Weekend Update – Perceptions

I will say with pride that there were no arguments regarding the moving of furniture.  I watched and took photos as germ and red put together the guest beds and decorated them with care and ehm finesse I didn’t quite know they had in them (there were teddy bears involved).

We’re all so used to bossing germ about that it was a nice moment to see him gently move in and take control of his (yes, we call it ours but, we know who pays the morgage) domain and so by nature I stepped back and just enjoyed being witness to it.

I was pretty intent on this being the perfect Thanksgiving.  I was even a bit smug about it I’d say.  Look at me, I’ll be exactly where I want and with whom I want and my world is perrrfect (if even for a day).  The one thing  I didn’t seem to count on is not everyone is tuned into the same channel as me.  At one point I’d say my channel was on a little, pocket sized tv and a there were huge screens overshadowing it showing completely different versions.  I kept looking for a clicker to change em all to my version because I was sure it was “the one” for all and I’ll admit it was upsetting to realize there was no clicker.  Just over a dozen different shows all going on at once.  I can multi task but, as a sensitive…it was overwhelming.  I smiled, I joked, I cajoled, I sang (my heart out) but, inside I was crushed (dramatic I know, but I don’t how to feel anything lightly). 

The next morning when I woke I knew I was in a frame of mind that wouldn’t allow me to contain my volcanic thoughts so,  I snuck out and went back to my box (ok, ok Michele) “the studio” to ground myself and sort out in my head what had just happened.  Then, I decided to call Eddy (you know Eddy, my brother, the 5th one, the freest of spirits in the family).  “What’s wrong with people?? Why don’t they get how important Thanksgiving is, that it’s the one day that everyone puts aside their troubles no matter how daunting and remind eachother just how lucky we are in the grande scheme of things.  Its a sacred day fer fkssake”.  He was calm (he’s always calm) and said it was about perceptions.  That my perception of the day is about a day of truce.  The one day when the very different persona’s of my larger than life family set aside our differences and show genuine appreciation for one another.  If anyone dared to start with the negative crap there’d be at least two sets of eyes boring into theirs and all was back on track.  That’s what we grew up with and what we see as normal.  What else do we have to compare it to, why would we even want to?  When in fact there are many other people in the room now with many different ways they grew up and learned beliefs of what normal is to them.

Imagine how screwed up I felt when that realization hit me.  Then again, it was also like a sudden clearing through the trees of an age old forest revealing a whole other village on the other side.  For such a smart person I can be pretty naiive.  Thank fkn god I discovered it before Christmas~

It really made me think about how many other perceptions I think I share with others and maybe I just assume they do because they nod and smile but, in their own heads there’s a whole other picture show going on.  A friend recently called me bold and I disagreed fervently (think there was a hell no).  No, my friend.  Being willing to see eachother’s true perceptions knowing it would definitively answer the pointed question…can they openly co-exist?  Now that, would be bold…to be willing to risk that particular brand of disappointment.

Maybe…this is the start of a whole new chapter, a turning of the page I’ve been stuck on for so long and didn’t fully realize because I was so wrapped up in it.  I remember when I was little and upset over something that didn’t go well with a friend and my mom hugged me and said in her most maternal way “you tend to put people into boxes and when they don’t fit into the box anymore you get upset and push them aside”.  I just remembered that one right now.  Wow.  Six years gone from this world and she’s still teaching me a thing or two.  Huh, well I guess now,  I get my obsession with boxes.  A way of making sense of all the abstracts around me.  How absurd was I, when everyone knows abstracts change form and could never be content staying boxed in.  Ohhh, I love mysteries.  I love to sort them out and then wrap them up with a big bow and be all smug about how clever I was to figure them out (this is me being smug now).

Note to self…try to see and acknowlege other people’s perceptions, while still respecting my own. I wonder what kind of music will come from this?  We shall see, we shall see…

Now, If I could only understand the obsession with leaves…

Thanks for listening~

PS: my sister asked me what I wanted for Christmas…I said “get 20 ppl to download the cd” or “mr right” or “winning lottery ticket”.  She said “If you think of something else, let me know”.   Next year…


The Thanksgiving Post…

By the time this posts I will be at the resort, shifting furniture around, most likely arguing over the shifting of furniture, preparing to stuff a bird for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast and sipping (taste testing) some really fine red vino.  I’m writing this before I go because I most likely won’t get access to the internet when I’m there so, there.

