Weekend update and the Karmic return…

Help a neighbor + be a good tennant = Karmic return

Ok so, after a long (looooooooong) week away for work (did I mention the longness of it all ?), I went home and crashed on Friday night.   I was thinking “get a good night’s rest and get back on track tomorrow”.  Great thinking except for my neighbor…remember that one?  The louder than life, doesn’t need a megaphone cuz she’s got one built in neighbor?  She came home in the middle of the night with friends and was that kind of drunk where she thought she lived in a sound proof booth and that everyone around her was hard of hearing.  I’ll say no more other than her guests were saying “stop talking” but, apparently they thought she was the one that was hard of hearing.  Oy.  And then I have to ask this question…if you’re up at all hours til 3 or 4…doesn’t it stand that you would perhaps sleep in?  Like you’re body would insist on it?  Not in this case.  The d$*7m deaf club was up and yapping away at 9am…yup…so I did the only thing  I knew to do.  I found the least cool music I could find and I turned it out loud and clear so they could start their day off with old people’s vibe (PS, I liked the music).   I knew I had to shake it off.  I think my nerves were still raw from spending a week with so many ppl under one roof.  Good people…just kind of against this hermit’s nature y’know?

Anyway…snapping back now.  Music.  Got my morning coffee…walked to the shop and setup a lesson for this week and had a nice (though rather de-caffeinated so slightly incoherent) chat with Andrew (who’s name I struggle remembering so I call him “hey you ;)’).  He’s nice.  Very quiet compared to the other two.  I went home to practice but, this song I started back in Tahoe last week kept popping up in my head and it was really frustrating me because it’s about someone who well, ok I’ll say it.  He isn’t very nice to me~  Oh sure he smiles when he’s facing me but, he’s the kind you have to question every time whether the answer you give to his question is meant to be used against you at some point in time.  And yet…I like him.  If he wasn’t so bent on sucking the joy and pride out of others I’d like him to bits.  So, I stuffed the song back into the recesses of my mind where it tried to spring back up like an over stuffed suitcase you’re trying to zip shut.  Eventually, something else came to the surface…Another bittersweet but, empowering kind of song.   I don’t know its name yet but, I want it on the CD.  A kind of reminder not to wait on something or someone to get on with what you’re meant to be doing.  The chords I found for it make it a bit high for me to sing but, I think I have the answer for that and that comes up in the next paragraph~

Yesterday, I grabbed my bike and was determined to ride it even if  just to the pharmacy down the street to putter around in.  I kept hearing noise outside my place like an animal rummaging around but, I remembered I was no longer in bear country so it must be the landlady prepping the place next door for a new tennant (lady tennis balls passed away, very sad).  I opened the door to find a guy trying to stuff a giant couch into the awkward shapped narrow entryway of the studio next door.  I smiled, I looked around to see (like me) he was trying to do this move solo.  I don’t know what it is that makes us insist on trying this alone when we know it only ends in damaged furniture and walls (and more often that not a pulled muscle or two).  I offered my help and he was so reluctant (as I would be) so I insisted.  “I’m afraid you’ll get hurt”  “I’m very strong, 5 brothers”  and I proceded to step onto his couch and over it to get to the inside totally forgetting about the weight gain and that shorty can step on this couch but, at the moment NOT Lightly…NOT I say.  I heard/felt a thud as I did and yelped out of embarassement and fearful of the damage I’d caused and the realization that is a sucky way to make a first impression…he shouted out, afraid I was injured and I thought man…they don’t make em like you anymore and explained I was fine but, not so sure about the well being of his couch.  After several tries and several shout outs from him about the concern for my well being, the couch was in and I was completely enamored.  Oh, not because of the overt concern for my well being (but, that was way cool) but, because after I set the couch down I saw it…an acoustic guitar…and then I noticed out of the corner of my eye…could it be?  omg…yes…an electric guitar…a gorgeous mthr fkn sexy electric guitar.  I looked right at him and said…”oh, please tell me you play”.  His whole face lit up and he says (ready for this) “oh…I live for it…been playing for like 13 years”   to which I heard bells ringing and a choir singing “HALLEfknLUJAH” and then…I did what I do…I jumped up and down and clapped my hands together and told him how much I loved our landlady Mary because when she told me the place was for rent I asked her to bring me a musician.  One that I could really work on the music with.  And she did~  Thank you Mary 🙂

