Weekend Pre-date

Ok, usually I send the update after the weekend but, I didn’t want you to miss out.

I told my best friend about the song I wrote for her and her now husband and now there’s no way she’s willing to wait until their first anniversary to hear it.  She’s decided it’s their wedding present and she wants to surprise him.  So, we’re going to record it off the little digital camera (imperfect but, it’ll do) then youtube it (which he’s hooked on).  The goal is to post it on New Year’s Day (since the title) and so when he peruses youtube like he does, she’ll steer him there and voila~

Of course, life is what happens when you’re making plans but, we’ll at least give it a shot.

Oh and…we now have internet at the resort so I’ll keep you posted as we go~

Jango update~

So Jango (the on line radio station) has added some new features.

1.  an “add me as a fan” button on the main screen (thank god because before it was like finding a needle in a haystack).

2. a screen that shows you all stats

3. (and this is my favorite) a PopScore rating.  This is cool because unsigned artists do have to pay to have their music played on the station.  If you generate enough interest they’d play a few gratis but, mostly the artist pays ($100 for about a week or so’s plays).  That adds up but, its a great avenue for getting your music heard and they keep improving and updating their site which makes it worthwhile.

Anyway…I gave it a try last week and the results are below.  I got an 82 on my first week 🙂  If I get a score of 100 then I get 5,000 free plays (about 2 weeks worth).  So, get your friends, your neighbors and the postman over to Jango and click “I’m a fan” button.  Its free to you and a great way to support the music.  Money not spent on Jango will go into the CD II cookie jar 🙂


Thanks as always for your support and for listening~

Jango PopScore: (What’s this?)
PopScore so far This Week: 65
PopScore Hotness Scale
PopScore Last Week: 82
PopScore Hotness Scale
Last week you achieved a Jango PopScore of 82 which gave you 50 bonus Play Credits. We added 50 Unallocated Play Credits to your account on Dec 28th.

Weekend Update and the growth spurt

I was going to start off by saying…not much happened but, that would so be such a bold faced lie.  It was an amazing weekend.  One of the most meaningful to date.  No, I’m not being Pollyanna and saying it was all sunshine and roses but, it was incredibly “Meaningful”.

Christmas eve I met up with a friend I’ve known since Jr high.  We lost touch many years back and she found me on Facebook recently (isn’t technology amazing??).  She was a big part of my young adult life and was the first to get me to travel and when I say travel I mean pack up my bags and move to a place I’ve never been.  I will always be a wanderer at heart and that’s where it started.  Meant a lot to spend some time with her and her family and re-connect after all these years.  It’s kind of fun trying to fill in many blanks~

Christmas until now was spent at the resort (I know, big surprise there).  You’d think it would get old but there is some kind of energy there…something we all contribute to that makes it unique and evolving.  This time germ’s brother and best friend were visiting from Ireland/England which meant a: got some great inside scoop to last me for years 😉  and b: the music…Kev’s energy is very different and was really refreshing.  Brought something out in all of us I’d say.  He paid me the biggest compliment about my music and I just stared at him (again, big surprise).  He doesn’t know what a social misfit I am or how my attempt to recover from the feaupax was even more pathetic.  I should’ve just asked him to marry me.  That would’ve topped it.  So Kev…if you’re out there…thank you for what you said.  It was very meaningful and inspiring for sure.  Besides being an accomplished musician he’s one hellofa bartender.  Note photo at the end of one of his creations “Rudholph’s Bullocks”.  Yes, he also has a wicked sense of humor and made me laugh at things I’d normally chide someone for saying.  Can’t even write the name of the other concoction but, it made me laugh till my sides hurt.  With all that said I think at one point Michele and I joined forces and proposed an exchange plan where they stay and germ goes back to Europe.  they were flattered and germ was…not impressed.  Especially when I said “we’re just kidding” and she pipes up “nooooooo we’re nooooooooot”.  🙂