 I love Thanksgiving.  I think it’s my all time favorite holiday.  No costumes needed, no pressures of finding the right gift, no crowded streets because everyone’s hunkered in for a full day of prepping, feasting and then patting their over fed bellies.  I love food.  I love cooking it, smelling it, tasting it, devouring it and most of all sharing it with others.  And I love all of those I’ll be sharing it with tomorrow.  There are some visible bumps and scrapes from the year’s moments of skidding off the map but, in the end…we are a tribe.  I don’t even think it’s by choice anymore.  I think we are all just compelled to love eachother and are drawn to eachother by some mystifying, magnetic force.  Whatever the reason, I’m thankful to be in their midst and I’m going to savor every moment of it.

This year, Matt’s mom is joining us.  I love the idea of a mom being there but, Matt’s mom in particular because a: I’ve never met her and b: we’ve all got a bet going on whether he will be the Matt (off the wall) we’ve come to know (and adore) or a more subdued, uber mannered one when she’s around.  What…he doesn’t read this and if he did then I know which route he’d go and I’d win the bet so it’s all good 😉

Could be 8 or could 18 around the table.  Who knows but, that’s half the fun of it.  Cook for 20 and if 10 show then everyone gets leftovers 🙂

Been thinking of it and practicing for it but, not sure if I’m going to play “One Day” for them or not.  I think its one of those songs that will play if its meant to.  I’m trying to learn a song for one of Anne but, the chords are pretty difficult for me.  Fkn Fleetwood Mac and their fancy schmanzy chords.   Oh and just a couple hours ago I had a lesson with a new guitar teacher.  Have no idea how it went (as it hasn’t happened yet as I typing this) but, I read he’s really good with ADD students to I’m pretty psyched to see if this one will stick.  You were just that good a teacher John that its been onehellofa struggle to replace you~

There are friends and family who won’t be at the table tomorrow but, I’ll picture them there.  Like Facebook, I’ll mentally tag them in the photos in my mind.  And there’ll be some I’ve fallen out of synch with.  Those, I will hug the most with my heart until I hear the click of us falling back into place.  I’m very subterranean that way…

Tomorrow, I will be exactly where I want to be and for that, I am ohhh so Thankful.

I hope you are too and that your day is full of great food, great moments, sighs of contentment and maybe a bit of inspiration.

 Thanks for listening~


Weekend update – the visitors…

It feels like months since I moved out of Oside and into my little box of an apartment.  I miss my peeps up north but, I know this is really good for me.  I get an hour of practice in each night now and the writing is really coming along and muy importante, I get to sleep in an extra hour each morning (sooo not a morning person).  I’m really happy with the songs that are coming forth now and how it feels when I play them.  And I’m getting more comfortable with the idea of playing them for anyone.  So, that part of the move has been great.  Being without the constant interaction or comfort of my group is the hard part.  But, I know it’s not forever and there are always the weekends~

Like this last one…Jaim n Michele braved the long journey and came down for the ten second tour of the place and a nice stroll around the neighborhood.  They got there just after the movers left so the timing couldn’t be better from an ottoman and a chair cushions to two couches, an overstuffed chair w ottoman and coffee table (the coffee table was a surprise, thank you germet 🙂

The movers themselves were something.  Did you ever see that movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”?  With Diane Lane?  They were like those guys who did her casa remodel.  Scruffy yet, very endearing.  I ended up handing a CD to one of em.  Thinking later that was kind of rude to give one to one and not the other.  I always dwell on these things after that fact.

Anyway…after I got a lecture (from guess who) on how “you can’t call it a box because that means something dirty” I started thinking of a new nickname for my new home while we worked on the list for the great thanksgiving feast coming up. Then we toured the neighborhood and had lunch at a cool, little deli and checked out one of the local second hand shops (we’re all fans of that) and a cool coffee shop…it was so good having them there…felt like we were on holiday.  Very familiar and yet that kind of adventurous feeling you get in new surroundings with the added bonus of bravery you get from being with friends you know and know, know and encourage you…which leads to yes,  flirted with a local shop guy who said if he won the lottery “I take care of you”.  I remember thinking…buddy, you may just live to regret that comment because I”m a handful and then some~  But, I just said “it’s a deal” and if I won “I’ll be good to you” (I wonder if this means we’re engaged in some culture cuz it sure felt like it at one point). Ah well, he was cute, very cute and very cute hasn’t made charming comments like that to me in a while so I soaked it up but, good.  Oh and yes…I give the new, darker side of Ali hair the credit (or blame) for the bolder me.  Hopefully we’ll get some pics in this weekend to post on Facebook.

