Weekend Update and the Artistic Difference

Open Mic #2 and why it counted:  Was in Seattle last weekend visiting family and friends and was determined to play somewhere so that I could say I did an open Mic in Seattle.  There wasn’t one scheduled but…there was the Red Onion.  A favorite hangout in my old neighborhood of Madison Park and a must for every visit to stop by there and say hey.  Cliffy has been the bartender there since god was a baby and besides making a mean pizza (with fresh basil), he has extraordinarily eclectic taste in music.  As it turns out, he also plays guitar and writes music~  We got to talking about it while Saysh and I scarfed down our pizza.  There was a group playing pool in the back and a couple sitting by the fire up front so I bided my time until the pool sharks headed out and asked him if he’d listen then asked Saysh if this would count and she agreed.  So, I ran around the corner like a jet and grabbed my guitar out of the trunk and raced back terrified that more customers would come in.  A guy from a neighboring restaurant was taking a smoke break outside and his face lit up as he asked if I was going to play to which I said “Yes…but, I’m pretty crap at it…just beginning…you might want to hold off on this one” and I slipped back into the R.O.

I started off with “Plus One” to which I got a mild response (no one seems to like this song as much as I do, hrmmmm) then I played “This one” to which Cliff’s foot tapped its way through the whole thing and Saysha laughed a little inside.  Then Cliff said he played too but that his songs are far sadder.  I handed him Seagull and he played but didn’t sing.  We were both curious.  Then Saysh suggested I play one of my regular (sad) songs.  A kind of dueling banjos moment I thought.  I wanted to play “anyway” or “Breathe again” but, for some reason “Piece of Cake” was the song that wanted to be played so there it was.  He liked that one better and then put some music back on the iPod and told me the singer he selected reminded him of me (Lykke Li) only her music is more “Eclectic”  a wider mix of styles and sounds.  I took offense for like half a second and then thought “there’s a reason I wanted him to hear my music…I knew he was tough on music and wasn’t going to like just anything” so, I listened…and I got what he was saying.  I have that in me, just not the means to play it.  That’s my frustration.  If I keep playing and practicing maybe 4 or 5 years from now I’ll be able to play music the way I hear it in my head but, I want to do the CD this year.  Something tells me 4 or 5 years from now I’ll be on to something else or will be able to play it but won’t be able to sing it.  Some weird catch 22.  Could be B.S. but, I’m not willing to take that risk, would you??

So, I left there feeling proud of myself for taking the hit, for playing right through the couple in the corner who spoke louder as I played and knowing that I was just given an important music lesson and to take heed.  So, now what do I do with it?  Find a guitarist. Find two that I can play with on a regular basis.  The guyz you’ve heard of in my stories are great, awesome but, they’ve got their own lives and their own dreams and don’t have the time to devote to mine.  Fair.  But, I’ll bet there’s someone out there in San Diego that is the right fit so I’m on a mission this week to find them and get started on the next phase~

The rest of the trip?  Well, got some quality time in with my Pop and though the joint effort to compose the acapella song I’d written didn’t quite go as I’d imagined it in my floppsy bunny mind it still was really cool.

I left the score with him to finish once he accepts that I won’t be changing my mind anytime soon.  Stubborn?  Yes.  With reason?  Yes.  It went something like this…he calls me upstairs to go over what he’d written so far and he pointed out slowly and clearly how each measure has x amount of beats and that all except the measures toward the end had that.  He went on to say its was ok…that it took Beethoven over 1,000 tries before he got one paticular score just right.  I laughed and said “poor Beethoven cuz it only took me 2”.   We went back and forth on the are you sures and “because, that’s really how it’s done”  “yeah, but that’s how I hear it in my head and I hear it loud and clear” which ended with “ah, then you are Mozart”.  I think he thinks I’m daft for writing it this way but, as much as we are alike…I’ve never been one to file down the corners so they’re all even and polished.  I like warble and eclectic. He likes balance and order.  It’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts on the song and if you can see where in the song we had our artistic differences…

Ohhhhh However…did get the before and after pic of Eddy and I at the piano with Pop and I was right…we baaarely fit all 3 on that bench~


Next step…planning Open Mic #3 🙂

Weekend Update and the Visiting Royalty…

It’s Monday morning and I’m back to the grind.  Last Tuesday night my BFF flew in from Seattle.  I laughed when I saw her at the the pickup curb.  All dolled up in a dress and fancy shoes, hair and make-up in perfect application…me with my hair tied up in a sloppy ponytail with jeans, flip flops and a baggy t-shirt.