Of course that was just after he said “yeah, we should play together”.  I’m not a complete moron.  I forgot his name but, I’ll brave it and ask when I see him again.  He also offered me to come by and watch TV sometime to which I had to show him mine.  I’m so proud that my TV takes up half my place.  To me this is the equivalent of a girl who tells a guy she’s a huge sports fan.  Well, I’m not (though I like soccer and baseball) but, I’m the next best thing…a chick who thinks there’s no such thing as too many or too big a TV and surround sound systems for everyone~  I also introduced him to Seagull and he played him just enough to make us both go “coooool” under our breath.  An odd moment as he asked me about the neighbors and I pointed out he’s the most I’ve ever talked to anyone here.  y’see that’s the thing with me.  I’m awkward and freaked out on the inside most of the time and then every now and then I meet someone I’m completely as ease with from the get go and I have no idea how that happens.

So, today is about:

a: sweating because I’m seriously pillsbury dough girl at this point like weebles wabble but, they don’t fall down

b: practice

c: tequila and fish tacos with friends

Oh and dropping off the flyersI made for my very first coffee house gig 🙂  Did I mention that?  Yeah, I have no idea what I’m doing on that one but,  I’m doing it dammt.  My guitar teacher has done it and said not to worry.  He seemed dissapointed that the crowd is small there.  I was like “YAAAY, Awesome, I’ll do it then~”. 

This week I’ve got Thursday sushi/open mic up in north county, the coffee house gig in SD and now here’s one I need to think through with you.  Remember the songwriter’s competition…its up again on Tuesday and I asked him if we could compete again or just the once because I’d been working on the whole stage prescense thing and he said “good, see you Tuesday”  But, it starts kind of early and there’s been some tension at work about my leaving early (regardless of how early I get in).  So…do I risk more tension at work (and lets not forget to mention the agony of knowing its filmed and I’m really not keen on seeing my reflection these days) and hope I’ve learned enough to impress the judges or do I wait it out and go for it next month for the final round?   Being comfortable on stage is important.  Showing real progress is too and I’m not sure that I will have either by tomorrow.   I’ll have a think on this one and get back to you…

Ok, I’m off oh wait one last bit…remember when I was bummed because attendance on the website was way down the last couple months?  Well this month, right now…the number of new visitors is at a tie with the highest month last year and the number of visits alltogether are the highest by far of any month~  So, fingers crossed that sometime today a couple more new visitors arrive so I can proudly post on FB the new record tomorrow :-0

Ok…now I’m done and off to get to it.  Thanks as always for listening and cheering me on~  Will post an update Friday after the sushi/open mic~


Weekend update and the animal encounters…

Sorry I’m late with this one.  Sunday, I left on a plane headed to Northern California for a company off site and I’ve been in work mode since.  Taking a quiet moment to catch up now before heading back into the week long “brainstorming” session.

Saturday…was an amazing day.  It started out with practice followed by a road trip to meet up with friends who drove down from LA for an annual dog surf competition.   I’ll try to scrounge up some to post here.  Osni is among many things, a photographer…and this was to be my first session.  I was pretty anxious about it because a: self conscious about the weight gain, b: self conscious about posing for a camera and c: the solid knowledge that I’m sooo not photogenic even on my best day.

I’d say for the first half hour I heard “relax the face” more times than I could count but, after a while I was more caught up in the moment (thanks to his amazing ability to put others at ease).  He’s really smart.  Put Seagull in my hands and said “start playing”  I was far enough from people that they couldn’t hear me but, close enough to Osni that he could and made some really encouraging comments.  I was done after a half hour but, he just kept going.  Even after the beach I thought we were done and were off to a coffee shop to chill but, he had the camera out the whole time. Throughout it all there were some curious looks from passers by.   Y’know they were thinking “is she someone?  Should we know her?  Should we take a pic too just in case?” .  I wanted to shout out “I’m no one, really” but, I just avoided eye contact and focused on what Osni had to say…”be fun, hold the guitar, walk to the surf, climb the rocks”.  At the cafe some woman blindly sat on the other end of the couch from me and then she looked up to notice what was going on.  She apologized and started to move but, I told her it was all good and she was fine where she was.  Then the question came…”are you have photos taken for something special?”  “Yes”…and then I blurted out “For my father’s birthday…he lives far away and rarely do I wear a dress so this is for him”  I looked over at Osni and Jan who seemed to be waiting for the punchline but, I just smiled back like “that’s my story and I’m stickin with it”.  Some will ask…how on earth does she expect this CD to be successful when she’s unwilling to openinly discuss or promote it?  Good question…