On the music end…I uploaded the song “Boomerang” on Jango.com and by Sunday, I had 24 new fans and 3 new comments 🙂  which brings me to 88 fans and just 12 more to go to get to my goal of 100 Jango fans by Christmas :)).

Was a total boost and was in part the motivation for writing “One Day”.  It’s nearly finished and I think it’s going to be my favorite.  I know CD II is farther off than I want it to be and was thinking that once I copyright the songs, I’ll put a verse (possibly the first) of each one on the CD II page on the website to at least give you a glimpse.  Look for that in December.

So, Saturday night, I met up with the girls and some of the rest of the gang at the pub in Esco.  The boys were playing and hadn’t seen them on stage in a long time.  Was amazing as always.  Just as I walked in germ was playing one of my all time favorites (that I used to harrass him relentlessly to play), “Bang on the Ear” by the Waterboys.  This rush of happy just came over me as I danced up to our group’s table and hugs all around.  There’s something about an Irish pub that’s so inviting.  Like going to a favorite friend’s home and instantly feeling comfy and that all is right with the world.  I’ve been fending off a cold so I drank hot toddies and didn’t take em up on the offer to go up on stage this time.  Not because I was panicked but, because no one wants to see someone cough up a lung on stage.  Not a memory I want anyone taking with them.  We did head back to the resort after though and had a great session.  I broke the handle off the glove box in my car that morning so it kept popping open on the ride there and germ kept swearing at it and slamming it shut.  It’s one of those ‘You had to be there” moments but, I laughed so hard.  We…laughed so hard and I was reminded once again just how lucky I am to be with people who are just so easy to be with and me with.

Sunday was lazy and watched “Sideways” which is one of those films I cringe throughout it and I hate cringing but then these gem moments come up and they really stick with you.  Like with Miles is asked why he likes Pinot so much and he goes into this deep and meaningful response about the struggling grape and how much love and care it takes for it to reach its potential and I just popped my head up and said “omg…I’m a pinot” and promptly dropped my weary head back on the pillow.

It takes so much…and sometimes I wonder if when I reach my potential it’ll be worth the wait or will it be anti-climactic for all involved.  I hope not but, even if so…at least I know that even the little unexpected moments I’ve experienced so far have been definitely worthwhile and most definitely wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t taken that first leading step…

Thanks for listening~

A shout-out to Brian Scissorhands…


I’m looking at the statistics for the website like I always do and I noticed something new…there’s a section that shows you  Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines) and there was a new one there that I didn’t recognize (actually most of them are people or sites I don’t know) but it caught my eye because it was for a hair salon in SF and I had just made the bold decision that day to get rid of my beach blonde and go dark for the winter.  I only know one guy in SF so of course I asked him if he knew the owner of the site and nope.  Hrmmmm.  Maybe it’s a mistake I think…maybe he was trying to put a link up for that missing girl with the same name.   I still can’t quite wrap my head around the idea that people I don’t know are listening to my music and liking it and maybe even to the point they’re pointing others to it.  Really, seriously…just waiting for someone to tell me to wake up and its just  a dream.  Being oh…a slight fixater, I thought it over quite a bit and then decided to risk humiliation and send him an email thanking him.  I think I edited it a dozen times so as to not sound too wacky or overly appreciative in case it was in fact a mistake and how embarrassing would that be.  Finally, finally I sent the thing off and felt kinda good about myself for doing the right thing.  Showing appreciation for support and unsolicited at that.  My parents raised me right.  I give them full credit.

So, imagine my frustration when the email bounced back. ‘user unknown”.  Well, no shit user unknown…I know that.  That’s why I struggled to send this in first place~  Or then again, maybe I do know him and my stupid brain dropped the memory of it and wouldn’t that be embarrasing in itself…”ehm…Ali..it’s me…Brian…we worked together at such n such…I taught you how to make a martini…we drove across country together…”

I let it go for a couple days and then this morning it just started haunting me again.  Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner and Dammit, I will not let a technical glitch get in the way of me thanking this person.  So, I got my morning coffee and headed to the blog.