Yin and Yan.  That’s us.  Two queens from two different universes who somehow connect.  It took a while to get used to the reality vs the Miche I had tucked away in my brain.  I know she’s a powerhouse and loves to powerwalk all over the place so I planned out all these walks only to discover apparently little Owen yet to be born loves to push his big feet up into her ribs and so power walking has been replaced with gentle stroll with several interjections of “Hang on, I’ma coming”  followed by power nap.  She’s also been one who’s very particular about the order of things and it was odd to discover I’m becoming more of that where she was like “where’s the fire?” or “Oh, no big deal”.  She was even cool about dining at a sushi place where she and Michele compared notes on me “does she do this??”  “why yes she does…”.

She met several of my friends here and got a birds eye view of my life here and agreed that it was a good choice moving back.  Even stopped at the corner store (even though I didn’t need anything) so she could meet the guy that I love to flirt with but, would never date because he is all too familiar (and she knew in a split second and gave me a knowing pat on the back as we left.  Proud that I’m catching on but a knowing glance saying “and don’t you forget it”).  Took her to brunch at Posseidon (must go there) where Carrie and Anne joined us.  Even wore a lovely springy dress which I don’t do often (duly noted by Carrie’s comment “Cute shirt” followed by Anne’s response “No…it’s a dress, she’s wearing a dress~”).  What can I say, I’m a jeans n tee girl.  But, I have my girly moments too.  Just apparently few and far between~

 I hardly played guitar at all (except the “baby” song before she met Anne and Sergio) until yesterday afternoon before she left.  While she was packing up I played coffee house guitarist and ran the gamut of songs including one that I had only semi written.  By the time I got back from dropping her at the airport the song was done in my head.  So, I sat down and wrote out the rest of the lyrics (before I forgot them) and worked out 99% of the chords then called the music shop down the street with an anxious plea “When’s the next available guitar lesson???….I need to find a chord~”.  I’m sure they think I’m a little nutzoid.  That’s fine by me as long as that teacher helps me find the damn chord I’m looking for.

Ok, time to focus on setting up on line ordering and preparing for tomorrow’s work event.  Next weekend update will be written and posted from Seattle 🙂

Thanks again as always for listening~

Brunch with a view...Posseidon

Weekend update and the grande visitor…

A little late again, sorry.

Lots of work and a lot less time to devote to this but, I am here.  Here as in Laundromat still doing my laundry (which you all know I  procrastinate on big time.  Was going to blow it off tonite too because mi amiga mejor is flying down from Seattle but, her flight was delayed and that always makes me anxious so I said screw it.  Don’t just sit around, get the damn stuff done.

And this place has wireless so I get to write to you all too.  Kill two birds with one stone you say?  I say the person who owns this place is brilliant~

Still sticking to my goal of doing two things (at least) each day that’s good for me.  It either gets me closer to the projects goals or it makes me a better person.  Either way, it’s a win win and definitely helps ward off the blues and anxiousness of “will it really happen”.  Jango has nearly 600 fans now and though not much happening on Facebook I know that’s my fault.  I haven’t been giving it much attention and I know…I’m way behind on getting the free ringtones up somewhere.  I will do it.  Maybe I’ll talk Miche into working on it while she’s here~  Right.  From soggy Seattle to Sunny So Cal.  That girl is going to walk to straight to Starbucks then plant her self at the beach and not let go until I drag her away (and who could blame her).