Which brings me to the brother (Colm).  I’ve known stories about him but, never really put them together until I met him face to face (so many family members…how is one expected to keep up with who’s who??).  Like me, he’s the youngest so I immediately love and get him.  We are the ‘seers” or “introspects”.  Without taking away from anyone else in the group I’d say the thing that stands out most about him is he’s so genuine, warm and disarming.  When he looks you in the eye he’s incredibly present.  I’d say…he’s the kind of man I’d want a best friend to end up with (and I only say that because he’s far too young for me or I’d be my own best friend in a heartbeat 😉

More to the music.  It was much more…what is the word when people join in who don’t normally?  That thing.  Anna who is a fkn fabulous singer/performer finally sang with us.  She should be a rock star.  And she’s so humble about it all.  I think honestly…if I had her talent I’d be a right snooty bitch about it all.  Ah, kharma…always one step ahead of me~

Paige sang~  She was kind of quiet about it, but she did and I heard it and it was great 🙂  Jorg…sang something in German that no one understood but, loved and laughed and wondered because he forewarned us it was a dirty pub song.  Sounded like a lovely story.  lol.

The infamous Matt Price showed and did his dead-on Christopher Walken impression.  No time with him is…right, without hearing it.  One day, he’ll be a famous comedian and I’ll say Ohhh yes…I know him and I’ve stories to sell~   Oh can you imagine…”where did you get the money to buy the house on the hill Ali?”  “from selling stories about MP to the tabloids of course”


After one too many Reindeer bullocks, we decided it would be a good idea to go caroling…ehm…yeah…we’re lucky we didn’t get arrested.  Kept it clean and all but played a rather obnoxious version of Rudolph as we strolled up and down the middle of the road….”rudolph the red nose- Caaaaaaar – Reindeer…”

We dined ‘al fresca’ last night and hell if it wasn’t cold.  But, it meant a lot to germ to do it so, we put on our hats n coats and wrapped ourselves in blankets and ate quickly so the food wouldn’t get cold and we knew the sooner we ate, the sooner we’d be going back in to the fire.

Kev played last night (he slept through the night before poor thing) and you know what?  I was nervous for maybe a second but, that’s all it took to see he really was into it and it didn’t have to be perfect.  He even gave me some great advice after on what to progress on with the guitar.  germ n I wrote a song impromptu style.  Kev gave it a big thumbs up.  I got kind of lost in it so I’m not quite sure it’s one that could be repeated/remembered but…it felt like our best song yet and by far.  Do I worry these gems will get lost for good?  Not really.  Because he’s my friend for life…which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities for it to boomerang it’s way back to us again (and maybe then I’ll have fresh batteries in the recorder~).

When I think about it…I see how lucky I am to be able to say I have more than a couple friends in my life that I could say anything to (and often do) and even if (ok, when) it pisses them off or embarrasses… I know they know it’s just my brain’s wiring that’s fkd up.  My heart is fully intact.

Oh all that and…I finished the “baby” song~  Did I tell you about that?  Rough guy Serg fell in love and we looove her and the song came very easily once I actually sat down to it.   I played it for my dad on Christmas day and gonna play it for them New Year’s weekend.  We setup a video conference so I got to see everyone.  Like being in two places at once.  Great feeling because I love both places and both groups.

I can’t remember if I told you that my dad gave me my cat’s stocking when I saw him at Miche’s wedding.  Yeah…my dead cat’s Christmas stocking.   Still working on that one but, in the spirit, I took it with me to the resort and hung it on the tree 😉

Meaningful music, Meaningful conversations and Meaningful weekend.  That’s my update and I couldn’t be happier to give this one.


RB=Frangelico, Chambord, Egg nog and Blackberries.


Weekend update and the holding of ground

Late again on the update, sorry.

Holidays tend to put me in a spin…you know what I mean?  I keep the remote in my hand in case any Hallmark commercials come on because 10 seconds into them and it’s all waterworks.

I’m not sure why I get that way (is it just me or you too?).  I love Christmas and  New Years.  But every year, it’s the same.  I’m hyper aware, hyper sensitive and usually come out the other side with at least a couple bruises from knocking things over and usually a piper down.