So, Brian Jensen…of www.thelobbysalon.com

THANK YOU for adding a link to mine from yours.   I take it as a great compliment from an artist such as yourself.  One day when I’m rich (a girl can dream) I’m going to hire you to do something cool with my unruly hair…oh, like extensions…or wait, yes…I’ve always wanted to try those…that would be so cool~ 🙂

In the meantime, back to 9-5 but, I might sneak back at lunch because I know I owe you all another “beer theory” moment and songs update and I’m really pysched about Thanksgiving and

crap, back to work~


Thanks for listening 🙂

Why I was so sad…

Do you remember that post way back when I said I was deeply sad but, I couldn’t really talk about it?

Funny, I know ha ha.  I spew out verbiage like its going out of style.  I can think out loud faster than the speed of light.  Far faster than my hands can type this I know.  But, sometimes I need time to let something sink in.  To really give it the time it deserves and not just spit out everything under the sun but, get to the heart of it.  Maybe you’ll think it’s stupid or trivial or what’s it got to do with music or the project?  A lot.

If you’ve been here from the beginning then you’ve read my many annoyed comments about Polly.  My muse, my friend, my confidant, my pain in the neck housemate who’d follow me from room to room and steal from my plate and huff around when I would stay up late or if I dared to sleep in on the weekends would find her over my face, jaw clenched looking like she wanted to say “you got two choices sister…either get yer ass outta bed and walk me to the coffee shop where the kickass biscuit is with my name on it or I take a chomp outta you”.  I always opted for the first.

Polly died that week.  And though I know as an adult that this is the cycle we all must go through it was harder than I ever imagined.  I know I’ve penciled it out but, it is hard for me to really connect to other humans.  So many strings attached, so many eggshells, elephants and wires to trip.  Not with Polly.  With her it was all very simple. 

Be there, be real and pay some attention.  That was it.  That’s all she demanded.  Everything else was inconsequential.  I miss that simplicity.  I miss her growl, her bark, the way she’d get up and leave the room if she didn’t like what I was playing or the way she’d turn her head just so if she did as a signal of approval.  The way she’d suck down a drink when no one was looking (she truly was a booze-hound in the most quintessential sense).  The way she’d get so frustrated when Michele and I would sit out back for just another couple cigs n girl talk when she was good and ready to have her flock gathered so she could rest (we’re pretty sure she was of sheep herding descent).   How she’d shamelessly flirt with germet (seriously…it was shameless and a little too human for anyone’s comfort), the way she’d just nose her way in and make me scootch over whether it was when I was on a tiny bed or one the big king bed so she had a place right in the middle when she was ready to rest, and the way she would plant herself in front of me when she knew her “mom” was irriated with me (oh and deservedly so I must admit), as if to say “this is mine and she stays”.   I’m not even going to go into detail about how she liked to mess up (as in practically rip the sheets to shreds) my bed.  I’ve yet to figure out the meaning to that one.  I can say honestly that there’s only one thing I won’t miss about her and that was her mostly silent but deadly toxic gas moments.  Even she’d get up from the room and leave us to suffer it.  Seriously guyz, if the military could can that stuff… 

Maybe you think it’s a little weird to be so attached to a non-human but it is what it is and I don’t know a person who’s met her that didn’t feel that way.

And another thing…another great memory was when I told Nat that I was going to follow through and take guitar lessons and she turned to Polly and said “if you’re really good, maybe she’ll write you a song for Christmas”.  That little moment sparked it all so you know.  One, because I never like to disappoint Nat and two because I knew then that this 12 or so year old wasn’t here forever and she deserved a song worthy of her.  I finished it before Thanksgiving and wanted to play it for everyone on the day but, was far too scared then to go for it and not worry about the mistakes.

I remember talking to my oldest brother about her when I knew the tumor wasn’t going to disappear and saying not only will I miss her but, she had become my muse and I was worried the music would stop coming when she left.  He (who is intuitive himself) said he believed firmly that I had many muses and they would present themselves when the time came and yeah…he was right.  No one could ever replace Pdog in my life but, the inspirations are all around…

So, her song will be on it and CDII is going to be dedicated to my friend, my muse, the furball, my little watermelon, Potrushka, my pain in the side Polly.  There’s more to come on that subject but, that’s a headful/heartful for now…