  I think he took 450 shots of which I couldn’t look at so Jan volunteered to be my filter.  120 shots survived the cut.  Sometime next week I’ll see those and 2 will be posted on Jango while a couple others will go on Facebook.  I like being around them both.  I don’t think I would’ve been nearly as comfortable with the idea if they weren’t the ones involved.  So, thank you Osniiiii and Jaaaaan (I shout so they can hear me up there) 🙂

After that I grabbed Seagull and headed to Tahoe.  21 people in one house…21 people…one house…however…5 of them are musicians and several others are enthusiastic spectators.  So, last night…I bravely approached one and said “5 minutes…just 5 minutes…I need for us to play”.  He obliged and this is the one who plays guitar like a savant.  I can’t fathom ever being able to play that well even if I had started 20 years back.  Got him to play the chords I couldn’t on a couple of the new songs and I sang my little heart out.  Yes…I performed in front of co-workers and let me tell you that’s far more daunting than any open mic~

The most charming part of the evening was when one of they guys passed through and said “there’s a request from the party in the hot tub for a performance”.  Laughed it off until someone reminded me a while later that they were near prunes at this point and still waiting…lol.  Oy.  I grabbed Seagull, headed over, pulled up a chair and sang for three bare chested dudes.   One had been with us earlier and was there when I tested out the new one I’ve yet to name.  It’s the one that my nephew Daniel and friend Toni inspired.  I thought it might not go down well with the general public but, this dude so proved me wrong and asked for an encore of it (no words to describe that cool feeling) so I did and I looked up at one point and locked eyes with my favorite.  He knows he’s my favorite.  He’s smiling as he reads this and wondering if he was in any of those songs…and that my friends is one unasked question that’s so never going to be answered.


Ok…back to work.  Here’s a collage of some of the doggie pics for entertainment and once I find the damn cable i’ll add a photo of the bear I caught dumpster diving across from our mountain lodge~

Thanks for listening oh and PS…as I write this there are only 18 more to go before I make the goal of 1,000 fans on jango.com~

I kid you not

A moment…

I just had to share this one before it slips away.

So, I told you that I had my guitar re-strung last week as part of my lesson and that afterward it felt/sounded weird.  No one else seemed to hear it but, it made me want to cry everytime I played Seagull…eeevery time.   It’s  hard to describe but you know when you sing (when it works) your voice should sort of bounce off the sound the string is making.  Instead it kept making these near misses.  If my voice matched its tone it sounded flat and tired and sad.  It was really frustrating.  So, that was the first thing I told Russ when I walked into my lesson yesterday.  And this was the moment… as I told him how I felt I saw the expression on his face shift from the joyful, silly to genuine concern/empathy.  He got how distressing it was, picked up Seagull, strummed for a bit and then said “yeah…this guitar isn’t getting along with these strings”  Thaaaank you~  I thought I was going nuts~”.  It’s hard for me to explain but, when you’re so used to seeing a blank stare or an expression of disbelief it’s so heartwarming to see recognition in the eyes across from you…you know?

So, I pulled out my printout on the kind of strings Seagull uses and then we compared those to the rest in the store (because they don’t carry them) and then he made two suggestions…in his right hand were “down home, chew tabbaci, chilli on the stove” and in his left “colbie caillat”.  Though I’m aiming for somewhere in the middle…I pointed to Colbie and within moments, he had Seagull re-strung and smiling again.  Wow…what a difference strings can make and wow…I am officially a nutter because I’m that emotionally attached to this block of wood that I just spent a week on the verge of tears because I felt it was unhappy.