So, Thursday night Michele came down after work and we went for sushi around the corner (yaaaay company :).  You know…as much as I love email, txting and posting (and we do all that a lot), a light went off as we were gabbing in the kitchen later that nothing replaces being in person.  There are so many layers of communication that are missed when you don’t see the facial expressions or body language when you talk to someone.  The exchange of thoughts, ideas, stories are so much more meaningful.  You know what I mean?  Like cappuccino vs instant coffee.  IC will do in a pinch but, why would you reach for it when you can have something far more memorable and meaningful to the senses? Or as they say…the eyes are the window to the soul.  I’d much prefer to talk to a soul than a piece of technology.   Anyway…we just had the best time doing not much and talking about anything and everything that came to mind and then just before she left I braved it and said “I’m not going to torture you with more than one song, I promise” and picked up  Seagull.  You think that’s no big deal but, I know she’s not really into the music and I have made her captive audience in the past more times than she’d care to have been.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s really supportive but, well she’s more like woo tang and I’m more like if James Taylor had a half sister (wait, maybe he does…but you get the drift) aaaand she’s no wallflower.  She calls it like she sees it (which is exactly why she’s one of my closest friends…no illusions or BS).  I played ‘By New Years Day’ for her and didn’t dare to look at her face until after I strung the last chord.  It was kind of dark but, I swear I saw a glimmer then she said “oh…you are playing that at my wedding!”.  I consider that the highest praise and on that note, officially consider the song finis (and invited to a wedding~).

Friday night, I went to a friend’s holiday party (lots of pics taken, will see if I can nab one).  She’s like a much cooler, European version of Martha Stewart.  Incredibly creative and vibrant and outspoken and the food she creates is like…like you’ve just found out you’re royalty and this is how the other half lives (I’m gushing now cuz I miss her but, it’s also true).  You know she plans these things weeks-months in advance and you know it’s going to be good.   I tried to wear the gorgeous cranberry holiday dress that I wore to Miche’s wedding but, as fate would have it (or brownies would cause it), it was a bit tighter than the previous week and one glaringly apparent downside to living alone is no one there to zip up that section you just can’t reach.  I cleverly turned it around, zipped it up and pulled my right arm through ‘piece o cake’ when I heard the sound…right at the zipper’s seam…and possibly under the arm (I couldn’t bare to look), the party had already started and I was at least a half hour’s drive away.   I dug through my closet and found a black one that just fit, threw a red scarf and gray sweater on and went from Grace Kelly to Harvard girl and out the door.

Several times that evening I fell into that zone…you know where time seems to slow down to a near halt as your eyes pan around the room and you soak in the faces, the laughter, the colors, the smells, the odd little branch sticking out of the tree with a child’s hand drawn ornament hanging off of it.  She is the queen of ambiance and I was a happy witness to it.  I hugged her tightly and told her I loved her several times.  I’m surprised she let me drive.

No, I was sure to stay grounded, be a good guest and I was (ok, except for the moment where I threw out the cig a non smoking friend had set next to me to come back n finish…ugh..broke my heart it did.  I may say I love to smoke but, I don’t like the damage it does.  Especially to people I care about).

The next day, I went for coffee…walked to the beach (for the first time since the move, lazy me) and even walked barefoot on the sand (one of my all time favorite things to do).  The next thing I did…was go out and buy 4 new dresses (that actually fit).

Why is it that we try to cram ourselves into things that no longer fit (when we know it’ll end in tears) instead of giving in to change and finding something that does?  Because we think we’re not as attractive as it were?  Hrmm….I tried to tell myself that one for years then I’d see women packing at least 60 more pounds than me being followed around by an adoring male so, no.  Not buying that one anymore.  However, I am going to buy some Dr. Martens boots.  I used to wear them in my more free spirited today’s so I think it’s a cathartic thing.  No, I won’t try to re-create my past but, more give it an adaptive revival (no lace ups, its got buckles~).

I know what you’re thinking…oh ali…you risk taker you…can hardly wait to hear CD II if this is any indication of it~

Ok, ok, stop yawning, I’m on to the good stuff, New Year’s Resolutions:

Last year my resolution was to learn guitar and play for my dad.  Status: I went beyond that and wrote/recorded CD I, put it on iTunes and Amazon and have over 1,000 people on Jango radio saying they like it.