In the meantime, here are some pics of the bugger…





Polly McPaddy

Polly McPaddy




Dog Day at Beach

Dog Day at Beach





being dumped at dog park for new friend

being dumped at dog park for new friend

Weekend update: My life, in a box

So, I did it.  Well mostly did it but, I”m here…in my lil box of an apt and  I gotta say…its pretty damn cool.  I forgot how simple I was.  When I lived in Madison Park in Seattle I had the coolest little place right next to a specialty market with 2 coffee shops, 4 restaurants and a spa all in walking distance.   More of the same here.

ok, side note…went outside for a cig and heard an annoying woman talking baby talk to her tiny dog and couldn’t help but notice through my amazing peripheral vision that she let little woof take a tiny dump on the neighbors lawn and pretended it was just a pee.  I braced myself for the ugly moment where she’d walk into my new beloved complex but, no (sigh of relief) she/they toddled to the property to the opposite side.  WTF.

Well, at least she’s not an immediate neighbor.

Where was I…after a weekend of frenzied cleaning of one space and lugging to another I bought a microwave and a microwavable set of neck and footie heatables and settled in for the night.  I’ve only caught a glimpse of a couple neighbors so far…a friendly woman with whack curly hair taking her laundry out and the back side of a big lug of  a guy with a guitar strapped to his back.   My landlady (who’s the sweetest, most charming woman on the planet next to my mom gd rest her soul) called me yesterday.  I missed the call.  Took a deep breath, called her back sure that something was wrong but, nope.  She called to thank me for giving her the Boomerang CD stating she finds herself playing it over and over again and gave me the same compliment of my Seattle friend M who said she so enjoyed hearing all the lyrics and she didn’t know what I did for a living but, I should “keep it up dear”.  All smiles just thinking about it.  Told her I was worried about the fact that there was some swearing in it.  “Oh, if we’re not over that by now then there’s something wrong”.  I was sooo meant to meet her~

She asked me where I’d be playing and I told her about the whole stage fright thing and she just brushed it off saying “well, the more you do it, the easier it’ll get”.  Again may I say…I was so meant to meet her 🙂

Sunday, I took a break from the unpacking and walked a few blocks to a local coffee shop made from an old yellow house.  I loved it.  It reminded me of  a smaller version of the house on the hill.  There was this gorgeous, enigmatic creature with dreadlocks who took my order.  I was so enthralled that I forgot to say “to go” and awkwardly sat down to eat my bran muffin with fresh berries and soy latte for about ten minutes before I got restless and went to toss the muffin in the garbage when I caught his eye and the plate just slipped…yup, right into the garbage.  He shrugged it off and I just stood there in my most me awkwardness to the point where he turned his head as if to say “should you be on meds?”.  I wanted to say “no, I swear I’m certifiably sane, I’ve got the paperwork to prove it” but, thought better and just apologized while pouring what was left of my latte in a paper cup by the water thing and scooted out of there.

I’ve got one pic to add.  A couple of the things I love most in life…a big TV and my guitars.  I think I’m going to enjoy life in this box.  As a matter of fact, I’m thinking maybe it will transform from a box to a nest but, one transformation at a time…

In the meantime, I walked home from work today.  took me 30 minutes.  That’s still less time than it takes to drive and when I drive  to work now, it only takes half a cig so either way, I’m already a couple steps up in this whole experiment.  Oh, and my landlady gave me the scoop on all the tenants and they all seem similar in age and mentality and I just keep thinking the light has gone from red to green and there’ll be plenty to tell you all in the near future as I go along here.

Practiced my songs with some temperence tonight because I know if I can hear them cough or close cupboards maybe (pretty damn sure) they can hear me but, I’ll get used to it.  Nobody’s pounding on any walls and until then…play on sister, play on.  We’ve got a CD to create~

As always, thanks for listening 🙂

my 2 loves

my 2 loves

Weeked update – the revival

Friday, I chilled out because I knew what was a coming…another weekend at the resort and this time it was starting off with a mother of all Halloween parties.  I’m not big into the dressing up in costume and opted for a more practical approach: need warm pajamas…want to feel like a little kid at Christmas again so I’ll just get all that stuff and put my hair pigtails…it worked.  Even found some in the kids department (sometimes it’s good to be short), ran to the shops and got my share of the food/drink and merriment then headed over to help decorate.  We strung cob webs around the house and around the bushes, Red n Germ broke open a glow in the dark stick and smeared a scary mask with it and hung a jacket on a body frame and set it out by the front door to greet the poor unsuspecting wee ones of the neighborhood, Jaim hung the black sheets and set out candles in every nook and cranny and Nat did her magic in the kitchen.  Oh and lights were strung and bren dropped off decorated cupcakes too gorgeous to touch (though we did, well I cut most of em in half toward the end of the night cuz I couldn’t resist seeing what they looked like inside)  It was amazing.

