The Beer Theory

Today, I am (profoundly) sad.  I’ll tell you another time about it but, for now when I’m sad or upset by life’s fkn unfairness and don’t want to deal I retreat into my imagination.  Works really well to and this is where I went…

The more it sinks in, the more I like my off the cuff comment of “downloading my music/writing reviews is like buying me a beer”.

I have a confession to make.  I asked for, accepted and made copies of other peoples music in the past (more times than I’ll admit)  instead of downloading or buying their CD.  I know…the shame of it.  Whew, I feel better getting that load off.

Anyway, after meeting some of these full time Indie artists and seeing them driving cars older than some of my friends and duct taped guitar cases, the illusion of some big label driving them to their dental appointments in limos went out the window.  So, to make ammends I adopted my own correlation and this morning I went on iTunes and bought Alexi Murdoch, Needtobreathe and John Shipe all a beer…and then, imagined us all sitting around a table at a cool, rustic pub discussing the inspiration for their songs and theeeeen (this part is so cool) they each told me a story about when they were nervous and choked on stage.  Such good people.  Alexi’s was particularly funny what with the Scottish accent and all.   Can’t believe I didn’t buy them beers before.  Then, Mat Kearney showed up and joined the table and conversation.  I didn’t buy him a beer today because I bought him a good shot of tequila at Best Buy last month.  He was cool with that.

Yes…this is really what goes on in my incredibly active brain.  And yes, this whole thing was imagined while I was supposed to be compiling a comparison report on web based e-mail marketing solutions which, I’d better get back to if I want to keep this job~

P.S.  John, I took your “Hours go By” song and made it our phone system hold music at work.  I’m going to claim you’re a lightweight and drunk from the one beer, you totally said “Sure, go for it”.


Thanks for listening~



As promised, here are the goals…pretty ambitious but, I figured better to push than to plod.  Keep thinking of a line in that song ‘Crazy Life’  “Sleep Well, Dream Big”.  And you guyz don’t keep coming back to hear I’ve been sitting on my ass just daydreaming so, this is for you all…

So, here are the short term goals (by September 22nd – my birthday 🙂

  • find someone to help promote the music and keep me organized (think I found her but, don’t want to jinx it so I’ll fill you in once its for real)
  • get songs on 2 local radio stations
  • find new guitar teacher (mine moved back to Oregon) 🙁
  • 100 fans on Jango and 50 positive reviews
  • 50 positive reviews on iTunes
  • 50 positive reviews on Amazon
  • Launch Facebook fan page and get 100 fans
  • Figure out twitter and use it
  • Fine tune the website and blog
  • Perform 2 songs on stage without panicking (outwardly at least)

Oh and stay focused on my day job (because they’re good people and deserve my best) so I can afford to work on all of the above~  I don’t know how people do this for a living but, I’ve never been afraid to work two jobs.  As my dad would say “It’s good for what ails ya”.

The ultimate goal is 10,000 downloads of Boomerang CD by Christmas.  I picked that because I may be asking for a miracle here so, what better time to hope for one eh?


The ultimate goal is making CD II and performing it live and yes…you are all invited if/when that miracle does happen~  And for those of you that can’t be there in person we’re going to video tape it and post it on the website for you so you can be there virtually 🙂

Facebook is where we’ll (the royal we) post the pics and quick updates

Website is the blog, cd list updates and future videos

twitter:  where’s waldo (aka Ali)

Nearly got the fan page together.  Hopefully it’ll launch by Friday~

And another ambitious goal for October but, I’ll post that one closer to it…

Thanks for being here and continuing to inspire me to do this~


Breathe Again

Sunday I had the house to myself.  I dug in and cleared out a bunch of crap from my room, sorted through a ton of unopened mail and then finally faced what I didn’t want to…the song that just wanted to come out of me.  The one I told you about where I had just the verse in my head but, I had a hard time playing it without tearing up.

Its painful and personal and it was a goodbye letter to some old friends that I have a hard time letting go of.

It’s called ‘Breathe Again’ and it’s song #4 on CD II.

Thanks for being here and pushing me to do this,


The day I learned I wasn’t meant for corporate life and why I love the tilde~

So, I was working in corporate a few years back…big, global company.  The job started out really fun with a smaller office and eclectic group of people of 30 or so but, it just kept growing and growing and more than quadrupling in size in less than 2 years which brought us into the radar of the head office aka corporate.