This year is to record CD II (even if by one song at a time).  Which means, putting the music first.  Putting the money aside, no more impulse/frivolous shopping (hey, the boots I gave good thought to so they don’t count) Keep the wide eyed determination I  had of last year but, say goodbye to Pollyanna wishful thinker.  She gets stuck in mazes and loses her way easily by distraction.  Besides, a maze is just another form of trying to draw within someone else’s lines.  Fk that.  I’m busting a hole through that hedge and neeeever looking back~

Oh, speaking of distraction, I bought a string of star shaped lights (they’re LED=energy saving and it’s not New Years yet) and strung them in the dark corner of the studio.  I was going to buy that net of white string lights when this box caught my eye “stars change colors”….ohhhhh yes they do~  My lil ADD brain so digs this~  I watch TV and in my peripheral view is a string of  luminous colors like a tiny version of the Aurora Borealis.   Inspiring…

So, goals (and hold me to them):

1.  By end of January – get new guitar teacher (and not just any one but, one that can take me to the next level and more).

2.  By end of February – record one song for CD II and submit it to iTunes and Amazon.  I’m thinking ‘Piece of Cake’ or ‘One Day’.  Going up to visit my Pop in February…should we let him choose the first one?

3.  get back to work now so I can afford to meet goals 1 and 2~

Chau for now and thanks as always for listening~


PS…I knew you thought I was being Pollyanna so here’s proof…


Weekend Update and the 11th hour cake…

What a weekend~

Was still fighting the bug and looked it in every photo so nope…none of me thank you very much but, I thought you’d enjoy some captures of some cool moments so I posted em to the fan page and put a link at the end of the update 🙂

Sorry it took so long to send the weekend update after all the hype but, was so wiped from the winter bug.  Spent Sunday night praying to the porcelain you know what and yesterday recovering from the weekend and my laptop’s new bug.  I know…I know…how can a geek allow their technology to get sick?  I’m a bad techno-parent, that’s for sure (and I’m watching the finale of “So, you think you can dance” so, I’m typing between performances and emotion inspired blowing of the nose).

Anyway…flew up late Friday and found myself in a warm home with a lovely Christmas tree and two of the most contented nearly weds I’ve ever come across.  Time does put life into perspective.  Both have been through plenty of bumps and scrapes down the road and even in discovery each other but, a light went on and that was that.  They were both resolute in making this happen.  Very inspiring.

Even the pastor (and those who know me know I’m not religious) was inspiring.  Partly because he reminded me of that endearing character on “bones”, ‘Sweets’.  That too young to be a brilliant and well knowing being and yet, he is.  He seemed far too young to be an expert on love and the union of it and yet the words he spoke were heart felt and thought provoking.   He brought such a simple yet powerful message about how perfectly easy real love is.  Give + Give=life long love.

Wow, say it with me….all those years wasted on difficult when it was really just that simple and easy all along.  I think that’s why my parents not only lasted so long but, wanted to.  They kept it very simple.  Though my mom would say (if she were here) that they were too exhausted for anything else.

The morning of, several of us were at their home and I made my famous omelette’s (they’re tidy, I cook like a hurricane and they did an amazing job holding back) while Miche poured the mimosas and we entertained the group with tales our housemate days…

The ceremony was small and private and focused on what mattered. 

The cake…now there’s a story…  Miche wanted to make the cake with her beloved and spunky grandma.  But, after 3 botched batches (and no, we didn’t let them go to waste), she cheerfully said “ah well, who needs cake?”