Yesterday…I had a bad day yet, within moments of walking through that door everything sort of dropped off my shoulders and I was relaxed and “content”.  That isn’t a word you’ll hear me say often (just ask the Scotsman).  So, that says a lot about these two peeps and the vibe there.  Alan and Russ are two I feel very much at ease around and I’m sure of it… I was supposed to meet them and they’re supposed to be part of this whole thing.  Oh and one other cool thing…Russ said he found himself humming my song “Plus one” earlier that day…So there, you critics…maybe my music isn’t the stuff grammy’s are made of but, it’s from the heart and it sticks (look out Barry Manilow, here I come)…


A shout out to Nipon and Watanabe, Marina~

So, I told you that way back I lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan and it was probably one of my greatest adventures.  I was an English language coach…teaching idioms and subtle nuances that helped students sound more like a native and less like a textbook.  Mostly I was just wandering around in a dream like state…soaking in this world I couldn’t have dreamed up myself.

How I got there was like how I get just about anywhere…on a whim.  I think there were literally three weeks from the day it was brought up and landing at Narita airport.  Too many stories to tell here but, this is one of my favorites I keep meaning to tell…so, one day I got the assignment to head over to Sony studios to meet with a new student.  I’m not easily starstruck (I think that’s why I was chosen) but I’m often intrigued and definitely was (the whole Japan experience one string of interesting moments after another to be honest).   I knew within seconds of meeting this student that I was going to love the assignment.  And yup, was one of the best memories of living there.  Now my brain just remembers bits and pieces and a lot of haze but, I do remember us walking nearby the studio and I remember still being in awe of everything around me (seriously, Tokyo is like Disneyland to an ADD brain) and I remember her suddenly pulling her arm out to prevent me from moving forward and thus getting crushed by an oncoming car speeding by.  And the look on her poor face like “how are you not dead yet?  Just how many angels are there on that shoulder of yours?”.  She was (and I’m sure still is) a genuine and really cool human being.  

As I move forward on this project I remember some of our conversations and I smile thinking back at being inspired by her.  So much so that I didn’t realize until I started writing this why I just had to have that Mazda Miata years back (and years after I moved back to the states).  I just remembered her pulling up to the studio and proudly announcing she got a car and it was a Miata.  I want to say tan but, I also want to say green.  Oy, my brain.

Anyway…not a huge story to tell other than it keeps coming to mind and I came across this pic when I was visiting my Pop recently so I figured it was worth writing about so…Marina…wherever you are, whatever you’re doing these days…hello…thanks for being a great student and an inspiration to me~

Don't laugh at the hair...it was ehm...really windy that day

The beer theory and the laundro-pub/cafe…

So, as I’m daydreaming (going nuts with all this time on my hands and so much laundry to stare at) at my local laundromat (only the rich n famous in this area have their own washers n dryers…note to self…get R or F if just to have my own f’n W n D).

Anyway…had (oh cool Simpsons is on~) a thought…wouldn’t it be cool if they combined the laundromat with a pub.  Not the kind you’d be afraid to step a foot away from your purse but, more like…a wine bar.  Nice glass of pinot partnered with vermont cheddar n granny smith? Why, don’t mind if I do~ 

Would make this laundry situation less painful.  I’m not good at standing around.  I get really antsy and I’m sure more than a couple people look at me sideways waiting for me to completely wig out running through the place with sopping laundry in each hand, screaming something nonsensical about the devil in the dryers…or something.  It’s the not so blessing part of being ADD.  Thank god for finding a laundromat with wifi is all I can say.

So that thought led to the realiztion that I hadn’t written a “Beer Theory” in a long while and I always liked those.  If you’re not familiar…these are places I go when I’m looking to escape (like now).  It’s usually a pub somewhere, someplace in time with some real and some not so real people.  They’re my mentors and they help keep me on track.  I should’ve known it was coming become the seeds of doubt were sprouting up last night.  They shouldn’t.  Things are progressing nicely (better than expected in many ways).  My lungs are smoke free and getting pinker and stronger by the day, my teeth are getting well looked after by a very nice (not so cheap) dentist, I joined a gym and though I’ve only been once I’ve found a curious thing happened…I would say “it’s time to go to the gym” and myself would come up with just about any alternative possible…ride my bike, long walk and last night it was doing weights.  So, either way, good things happening albeit in a bit quirky fashion.

