looooved smoking) and been going in and getting tested for everything under the sun (because they kept saying I was fine and I kept saying “no…something is wrong, I can feel it…what else can we check…”) and why I’ve had that pressing urge to record before I lost my voice somehow.  Well, last week I had yet another test that ended in “I’m afraid I have bad news” (no sht, that’s pretty much exactly what he said).  They found a big fat “T” in my “C” (aka big fat tummy area) that is going to require major “S” and possibly “CH” after.  No sht.  I’m still like WTF and I’ve known since last Wednesday.  Won’t know what comes next until after the “S” which will happen in a couple weeks.  CT, MRI, PET are the hot acronyms of the moment.  And “Staging”…this is a word we geeks use when we’re talking about setting up a workstation or something like that.  How odd was it to hear someone talk about “Staging” where my body was concerned?  These things I ponder, I really do.

All I can say at this point is a team of crack “D”‘s are on it and if ever there was a time to put my money where my mouth is and prove these so called superhuman powers of mine exist…apparently now would be the time.  Fk this sucks. Fk Fk fk a gdmn mthr fkn dk this sucks.

So, here’s the new plan of action:

1.  move the recording of CD II to the spring (because its important to have something to look forward to)

2. record the two holiday songs (already talked to Bort) as soon as I’m able (hopefully by end of September).

3. put em on itunes and Amazon (hopefully they’ll post by mid-October).  Mere and Saysha are going to launch a viral (the good kind) campaign to get at least 20,000 downloads by January 1st.  Which (after paying the man, aka distributor) should cover the cost of all the D’s , CH , recovery from it all etc and then enough to record CD II.

BTW…did you know that when you have an HMO D’s n S’ n such are very expensive?  I did not know this.  I do know this now.  Now I get what everyone’s been pissing and moaning about HMO’s for all this time.  However HMO is far better than Nada.  This I know.  And BTBTW…my boss’ are being awesome beyond explanation.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m a very lucky person.

If I’m right and I can pull this off then you are about to witness something amazing unfold… I could take this a lot of ways but, I’m going with this is my chance to prove once and for all I am just that kind of unique.

I’ll keep you guyz posted all the way and here’s what I need.  For everyone to think very positively and to believe and treat this like it’s a small thing (in comparison to my magnificently powerful self) because I believe if we treat it like that, it’ll act like it.  To never, ever use the “C” word.  To me that’s like all these viable businesses that used the economy as an excuse and just threw up their hands in defeat.  Bulllfknshit I say.  Adapt, evolve or die.  And anyone who knows me knows I’m very good at adapting and evolving (alright, when I want to…and hellyes I want to~).

Also, I’d like to keep it off facebook walls.  That’s my/our fun place.  That should be just to jot about music and day to day stuff.  When I go for “S” I’ll be off line for about a week they say.  My pre-posting will be that I’m off on holiday “to the house on the hill” and if you don’t know what that is, then go check out the September 10th, 25th and January 18th blogs…It is my favorite place of all time (in my head) and I sooo want it to come to fruition so I can invite everyone there one day for reals.

Can I also just say how interesting it is that I decided to go for the happy pills to quit smoking this time and that I’m still on them and they’re the kind I could stay on forever without damage and yes…that is why I’m so calm…

What else…oh yeah, I’ve had my moments and I have been eating everything and anything I crave and think (am told) I won’t be able to consume for 6 long weeks.  I’m not buying it but, it so made that Aussie burger with Pineapple and Beetroot taste that much sweeter…

Ok, we ready? 

Set…<deep, determined breath> turn it on…time to go kick some “T”‘s ass~

PS: My sister really, genuinely liked her song.  She even got “Phaklempt” which I’ve never seen before so of course made me “Vehklempt” (we even spell it differently) and all the happier I went for it 🙂

Thanks as always for listening and stay tuned…


Weekend update and the challenges met…

Lots of challenges lately but, this one was about what I wrote in the previous blog…how yesterday was the one year anniversary of the release of the Boomerang CD and that also was my sister Shannon’s birthday.

So, I challenged myself to intentionally sit down and write a song.  I’m not saying I never tried.  Last summer Brad had posted something to the effect of “Write a song about Madison Park” after I’d posted a bunch of pics from my favorite old neighborhood while I was up there visiting.  But, it was a half-assed attempt that lasted about 20 minutes then I got distracted and never went back to it.   This time, I gave myself 24 hours to write/record it (on the flip cam) and post it in time for my sister’s bday.

I did it~  Yes, damn straight I did 🙂

I’m not saying it’s my best song ever and after a dozen disastrous attempts at recording it and singing it from memory I gave in and got closer to the laptop so I could read while I played and accepted it would not be a stellar performance but, in its own way, its a stellar song…definitely from the heart and pretty accurately depicts the dichotomy that is my sis n me.  I think it’s good that we’re very different and I like the things we’ve  found we do have in common.  Anyway, my first honest attempt at intentionally sitting down and writing a song and barring the bad cameraman (me) and the fact that I didn’t have it memorized so I was more focused on what came next than singing it from the heart (I will again once it’s memorized), I accomplished what I set out to do and in the time frame I gave myself to do it in.   Virtual pats on the back everyone because this is not an everyday occurrence for me~

Ok, so here it is…”Uncommon Ground”

Thanks for listening and another post coming by Wednesday regarding the CD II and all…