Eeeeveryone~  According to the infamous “them”,  it’s one of the top things people remember about a wedding event.  So, Rick’s daughter (who’s one of the smartest 16 years olds I’ve ever eeeever met) made some calls, pulled some strings on the morning of the day and within an hour of us leaving for the reception, a cake worthy of this oh so worthwhile event arrived…

We headed off to the reception after a couple hours of chill time back at the house, watched  the slide show and videos from earlier.  I had a proud geek moment when I figured out the problem between the big screen and the PC.  Well, at least I’m taking credit for it when really I was too blind to see the problem but, smart enough to figure out the solution 😉

The reception was at a warm and cozy Italian restaurant and that…is where I met up with my Pop 🙂  He and his gal were invited.   Miche calls him “Pops” and since we became friends nearly 20 years ago, she’s considered him a second dad and he calls her daughter.  Everyone who met my dad said “I just want to hug him”.  That’s my Pop.  He’s an endearing character and very lovable.  Lucky…yes, don’t I know it~

He wore his beret…too funny.  We’re not French though of French decent.  I believe he got it when my parents took a long awaited trip to Paris a dozen years back.  It inspired a making when was at my dad’s, cleaned all the loads of crap under the balcony (what a junkyard) and turned it into a semi-cafe “Chez Henri” for his birthday a few summers back.

Got to spend some time the next morning…3 amigas united once again and this time we had a nice addition.  My new “Dear Abby”.  A great guy with great insights and as manly as he is (and he is) he fit right in. 

Was a beautiful, meaningful weekend and time well spent.

‘By New Year’s Day’ was written with them in mind but, not in time to play for them.  Next year, I will and will follow through on the thought behind it…


Saw the web stats today…what a beautiful world it is.  Thank you all for coming to visit.  Wish I could thank you all in your own languages.   Maybe one day…

In the meantime…thanks so much for listening~

PSS:  Give a toast to “real love” this holiday season and may all who seek it, find it.




I thought the whole valley girl thing was long dead and gone with leg warmers and terms like “like…oh my gawwwd”.  Oh no…it’s alive and well and living next door to me (fer fekssake)~

Yes, it’s true.  I can’t always hear exactly like what’s going on but, oh.my.god.bekkay…it’s going on and at the like highest pitch eeever~

Please god let her graduate and get a job overseas…sorry Japan but, I’m casting the spell right now and Japan was the first country that came to mind.  Maybe because you taught me so much about social graces and the power of a softer demeanor.  I forgot most of it, I’ll admit but, apparently some of it stuck so there you have it.

That’s not all why I reached for the blog I swear but, had to get that one off my chest. 

Something positive today…yes…you heard me…positive 🙂

That happy song is finished :))  I just sent off the lyrics to Carrie because I so hear her voice in it.  She sang harmonies on ‘Boomerang’ and ‘If he were mine’ (except the “well fuck that” part…that goes against her grain so I piped in on that part, could you even tell?) and the ‘David’ song.  Great voice that one and I really like singing with her.  Her sound resonates with mine and pulls me out of my shell.

Unfortunately (or not) it’s a holiday song “By New Year’s Day” so it might not get heard this year but, I know it’s a keeper.  I can feel it.  I mean, how many New Year’s eves have you dreaded for one reason or another?  This one makes you want it to come.  Or at least it does for me.  Not literally…it’s a figurative for me but, that’s cool too.  Realities are just a bloom that a dream planted and I think there aren’t enough modern day positive songs during the holidays for all us sensitives out there so by next year…

Eh, the songs come out when they want to.  I don’t think my brain cares much for timelines and the like.  I’m just glad they’re still coming.  And they won’t arrive on command either.  For example, I’d love to write one for my dad.  Y’know…just for him.  “My way” was in a way for him.  A way of saying I turned out ok, I’m good and thanks.  But, I know he likes the old style and I know I can sing that old style.  My peeps said so and I believe them.  I could listen to Sarah Vaughan and Billy Holiday for hours (no one sings as good as them, not I for sure).  I want to curl up in a ball after but, man could they take a song right to its core.

I was watching “House” the other night and he made a comment about a musician.  Brilliant blues player and that his misery made his music brilliant.  Then because of his misery he took in a lot of booze and drugs that f’d up his brilliance, then he got clean and his music lost its depth.  Vicious cycle.  I like a good drink but, I’m no fish and drugs…why would I spend money on drugs when I am one already by nature.   Seriously gifted with an imagination that can go just about anywhere and intuitive antenna that can tune into just about anything and I still got all my teeth and my sinuses are in tact.  Lucky, I know (well I will be once I find the dial that tunes it out when I don’t want to see it).  Does it make me a misfit?  I know but, at this point in my life, I don’t mind.   I’ve got all I need and I’m resilient against the rest.   Optimista (you ever seen those glasses?  Saw them in an Italian restaurant way with a line drawn across the middle of the glass and Optimista/Pessimista written on each side, v cool)  I may waiver from time to time but, all in all my eyes veer toward the Optimista.