So, I drifted off in my mind and imagined the wall behind me faded away and became an open entry to the wine bar.  It was interesting how the flooring was the same only opposite pattern so you almost hesitate to step across in case everything is opposite and you lose your balance.  The laundromat isn’t your typical.  It has softer, more natural lighting and tennis balls in a basket for all to share (don’t know that one?  You stick it in the dryer and it helps your clothes dry faster, swear~) and everyone is laid back and openly trusting (in a good way).  I hear someone calling me over from the wine bar.  Awwwwww it’s Teddy (Rosevelt) I haven’t seen him in eons~  Such a sweetheart and great hugger, one of the best~.  He’s sitting with a new crowd (or at least different than who I’m used to seeing him with); Mama Cass, Sarah Vaughan, some guy in a Captain American outfit and Janis Joplin.  Ohhh I knew this was going to be good.  The waiter came by with their drinks and set a chilled pinot-chardonnay (new fav) in front me with a smile.  I returned the smile then looked over at Teddy who winked back and said “I keep tabs my dear I do”.  So, he told the girls what I’d been up to and they were all very encouraging and then it got very quiet.  Like everyone was avoiding something.  So, I spoke up “So, what gives?”  “gives?” says Teddy…”yeah…I mean don’t get me wrong…I loooove these moments but, they don’t usually come around unless I need a kick in the head or something so…?  “…do you need a kick in the head?”  “…maybe?”  “..maybe for?” longest pause in the history of pauses.  “Cuz lately my voice doesn’t sound good.  My throat seems really tight and I think that somehow smoking allowed me to sing better and I’m afraid I’m going to lose whatever that thing was about my voice that made it cool and unique and I’ve been thinking about going back to smoking to get it cuz I’m sick of being fat and I haaaaate exercising and I’m running out of time and the dentist said Obama was “our age” and I’m like WTF??  Now, I look old too?  Quitting was supposed make me look and feel younger and instead I feel like a butterballed prune”.  I let out a big sigh after that long winded whine and watched as the sets of eyes met eachother, tongues rolled into cheek and ewwww here it comes…first Mama “Honey…they could fit two of you in me and there’d still be room and I can outsing you any day and I’m dead!  so…my advice is get over it, get on with it oh and when you eat sandwiches take small bites”.  Sarah knocked her on the arm and snorted “that’s bad sister…that’s baaad”…then she spoke up “Well all I gotta say honey is I heard you sing…I know you got it in you and in my day smoke or no smoke, it was about pouring your heart out and that you got so just stay focused on that and the rest will come”.  To which everyone nodded…even me.  Then all eyes turned on the Captain America dude who said “Wha…seriously??  You freak at the thought of looking ridiculous…laughable…well try wearing this outfit every day!”  to which he stood and did this sort of jersey italian gesture like wha…are u kiddin me already??  Omg I laughed so hard I snorted as good ole Teddy who knows me well patted me on the back.  Janis just started singing (really loud) “cooooome on cooooome, cooooomone”  then she stopped, and bore her bloodshot, tobacco stained eyes into mine and said with a slight wheeze “be careful what you wish for…”.  Sht.  ok.

Teddy just smiled and bear hugged me.  I made a quick dash to put the laundry in the dryer and when I got back there was another glass in my place and all were chattering about something “no the new one…no…the old one…let’s ask her”.   “so, give us a song now” says Teddy.  To which of course I push back my chair and my eyes start to water…c’mon you guys not here…there are people around and laundry ppl don’t make good audiences “give us a song” say Janis (and sht Nat says MY eyes are intense).  “fk, ok…what do you want to hear?”  “anything” “yes anything” “whatever you’re feeling right now” “well I’m feeling afraid”  “so sing about that”  then like a kid giving in to inevitability I said “mmmk”.