Nat has a box of Halloween stuff and offered earlier for me to have at it.  So, I tried on some wigs and started to think…hey this is really cool. I should get bangs…when’s the last time I died my hair?  I miss that kind of fun, should do it again.  I even stopped at a costume shop on the way out thinking maybe I would borrow that blue wig and wings, get a white gown and go as a blue angel but, once inside I noticed the aisles were full of people and not just meandering…they were all just waiting in line for the cashier~  Ehm, little kid at Christmas it is. I even got a little outfit for my stuffed tiger (yes, I’m a grown woman who still owns and will never not own a cetain stuffed tiger and I don’t care who knows it).  It had a hood with antlers and said “Reindeer in Training” on the back.  Was a great group and finally the infamous Tim Foley showed.  I was psyched to see him cuz he’s ultra cool but, more so because I knew that meant there’d be music later and some great impromptu kind like…he and germ picking up guitars and playing Spanish musica, then came the “how many songs can you play in that key?” game.  They got up to 12.  Germ piped in that he couldn’t hear me singing so I piped up.  Was really fun.  And there were even people I’d never met before there and I didn’t choke up one bit.  I remember even shrugging when I hit a wrong note.

The next afternoon as I was getting ready to leave he picked up the guitar and we started playing the stuff we played way back that one weekend.  Most of it I haven’t played or listened to since so it was a bit (very) nostalgic.  Seems like years ago, that weekend.   I tried to leave at one point after a break and found my bags were no longer by the front door and I was being blocked by two men strumming guitars loudly and trying to distract me from the thieving.   Am I flattered that they wanted me to stay so much they’d hide my stuff?  Yeah.  Do I think its all just a little bit weird?  Yeah.

It is undeniable after yesterday that there is some kind of magic that happends when we play together. Our voices harmonize in a way that gives off this strange but alluring resonance that literally makes my hands shake.  Like when you put your hands on that magic electric ball and your hair starts to stand on end and when he plays…the words just flow right out of me as if we’d already written this and are just then remembering it…and the way he plays, the style, the speed the intricacy bring the music to where  I wish I could take it myself but, I just don’t have that in me.  At least, not yet…

So, we’re stuck.  Each unique and talented in our way but, together…indescribable, hair raising greatness.

And yet neither having a clue how to make that a day to day reality.  Like growing up on Hershey’s and discovering a box of indescribably amazing chocolates with no label and no way of knowing how to get more of them.  You try to hoard them.  You don’t want to share them with anyone who wouldn’t appreciate their meaning and you don’t want to break them out unless the moment is right for them because they’re just that good but, you can’t resist and there’s a bitter-sweetness to eating them because you know that’s one less in the box and you don’t know how or where you’ll get more and what if you eat the last one before you can figure it out?  Does that make any sense?

I was telling a friend back in Seattle (who knows I’m certifiably sane, got the paperwork to prove it) that I understand now how so many of the artists we all admire are just a little bit nuts.  It feels like someone swapped out my contacts for magnifying glasses.  And I’m trying to describe what I see, feel, hear without becoming a bull in a china shop or nails on a chalkboard or worse…  Tough one.

So, I’ve decided for the sake of those that live with me and have been around me for most of this skipping along the madness line to give us all a break and put myself in a box.  Am moving closer to my work this weekend (which seems worlds away) and into the tiniest (but clean n nice n safe) of boxes of apartments, changing my commute from 45 minutes each way to 5 and that gives me another 80 minutes a day to work on those chords and rhythms and accelerate the timeline for CDII, perform it and call the Smash the Glass Project complete and then go back to being an ordinary, relatively unknown yet happy go lucky person.  Yes, I’m a bit of a dyslexic Pollyanna.  But, I figure it can’t hurt to hope even though life has tried to teach my stubborn soul (so often everyone’s stopped counting) that all of this is pretty much out of my hands.

Hrmmmm…I think another beer theory session is in order.  I wonder who’ll show this time…

Thanks for listening.

Converting Jesus candle to microphone for the infamous Tim Foley

Converting Jesus candle to microphone for the infamous Tim Foley