CD II definitely going to happen now (my tax preparer told me so) and I have a cunning plan for open Mic 2 which I must go through to get to my reward of Open Mic 3 at Hensleys.

Tomorrow is St. Paddy’s day.  That usually means a long day out and long sleep in the next day but, Miche is (as you’ve read) married and about 6 months along so we’ve decided (my liver totally agreed) to do anti St. Paddy’s and go southwestern tomorrow.  Lovin the idea of it 🙂

K, laundry nearly done and I need to get some practice in before I head to the airport.  Did I mention this is the first time she’s visiting me in SoCal?  2010….This is the year for change people, I”m tellin you~

Anyway, thanks for sticking in there with me and thanks as always for listening 🙂

The David Song update

I’m at the laundromat.  I’m at the laundromat that has wireless and I’ve got my laptop.  I’m at the laundromat that has wireless and I’ve got my laptop and I’m finally catching up on both the laundry and the project updates.  I am a happy geek/songwriter.

So way back when I first signed up on Jango I was telling you all about how they have a map of the US and World map which indicates which parts of the world someone clicked “yes, I like” (or something like that) for each song I’ve posted.

I’ve been tracking the David song here.  There are links to the older ones at the bottom of this one and it’s kind of cool to check them out and see how the maps have filled out over the last 8 months…

Here’s where it stands now…Wyoming….oh Wyoming…you stubborn soul you…won’t someone in Wyoming make that click so we can say the whole of US is represent’n and givin props to da David Song?

One...jut one little grey state left...

We are the worrrrrllllld....


OMG OMG OMG as of Thursday, March 18th~

Thank you Wyoming!

Weekend Update and the 2nd wind.

Friday was an unexpected sushi with my pal night which after a long few weeks of non stop work was followed by nearly 10 hours of straight sleep.  I was shocked when I woke and saw the time but, I was really glad to have it.  I’ve always been one of those kids that needs 8 hours or else.

Last night a group of us met up at the Belly Up (the intended and hopeful space for the CD II release party) to see this extraordinary group called “Pine Mountain Logs”.  I have no idea where that name came from and I know they have an original group called Venice and that somehow they’re like sons of the Lennon sisters.  I’ll bet they have a million interesting stories.  These guys (brothers, cousins and friends) can cover just about any song from any genre.  Their kick is they pick songs that make everyone one of us get up out of our seats, sing at the top of our lungs and jump around like maniacs.  That’s no easy task but, they do it effortlessly.  Likes it’s in their blood and what they’re born/designed to do.

The other great thing about seeing them is they draw a crowd of people that are just cool.  Everyone seems so at ease and bonded by the common thing which is “these guyz are awesome and will make us all forget our troubles”.  Maybe its like a southern tent revival.  Dunno but, I do know that I woke up this morning feeling the most refreshed, recharged I’ve felt in months.  THANK YOU PINE MTN LOGS~

There was a local guy that opened for them.  He was gorgeous and so fresh and healthy looking and charming and seemed so comfortable on stage.  Michele and Karen both leaned in at one point and said I could do it and Michele said “to be honest…” and can’t even remember what she said because I was so ready for that opening line so I could bust out that dark thing I was stuffing down “oh thank god, since we’re being honest…I listened his music on the site today and I got pissed.  My songs have depth and power and I can sing em, just not on stage and it pisses me off that he’s there I’m here.  There, I said it”.

I mean no offense if this gets back to him.  None at all.  Obviously it’s pure envy typing this. You have youth and charm and stage presence.  None of which I possess (unless there’s tequila involved which for some reason makes me fearless) and all of which seem must haves if you’re going to make anything of yourself in the music biz.

Yeah, ok.  I’m looking to make it big but, I do go green when I see someone up there with so much ease like they’ve not got a care in the world.  So, there’s my big confess for the week.

So, I woke up, walked through the rain and got my coffee and got to work sorting  out what I needed to get done tomorrow for work, what I needed to do for the project and the day to day stuff like taking out the garbage (yes Michele I recycled~).