I closed my eyes…I pretended seagull was right there in front of me and I imagined strumming the chords and then took in a deep breath and out came “well I’m afraid of the deep blue sea and…all the creatures far below…sometimes at night I dream they chase me down and…swallow me whole…(I hear chuckles in the background but, I go on…sinking deeper into it) and I’m afraid of heights….this is also true…my legs will shake my heart will quake…and I’ll turn blue (then my voice finds is grounding) but I’m not afraid of LOVE no noooo not one bit…because I’ve learned the move you love, the more you live~” then sang for a couple more versus before finishing with an almost defiant roar.

I open my eyes and I see Teddy wiping a tear of pride, Sarah clapping and the others patting eachother as if taking credit for the moment (I suppose in a way they should).  I heard a far off beep and realize the time has run out on my dryer so I scoot off promising to return in a shake…I check the clothes…need a few more minutes…drop a quarter in and turn back to find the wall of the laundromat is back up and “the office” is on one screen, a game on the other and my beer theory friends no where to be found.  I wipe a tear from eye and notice the launderers noticing this and I take a moment to compose myself then gather up my laundry and head out to the car, pack it up and get it.  Then I noticed in the bottom left corner of my windshield was something…I reached out and pulled it to me…a small, wine stained napkin with a bunch of x’s and o’s on it in several different handwritings…was it…?  I decided it was the creepy guy in the corner who said “hellooooo Missus” when I walked in, must be…and as I drove off I reached over garbage bag then gently tucked the napkin into the side of my car seat…

And that’s me…laundry done~  Thanks for sticking it out with me and helping make the time fly by.  Off now to get something for dinner and then practice, practice, practice~

Thanks for listening~


Weekend Update and the not so bright idea…

First off, a shout out to my new fans from Chicago…hi guyz and thanks for being part of this 🙂

Ok, so we left off at Saturday where I went to the gym and by Sunday I’d received all the well deserved comments from friends who’d encouraged me in the past to go and received smartarss comments in return.  I also have a tendency to overdo or overkill something so I decided to be smarter about it and rotatate…one day gym (hate) next day bike or beach walk (like lots) which meant Sunday was fun day.  I got all geared up and rode my bike over to my fav coffee shop (which really needs a bike rack…I mean just about every other corner has one but, theirs…bike racks are like 7-11’s or Starbucks around here….one on every corner – except this one), ordered my usual and then placed it in the bike’s basket because I wanted to ride to the beach and drink my latte while watching the surf.   Sounds risky?  Oh no…I already thought of that and cleverly took 2 twisty ties, combined em and weaved them into the basket so that they made a makeshift cup holder/seatbelt.  Thus keeping the coffee cup in tact as I rode along the rather bumpy road to the beach.  Sure some foam spilled out here and there (but, that’s just because these guys don’t skimp…they fill ur cup to the rim), I was fine with that.  But, what I learned (don’t I just learn something new every day) is the difference between a $140 bike (mine) and the $400 bike the guy at the other shop was insisting I should get because of its amazing “shock absorbers” and yes…I smirked at it too thinking “aren’t we americans just a bit too spoiled with our bikes with fancy shock absorbers and racing stripes and no…I am a simple girl who just needs a simple bike”.  Sht, where was I…oh right…well it turns out the guy wasn’t full of crap after all.  As I bumped along with my cup hopping up and down in its seatbelt, it spilled out more (a lot more) and nearly popped out about a block from the beach but, I crossed the street and saw the bench ahead and knew I’d made it.  I pulled up onto the curb and wham the cup went flying out of its seatbelt, across the basket, lid popped off and my bike, my legs and feet were then fully caffeinated.  Those who know me know exactly what I did next…I grabbed the cup, tipped it up, kept riding (one handed) to the bench and sucked down the one gulp left of coffee before tossing the cup et al away and wiping down the bike n me.

arg.  So much for a lovely Sunday stroll and beach moment.  But, you know I had to laugh at the moment and myself.  So, after cleaning up I took a long look around soaking in the beach and the sea air then turned my bike around and headed home…made myself an instant coffee and got to work on the music.  I’d finished a song on Saturday and needed to go through the ritual of playing it about 50 times over a few days so it’ll commit to memory.  I really like it.  It was triggered by a couple things…the recent group discussion of taking the aquarium up on their offer to swim with de fishes (and possibly sharks) this summer (Nat doesn’t know it but again, she prompted a line in a song.  Her first was the line in RIP.  We were all talking about the recent deaths of famous ones and she said she feathered her hair that day in honor of Farrah) can’t tell you the line she prompted in this one until the song is finished and out there but, it’s a thought I share for sure (I think many do) and the other was one of my good friends/roomie from way back posting  on one of my wacky fb notes  Wait, let me find it…