I’ve got a truck load of stories on how I don’t fit into corporate but, I’ll never forget this day and I’m wondering if you ever experienced an epiphany like this one…

As you may have noticed, I tend to use a tilde (~) instead of an exclamation point in my writings.  Someone asked what it was about thus, the flashback.

One day, I was asked into the HR director’s office.  She wanted to point out a few things about my office wide announcements that weren’t in line with corporate “policy”;  smiles, calling the staff “peeps”, using “hellyes” (no correction on the misspelling of it, just that its a bit too colorful for corporate) but, the zinger was “And you do understand that using a tilde at the end of your sentences is grammatically incorrect right?  So, we’re going to need you to stop that”.

Really?  Seriously…

So, I politely (and ernestly) explained that this is a creative environment and though I’m in IT management I myself have some creativity in me and that there was good reason for using the grammatically incorrect tilde.  “The exclamation point is too strong”, I say.  It actually hurts my ears to type it and to read it.  It comes across as a loud and high pitched sound, sort of manic”, I say (unless in the form of a compliment of course~).  “whereas the tilde is more lyrical…just follow the lines of it as I say Thanks~  as opposed to Thanks!  Less manic, more lyric.  Taking away the tilde would be like stripping away the right to be unique or autonomous” I say.  She smiles and responds by repeating herself and then something about “unless it’s in an image, it’s considered grammatical and it’s incorrect and it must stop. And I’ll need to proof all your office wides before sending from here on just to be on the safe side”.  “I see, got it.”, I said.   Then, I went back to my office, pulled up to my laptop, launched Photoshop and created an image of my signature and replaced the text in my signature file on e-mail to a “corporate approved” image:


Ali Gilmore

No, I did not last much longer there.  And that’s ok because I get now that we’re all meant for something and when we go against our natural grain, the universe will boot us off the plank we’re walking and give us another shot and getting back to ourselves.  I make far less money now and no more perfectly crafted lattes sitting on my desk waiting for me when I come in to work (god I miss that) but, I’m far happier living/working in a world free of tilde constraints.

Eyup, Hellyes~


Piece of Cake

Changed the title of “What love is…” this morning.  When I braved the stage the other night we played it and it was just clear in that moment its real name is “Piece of Cake”.  I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that but I say if Prince can change his name to a fkn Symbol then I can change the title or lyrics to a finished song.

One of my best friends who lives in Holland just heard the music for the first time…said it was surreal to hear my voice in her living room across the world.  I agree.  But, she feels less far away now.  Dammit, getting Vehklempt again.

M boldly told me to “learn new chords” the other day so I picked up D7 and a mystery chord and a song started.  God, I miss my guitar teacher and his translations of odd chords I find.   Only got one phrase so far but, it brings tears to my eyes each time I play it so I must be on the right track, digging deeper as promised…

Thanks for listening~


It’s on iTunes~

So, last night I braved the stage and though I didn’t quite choke,  I”m not going to count it because I was so nervous I did a shot of tequila and my friend Johnny had to walk me up to the stage to get me there.  Not that I was drunk mind you but, my feet just didn’t want to move in that direction. Eek.  Then I woke up this morning, did the rounds and did my daily (is it there yet??) check on iTunes and there it was~  I jumped up and down (many times today) and ran around the house but, everyone was asleep except the poor dog who got major hugs and hoarse whispers…”it’s on iTunes, it’s on iTunes, Poooolllyrooo it’s on iTunes yeeeeeeeeees~”

Still waiting on a clearer definition of why it takes so long to get your music on iTunes  but, when you submit music to them it can take up to 6 weeks for them to put it on there.  Maybe it’s just sheer volume of submissions, dunno, where Amazon posted them within just a few days.  Tough wait for the likes of impatient me.