PS, I found a very nice dress (very Grace Kelly) for my best friend’s wedding this weekend and for the holiday party I was recently informed involves wearing one (thank you girl cuz yes…I would’ve killed u if you hadn’t warned me).  Get me on this.  I am a tom girl and would climb trees and wear jeans my whole life if  I could but, inside…I am beaming at the thought of wearing that dress and all the fuss that goes with it.  Just as long as its 90(jeans)/10(girlie) I’m just right.

Ok, it’s either TV on or back to practice cuz I can’t, I can’t take another “Ohh mY Gawwwd” before I hit the pillow.  Travel tomorrow, wedding Saturday, back Sunday night with updates and hopefully more music in my head.

PSS: I’m going back to Seattle in February and going to record one song.  Unless by miracle 9,927 downloads of the Boomerang CD happen before, then  more (it’s cool, we’re all broke these days).  If it doesn’t happen, I’ll just do them one by one until they’re done.  I won’t give up, I promise.  I don’t know which one but, it’ll be figured out then and we’ll put it on iTunes and Amazon as a single.

PSSS Thanks to all you new fans on Jango and to all the great comments.  It’s very inspiring~

And most of all…Thanks for listening~


Holiday Spirit and the new song coming…

Just a quick note tonite to say Hiiiii to all of you.

I checked on the web stats today and was so downright fekn giddy to see that only 8 days into the month and the US, Canada, Turkey, Ireland, Germany, Russia and South Korea had already stopped by to check in.

OMG you guyz…that is so way cool 🙂

I’m such a dork, I think I even clapped out loud. 

Note to self…close office door when checking web stats or website email.

I was in such a good mood when I got home that I started writing…and it was powerfully positive stuff.  At least it felt like it when I sang it.  The chorus came first, the lyrics are coming into my head (thankfully during commercials cuz I’m watching “so you think you can dance” I know I shouldn’t admit that but c’mon…who wouldn’t want to be able to do what those guyz do??”.

Anyway…with my limited chords it’s good but, not…hrmm…magic.  Can we convince youknowwho to lend a hand/guitar and give it the chords and vocals it needs/deserves?

Am off  to Seattle this weekend for my best friend’s wedding (and I’m so looking forward to witnessing this long time in the waiting happy event).  So, I’ll try my hand at convincing  the caved bear following that.

Fingers crossed, hearts wide open (no matter what).

Thanks for listening~


Weekend Update and the new video

Not much of a weekend this time.  Was pretty much all about work.  Good work but, craziness.  Somehow thought I’d have time to find an open mic and play but, no such luck.  Did make a couple new friends on the trip (very cool people) and forced one co-worker to sit and listen o the latest “One Day” so I could say I played for “someone”.

Called in sick today and wasn’t kidding.  I think all the stress of the project and the holidays took its toll.  By afternoon I was starting to feel like my old self again and started to remember the holiday song I wrote and how I said I’d record it.  Million excuses why but, didn’t get to it so I thought…self…you are imperfection at its best.  Don’t be fooled into thinking everything has to be perfectly done to share your music.  That’s a leap.

So, tonite, after a long day of coughing and sniffling and putting towels down by the windows where the storm water leaked through (which is still blowing away as I type) I decided WTH and grabbed the dig camera and recorded the song for you guys, holiday jammies and all.  The camera battery died off at the end before I could say it so “Happy Holidays to you all~”

It’s on youtube and on the website (http://aligilmore.com/index.php?p=1_21_Videos).

That’s one promise taken care of.

With that, I’m off to make a hot drink and watch Alice on SyFy channel.  Likin the mad hatter 🙂

Thanks for listening (and watching)~