Ali Gilmore PS, My Dash fell down, went boom. Some say it’s dead. I say it’s just resting…

Ali G
picks up a stick and pokes the Dash…poke, poke…
Friday at 4:25pm ·
Lisa D
have I told you lately that I miss you???
Friday at 7:15pm ·
Toni D
and I love u !
Friday at 8:22pm ·
Ali G
me too and ahhhh thank T for the inspiration~
Friday at 9:09pm ·

That’s the one~

And just before I posted that I started writing and by Saturday evening it was fini.  Next step is to bring it into my lesson and ask Russ for pointers on the chords/timing etc.  Oh, and did I tell you he said he’s interested in playing at the Hensley’s open mic the night I go?  I’m so going to take advantage of that and have him play alongside 😉  No, I’m not being lazy.  I say this because then I can focus on the songs themselves.  Still perform them and perform them with the new fancy stuff but, this way I won’t care if I f up and can give the songs the attention they deserve.  Yes?

I also worked on Travis picking and guess what Roy…I nearly got it down~  I have trouble shifting from C back to G addn9 but, I’m nearly there 🙂

Then I thought about the stage and who would be on it and imagined it and then someone said “how many songs in a set?”  oh crap.  I have no idea.  So, I looked it up and the general concensus is 10-ish.  “how many songs do we have?”  holy crap, ehm….12 for the CD, 6 from Boomerang…do we do the two Holiday songs (yes to one or the M’s will kill me)?  So, I started typing out a list of all the original songs, all the covers and created blank blocks for those who join on stage and have their own originals because if you missed this one, I’ve decided that each artist who’s on stage should have their moment that night too and play their favorite original. I’ve never been comfortable with the spotlight but, this way it feels like a great balance and these people I’m picking in large part because I believe their music deserves to be heard by a larger audience.  Will we pack the place?  Who knows but, remember we’ll be video taping and placing these on youtube so yes, they will be seen and heard and I can hardly wait~  Oh, and I printed out the list and taped it to my kitchen cupboard next to the post it with the name of the studio on it.

Ack, it’s time to start my 9-5.  This week means a concert with a new band haven’t heard of but, I’m sure I’m going to learn from and something else but, I can’t remember because my cell is dead and not so smart me didn’t back it up so could be in for an interesting week full of surprises…

Chau for now and thanks as always for listening~

The road…

to betterment is long and sometimes bumpy (or should I say lumpy).  Today marked a month to the day, the last day I smoked cigs (like a chimney I might add).  It also marks the day I did the unthinkable (at least to anyone who knows me).  After squeezing into (what we women call) my “fat pants” and opting to stand (not sit) to drink my morning coffee because the rolls of fat were so very much in the way of being able to sit even slightly comfortably (I kid you not) I gave myself a good talking to (remember how that goes).  After a lot of back and forth between me n myself an agreement was made:

a.  be proud of the smoke free

b.  be ok with the fact weight (alot) was gained

c.  now do something about it (todaaaay fer fkssake)

I don’t know if it happens to you but, when I’m about to make a change like buying that bicycle or taking guitar lessons or moving…I will have these sudden flashes of memory…moments that didn’t mean anything at the time but, were stored away for future reference.  So, I remembered  seeing a sign that said “now month to month”  (those words are like music to the commitment phobe in me) when I was walking about the neighborhood a while back.  I went on line, did some research and found a great deal.  Now, I thought about the fact the beach is in walking distance and I could at no charge just get my butt out there but, I know me…the catholic in me needs to pay (but after living with the Scots…pay but, at a steal of deal). 