So, now it’s time to watch some Simpsons, figure out how the lines go in “Plus one” and get a good night’s rest cuz it’s time to focus~

Oh and I sent an email to PML to thank them and to give em a heads up that I found a goal for after the CD II release party…I’m going to work and work and work until I’m good enough to open for them~

That’s right.  I’m inspired~


Thanks as always for listening~


Thank you Herb~

So, this morning I was a little tired and frustrated and those thoughts were creeping into the back of my mind.  Those little seeds of doubt.  The scores on Jango were dropping, the numbers of visitors on the blog/site were lower and  the image of that recording studio and the stage were starting to fade.  It happens.   Short attention span and all.  It shocking that I’ve held on to the dream this long.  I usually get distracted mid way through  a project and skip off to start something else.

So…there I was with my morning coffee, contemplating the next shift in my career and 401 k’s and taxes and I saw the notice that someone had made a comment about my music and I haphazardly went on to jango and there it was…the message I so needed to hear today:


Jerusalem IsraelIl
Friday March 05 2010 07:13 AM
“ your voice is beautiful and I love the way the song is arranged. Your music is very soothing and I hope you do well. Don’t stop singing or playing guitar! ”
I think he was talking about “Rest in Peace” but, it didn’t matter.  It was a jolt that shook off the doubt and I was all fired up again.
So, if you’re wondering whether or not it matters that you visit the blog or become a fan on jango or facebook or post comments on jango or youtube.  I gotta tell you.  Every single one of these efforts makes a huge difference to me.  I may not know your names or your faces but, your words, your actions keep fueling this fire that I have no idea where it came from but, I never want it to go away.
Thanks as always for listening for all that you do to keep the momentum going~

Weekend update and the merging of worlds…

Sorry I haven’t been writing as often.

The day job has been taking up a lot of my time these days.

Lots of time sensitive goals, deadlines blah blah.  I’m sure you can relate (unless you’re independently wealthy and then lucky youuuuu).

I did write a new song this weekend.  I already told Michele she won’t like it.  It’s silly.  But, I like it.  It’s nearly perfect.  It’s called “Plus one”.  It came to me after viewing yet another Evite and seeing people responding with “plus one” and it got me thinking…

Are we missing out on something here?  Those of us strong, independant, singles in the world…or is the grass always greener on the other side?  Either way, the song came and now it’s on the list.

Booked the ticket to go visit my dad at the end of the month and I told him first thing is he has to help me with the chords for the acappella song “Calling”.  He was unassuming about it but, this guy…sang Gregorian chant.    This guy knows his chords.  And I’m so looking forward to working on something creative with him.   He called me this weekend “Well hello there kiddo…did you know you have over 500 fans?”


He was on Jango trying to figure out how to add himself as a fan.  Seriously…look it up: Hal, United States.  How cool is that?  He’s 80 years old but, still very young at heart.  I am the girl version of him for sure.

My best friend (remember the December wedding blog) is flying down to visit me St. Paddy’s day weekend.  We used to be housemates back in the day and I’m so looking forward to the old facials and girl talk and ease of hours together we used to have.  It’s her first visit and I’m sure it won’t be her last.   I was surprised when she txtd she booked it because as you know she’s newly married but also a few month expecting…she was never one for traditional living~  Going to try for an open mic in SD while she’s here.  Will post pics if it happens.

Already picked the spot for the 3rd open Mic “Hensleys” as in Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly.  He owns a place in Carlsbad and they have open mic on Monday nights (and the sound guy is really adorable) so that’s my third and I told all my peeps when I saw em for Anne’s (Baby song) bday this weekend that they were all invited to it.   By then I’m going to be able to plug into the music and the moment and no panic attacks I swear.  Will video tape for posterity and proof.

Well, it’s not a long update but, sincere.   It’s already 10:30 and the day job still has several items crying out to be done asap so it’s no rest for the wicked (or the imperfect) but, I’m off to get as much as I can.

More to come~

And thanks again for sticking around and continuing to listen~