Went to  Temecula for my friend Lis’ birthday today.  The wine tasting/vineyard mecca of these parts.  They downloaded the CD and played it in the limo.  My shoulders are locked up from the cringing.  I felt so awkward sitting there surrounded by 13 other people and not having a clue as to how to behave.  Do you sit back and smile?  Do you hunch your shoulders and pull into yourself (what I did).  Awwwwwwwwwwkward~  But, I survived and so did they and I got to witness my first download 🙂

Or at least I think it was my first…its about another 4 week wait before you can see how many downloads happened the month before.  I’m so not a patient person.  In the meantime I preoccupy myself with  I probably go there a few times each day (I admit) just to see if the numbers have changed and more so I love looking at the world map to see if anything has been added.  You see, they start out with a grey map and then they color in any country (green) that has listened and said they like your song.  They have another one for the US by state.  It’s so cool~

Can you imagine how awesome (and embarrassed he’d be) if I could print out that map that turned all green on the David song?  Priceless.  Right now the map is marked for the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Korea and the Philipines.  Anyone know anyone in the other countries?  I feel like I”m playing “Go Fish”.  “Does anyone have Ireland?  No…okay how bout Australia?  LOL

This is all so crazy and cool.

Thanks again for listening and being a part of all this~


San Luis Obispo

If you ever get the chance and you haven’t yet, find your way to this town.

I came here for work yesterday and walked around the quaint downtown area in the evening checking out the shops and restaurants and I’m always amazed at how warm and neighborly everyone is.  As I was passing a coffee shop, I saw a guy inside with a guitar playing his own stuff.  Nice, sort of Mat Kearney meets John Mayer stuff.  He seemed to be so at ease like a fish to water.  My neck is stiff from the strain of cringing at the thought.   For me, everything is magnified when eyes are on me and I forget to breathe.  He was all relaxed, making eye  contact with everyone around him and not missing a beat.  Man, would I love to have that.  I’ve seriously thought of getting hypmotized (yes, I used an M.  I swear I know how to spell, its just sometimes I of prefer it my way).   I saw an infomercial for Tony Robbins last night and thought “hey…if he can inspire a woman to lose 75lbs in  a year and race in 3 triathlons, maybe…”  then “No, its gotta come from me”.  So, no hypmotizin and no self help gurus.  If I have a chance to inspire people then I want to do it by showing I can find it within me to overcome these challenges (without diminishing the importance of having good friends around you.  I can honestly say there’s no way I would have gone this far without them).

So, next goal (and this one’s for the Jango fans):

1.   by September 22 (my bday), play on stage somewhere, anywhere (without choking and yes I am hyperventilating as I type this).

Chau for now and Thanks for Listening~



I woke up this morning like a lil kid on Christmas day…eager to rip open my presents and see what I got~

I got Scotland, New Zealand, China, The Philippines, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Leicester, UK :)))

What an odd yet amazing feeling knowing these songs are being heard in these places and people are liking them.

Oh and hey Busker…I’m writing a song and its got deep fried mars bars in it.  Hoping it makes the cut to CD II cuz I’m curious to see if  you’ll like it~

Ok, out to get some fresh air and then practice~

Thanks all for listening~


the now 12 loads of laundry  (yes, I gave in and went to Marshalls) are packed and on their way to a friend’s washer and dryer.  Looking forward to a day with the girls.  This includes Polly dog, my good friend, mentor and muse.  She’s tired these days…she’s long in the tooth and short of breath but, tail is waggin again on her 14th 2nd wind.  She is loved by all, the cheeky furball.

She’s laying down next to me as I type this.  Looking bored and ready for something fun to happen.  We’re listening to Jango and all the artists I’ve never heard before.  All were linked to my music and as I listen it inspires me to give more.  To dig deeper, practice harder and try to measure up to their creative genius.   Brandi Carlile (hey fellow Seattlite),  Jonatha Brooke, Alexi Murdoch,  Amos Lee…You guyz inspire me.

Jango is brilliant~

Michele here…Polly got her wish~

Coffee, cigs and then off to tackle the pile and practice~


It’s on

If you haven’t heard of it, its this up and coming free internet radio station.  type in the artist you want to hear and it’ll play them as well as recommend other artists.  Great venue for unsigned artists.

Go check it out aaaaand, if you like it, add yourself as a fan of the music.  If 50 ppl or more do, then Jango will promote the artist’s music~

Oh and thank you Korea, Israel, Costa Rica, Austin, House full of Kids, Sioux City, Portugal and you v cool “unknown”s 🙂

This is soooooooooooooooo cool~