I found something appropo…for the cost of 5 days of cigs…I got one month’s worth.  So, I signed up, walked over and got right on that gd dmd mthr fkn Eliptical machine and proceeded to sweat off the lumps.  32 minutes today.  Anyone who knows me knows I have a severe aversion to “the gym”.  Can’t explain, won’t make sense but it is what it is and has been forever.  But change is inevitable for growth and I want to grow (and not another size) So…I packed my ipod but, listened to the recordings from my practice sessions and lessons and heard a couple of things I hadn’t noticed before because this time I was trying so hard not to be noticed that I hyper focused on what I was hearing. When it was over I was so psyched I got off quickly, pulled my cell out to take a pic (as proof to you all and myself) and the screen was blank, ack.   I nearly asked but again…trying to blend so I slowly started pedaling again and the previous screen came up but, I nearly fell off taking a pic that turned out so blurry that I didn’t get too flustered when my loaner phone (dropped mine on its ear Thursday night) wouldn’t transfer it.  Ah well.   So…then came home, cleaned up and finished the song I started yesterday.  A happy song.  One of too few some say.  Hrmmm…will leave that for you all to decide.

Tomorrow is a continuation of the weekend intentionally without plans… 🙂

Oh and one last note.  My nephew…the one back east that I hardly ever see (but love dearly)…added himself as a fan on the facebook page today.  Was such a veklempt moment for me.  Very endearing and encouraging.  Daniel, you rock :-))))

The only thing I know about tomorrow so far is it will involve Tangerine instead of Grapefruit.  Fill you in on Monday and thanks again (as always) for listening~

PS: as I write this…there are 927 fans on Jango.com internet radio.  Only 73 (count em 73) more to go to get to my goal of “1,000 fans on jango”~  If you haven’t yet pls, go on over there and become a fan and be part of history~  Well, in the Gilmore Family books that is but oy, my mother would be so proud and pleased to know you did  🙂


About last night…

Or what I remember of it.  I don’t condone or defend, I merely report and after writing and re-writing this novela I’ve decided to go with brevity for everyone’s sake.

a: tequila is reaaally not a good option for staving off stage fright

b: neeeever re-string your guitar just before a performance

c: friends don’t let friends go around without a spare key or allow them to lock their only key in their car because it may very well lead to a shout out in the middle of the night of ‘OMG” I think I left my keys in the car” which leads to a chilly drive and a long wait for a locksmith while stumbling drunks bounce back and forth between peering into said car and trying to get into yours mistaking it for either a hotel or a taxi.

That said, the open mic wasn’t a total disaster.  Jen caught small video clip of it.  I’ll post it once she resurfaces.  Harmonica Brad showed and brought his bass player (cool peeps) and played a great set.  I remember this sweet (and way familiar looking) guy coming up to me afterward with compliments and then us bumping elbows over how cool Brad and his guy played.  So, all in all a good night but, I don’t think I’ll count this one as my open mic before Hensleys because I cheated on the play through the fear thing…

Another cool craigslist moment?

Why yes, I think I do have one 🙂  I can’t remember if I told you but, when I was on a roll I responded to an ad about a local coffee house that was looking for musicians to gig there on the weekends.  So…here’s what I wrote:

Not sure if I’m ready for this so no worries if that’s your opinion too.

I’ve only been playing guitar a year ½.  I’ve written about 16 songs.  I like em but, they sound much better when a seasoned musician plays them (of course).

I have a goal to record 12 of the new ones professionally and to perform them live but, I have wicked wicked wiiicked stage fright.  Only made it to two open mics so far but I want to push myself.

The only MP3’s I have are from the studio recording and not really “me” (other musicians played guitar).


Here’s one that’s all me on youtube:


I live in the area and was searching Craigs for a guitarist to work with to help get the songs ready to record when I came across this and thought…hrmmm maybe I’m supposed to do this…

Let me know what you think and thanks 🙂

That was end of April and hadn’t heard anything so I assumed I wasn’t what they were looking for.  Then on Wednesday I got this reply…

yes Ali you are supposed to do this.  how about May 28 or Fridays in June?

How cool is that??


This weekend will mostly be rest and practice or at least that’s all I have planned but, y’know what my mother always said “life is what happens when you’re making plans…”

Hope your weekends are great memories in waiting.

Blog u Monday and thanks as always for listening~

Oh and Brad…I don’t remember if we said g’nite but if we didn’t “Gnite” and see you both again soon~